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  1. 65%? Why? 60% is plenty, even with Caputo. 3-4 day cold ferment and go.
  2. To answer the op, yes, I use mine. For me, rack of lamb is the killer ap, its already cryo'd, just toss in for 1.5-2 hrs. Steaks too, along with the aforementioned bogus confit. Haven't really found a sweetspot for vegies.
  3. Actually stainless doesn't conduct heat as well as mild steel, but not sure whether that' s a plus or a minus as we're concerned about retention... If its free, I'd give it a go.
  4. Why? You can season the A36 so that it's nonstick. Its much cheaper than stainless.
  5. Jonas-Useful app. If it were up to me, I'd like to see the Celsius and Fahrenheit temps both displayed without the need to toggle. While I'm at it, the unit of thickness should likely change along with the temp, in an ideal world, although you do supply the ruler. I'll play some more.
  6. I don't think the searzall is the tool for the job for anything that has some fat that needs to be more or less rendered-ie a duck breast or a chicken thigh. Probably not the skin side of salmon either. The heat is too intense and would carbonize the surface before it could do anything to the fat. It is the bomb for lamb chops. Worked well with 72 short ribs the other night as well.
  7. I'm very impressed, at least with the TS8000. Looking at the specs, its twice the power of the 4000, which I wouldn't bother with. Lowes has the 8000 for 49.95, almost 15 bucks cheaper than Amazon or ebay. The Searzall with the 8000 has salamander like power. Sous vide strip, 1.5 min/side, coated with EVOO, superb. Hold it close, keep it moving.
  8. Still waiting on my Searzall, supposed to ship in the next few weeks, will report back.
  9. Echo the above. I have a remote fan of approx 1000cfm (Fantech) with their continuously variable control. I didn't install their muffler but wish I did, its noisy even though you can't hear the fan itself. Makeup air is an issue, but I'm in an old farmhouse, if I wasn't I'd want a system. Also keep in mind that these systems can put quite a load on HVAC when in operation.
  10. A bit cowboy, but I use the cheap large Rubbermaid bins from WalMart, they're not "rigid" but rigid enough. And the food is in bags, so I don't worry about the plastic. Soft plastics are less of a BPA risk anyway.
  11. I use a 28 qt container with a single circulator without issues. Start with hot tap water at 130 f. No problems keeping up with a 1000w heater at all. The average kitchen circuit is only 15 amps, so 1500wt load max. That's one circulator at full throttle.
  12. Why? The anova is 1kw, and I use a 1kw bucket heater which is very quick and will heat tons of water-if you look at the reviews on Amazon, people are using it to heat small hot tubs and the like... . I doubt that you need the extra 500w , especially if you start with hot water.
  13. I "bake" my potatoes by microwaving peeled potatoes in a bag-they effectively steam, so they're midway between boiled and baked. I prefer to use a ricer. A little ricotta help with the texture. Sweet potato or squash will work, so does spinach if its dried after cooking, all a matter of getting the texture. Your first tries will likely be heavy but edible, but you'll get the knack-using a floured surface to roll them out is key, I like floured marble when I feel like dragging out the slab I keep for that and pie crust.
  14. Went through this when I bought a tavern a few years back. I found that a good automotive degreaser was the bomb-I like the purple concentrated stuff-in a sprayer (I like the pump type sprayers for yard use from wallyworld or the hardware store) -work outside, spray well, let soak scrub with a chore-boy pad or similar, repeat. Wear gloves. Rinse very well when done. When in use, be aware that these chemicals are not food friendly, so don't use them on equipment in the kitchen-simple green contains stuff that is nasty to eat as well.
  15. Even the lab grade ones die in a second if turned on out of the water.
  16. I don't find square corners an issue, but there seems to be a trend towards overly flat bottomed sinks to get depth, and they are a pain to keep routinely clean.
  17. http://www.amazon.com/MARSHALLTOWN-Premier-742G-Bucket-Heater/dp/B000BDB4UG/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1372724906&sr=8-2&keywords=immersion+heater waterproof, plug in , no issue-used this when the heater on my fisher scientific died-in a small bath, maybe even without a circulator in a small bath
  18. From a totally different perspective, I'm using a MIU France 8qt from ebay. Under $50 shipped, appears to be either a Fagor knockoff or made in the same factory...works as advertised. Parts support seems sketchy at best, but we'll see, and at the price I'll just buy another if it pukes...
  19. glepore


    Wow. I've gardened for years and never thought of this. Wow.
  20. The non-plummable is only 15" high which should fit under most standard cabinets. Not sure I want to go through hiring a plumber to route a water line up through our counter-tops Yeah, I hear you, but its not that hard, you can get John Guest kits that allow you to tap into the water at the sink and run a 1/4 plastic line to the machine, very DIY. Plumbed is a major convenience. As far as no need for PID on an HX, I would agree that there's no "need" but my experience (PID'd Oscar) was that it was less hassle, more reliable , and more easily adjustable than a pstat. YMMV
  21. Just keep in mind that the Expobars have pretty large footprint. I ordered a direct plumbed Office and it wouldn't fit under my cabinets.
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