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  1. I've got a five hour layover at DFW airport on Wednesday, does anyone have any recommendations for bbq joints within five minutes of the airport. It's doesn't have to be that good, being from Vancouver bad Texas is still pretty damn good.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Kids dig izakaya, esp. locations where you sit on the floor. Either Gyoza King or Guu on Robson are good kid choices. Plenty of little dishes, so if there's something they don't like, something else is always arriving right behind it, and things arrive promptly. Plus kids like anywhere that the staff holler at each other.

  3. Ukrainian Tire.

    I never quite understood this one...why Ukrainian Tire?

    Because I'd already used Cambodian Tire upthread?

    Its a colloquial name for CT in Western Canada! I've just never understood why?

    I'd guess that it's because they sell a wide range of items with high utility but how to say it diplomatically, low design aesthetic. Two qualities that virtually sum up the Ukrainian experience in Western Canada. Plus their merchadise selection makes the heart of a Prairie dweller sing with potential, ratchet sets and cheap lightbulbs and pine scented rear view mirror air fresheners and maybe even tractor parts.

    Basically Canadian tire is to Ukrainians as Prada is to Italians or Louis Vuitton is to Cantonese.

    Plus it just sounds funny, comedy K's and all that.

  4. If were talking local, neither Alberta nor Uraguay are local, so unless you grade on a sliding scale of evil, they're both the same. I'd go so far as to add Salmon Arm based Blue Goose in there. Not local. (The distance between Vancouver and Salmon Arm is the equal to crossing two or three European borders, pretty tough to argue that it's even vaguely local.)

    If you wanted to do an environmental audit, I'd be willing to wager that Uruguayan bulk containerized ocean shipped beef has a lesser impact than trucked Alberta beef in terms of Carbon emissions. (To be clear, ships are very efficient due to the massive quantities of goods carried, diesel fuel big rigs are not.)

  5. Bought strip loin. Very good steak. Good texture, great flavour, decent marbling. I'll definitely buy again.

    And if local free range cattle can be brought to market that tastes as good as the Uruguayan stuff, then lets have it. I'm not certain comparable quality is available from local cows in commercial quantities. I've bought (strongly grassy tasting) beef from Nomad Cows which is brought in from Alberta, and if we're talking local, Alberta and Uruguay are one in the same. Plus the Nomad beef is literally twice the price of the Stong's stuff.

  6. There's no need to drive to Richmond from downtown if you want to go to Kirin. There's subway construction along Cambie which is slowing traffic, I'd reccomend going to Cambie via 12th ave. turn into the parking lot pre-Cambie and construction is not an issue. If you want to shop at Yaohan after lunch, then yes go to Richmond, otherwise there's no significant difference between the locations.

  7. I believe he'll sell a half loaf. At least he had half loaves cut and they appeared for sale.

    And what are the additions at Herringers?

    And totally unrelated to food, wine or anything else Germaine to this board, Steveston Super Grocer has multi-stemmmed orchids for 22 bucks. That's and excellent buy. Single stem plants are 19. Pick up some bread and flowers toninght.

  8. The Romania Bakery is now open, EU flag flying high. (Why exactly I don't know.) Went in this afternoon. Quick tip to the newbie Canadian, remove the sign that says "We are not open for business" from the front door, it'll help draw in the walkby crowd. Talked to the owner, an eccentric and completely passionate man. A real plus to the neighbourhood. He showed us everything, he was justifyably proud of his operation. Bought a loaf. Four pounds, ten bucks. Which may not fly in Steveston. As he puts it, Cobbs sells one pound loafs for 4.50, so his bread is a bargin. Sadly most people like the candy floss shit at Cobbs, so that going to be a problem with the business model.

    Ate the bread with dinner. Okay some of it, theres still a heel the size of the OED in the kitchen. It's excellent. Dense, chewy and flavourful with a crust that could damage knives. I really hope he succeeds, it's a superb product he's turning out. I'd like to taste slightly more influence from the wood oven in the finished good, but that's my only criticism.

    I wish him well and hope my fellow West Richmondites don't disappoint me by rejecting this mans vision and superior product.

    Maybe I'll take the rest of the loaf down to the local Cobbs tomorrow, sample patrons walking in with it. His best bet for long term survival is to get the product into Herringers which is always busy and (against all odds) attracts a clientele willing to pay for quality.

  9. Try the Vietnamese grocery stores along Kingsway around Clark, that's where we found our filters. Also Ming Wo carries them, but at twice the price of a Vietnamese grocery. The coffee and the condensed milk are available at any Chinese supermarket.

    p.s. We freeze bags of the condensed milk after opening the tin in baggies, saves waste, ensures you've always got milk available. Ice cube trays would probably be even better.

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