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  1. Wednesday, Thursday evenings. Lunch on Saturday, Sunday. Yay!
  2. Hi thanks for the rec. I went to Sardi's! It was beyond great. It set about a great trembling in my loins, from which I have yet to recover! Seriously, though. Yum.
  3. Hey I am new to the NYC food group thing. I want to be 'outed' or go on an outing with ya'll. What do I need to do?
  4. New Haven is a culinary wasteland, akin to Akron or Yugoslavia under Tito. I just thought I would add that.
  5. I just finished watching the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode where the guy in the wheelchair erroneously claims to be a part of the Cobb Salad legacy -- his grandfather, a chef at the Drake in Chicago was supposed to have invented it.... Anyhow, as we all know, that shit is straight outta the Brown Derby, in LA. So yeah, here in NYC? Any ideas where I can get a spectacular Cobb Salad? Closer to downtown is better.
  6. Oh sweet. Perfect. Just moved here, and I am planning on eating the fuck out of the Eastern Seaboard!
  7. How do I get here from Manhattan. Without a car?
  8. As fast as my beloved city is 'growing,' it remains -- and will remain -- a culinary and cultural backwater. The truly good meals here are the ones that embrace the Southern (and more and more, the 'nuevo'-immigrant) vernacular and do not attempt to play catch up with the 'haute-quarters' of NYC, Spain, and Tokyo, etc. Not trying to derail the conversation here -- an amazing job was done. I just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in.
  9. Lee I will try that soon. Looks great and easy.
  10. The prix fixe at Joel is the best tasing menu in Atlanta. Period. Such an underrated restaurant -- I hope they stick around
  11. Wow. Thanks for all the excellent replies. Ya'll are giving me some wonderful ideas. Last night, we had a silkscreening party at my loft. I was at a loss as for what to make so I ended up with grilled polenta which I served with some caponata that I had made earlier and then a whole bunch of good, shaved pecorino and a simple arugula salad. It turned out really nice. I really like the idea of the curry and think I am going to go with the pre-made paste, and then just go from there. Whatever I don't eat I can freeze. Oh, also, I made cold sesame noodles -- just Udon with a super-secret paste I invented. They are chilling in my fridge right now and I will totally rock them during my lunch hour. Should I get a rice cooker? I always massacre rice when doing it the normal way. I generally avoid the boil-in-bag stuff and just get a big bag of brown rice from the local indian grocery store... Oh, Carlovski -- I could live off salads. What is Pork Tonkatsu? Mags -- what is a fruit fresh bag? Every time I buy the pre-sliced veggies they go bad within a day or two. Also, porcinis for $20 a pound at the local Whole Foods. I am so tempted.
  12. It sounds like I need to get my curry on. Currently I have been eating a LOT of Annie's Goddess Dressing, Raw Broccoli, and RoastedSunflower Seeds all mixed together. SO DAMN GOOD.
  13. Agreed. I get weak in the knees for a good simple pasta, but, alas, CARB TOWN. I have never made a curry. How hard are we talking here?
  14. So, after 4 years of co-habitation and cheering on a very good cook from the comfort of my kitchen counter, I seem to have gotten myself into a quandry, of which I can outline the 3 over-arching components: 1) I am now obsessed with food. 2) I am not obsessed with cooking. 3) I need to eat better. Up the veggie/fiber intake, cut down on carbs, etc. I am looking to you guys for some ideas on quick, healthy meals I can make myself. I am really into Diana Kennedy and John Thorne right now -- also Elizabeth David -- but these are not meals, these are undertakings. I want something that will still give me time to digest, exercise, and then go get TANKED. Any ideas??? Oh, I will eat just about anything. I'd like to stay away from pre-prepared stuff...
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