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  1. I think it was Sara Moultin that heated a soldering iron (big piece of copper with a handle) and plunged it into the pot with the veggies to bring the temperature back up quicker. Makes a lot more sense than rocks or ball bearings. Cakes
  2. We have added beef suet to the pan to give us enough fat to make the pudding. I would not use substitutes, no matter how much I like butter. The pudding needs to be done in a very hot oven, probably too hot for butter. Cakes
  3. There is/was a drink here in Sarasota that is called a Whisper and was created by a restaurant owner that had had two places, both called The Whisper Inn. We made the mistake of ordering two of them at a nice place and they tried to look it up with no luck. It is kind of a Smith and Kerns drink. After the debacle I googled Whisper and found all kinds of completely different drinks, none of which were what we were after. I thought Smith and Kerns was a well known drink also, but............. Cakes
  4. cakes

    Hunting Season 2004

    The question is what was that person thinking. It was not a gun fight it was a multiple murder. Cakes
  5. cakes

    Bread/Toast Spreads

    How about hummus? After all it is could be called garlic peanut butter. Cakes
  6. The trick is to parboil the eggs before you crack them. You have the water at boil anyway so it is not a chore. Poke a very small hole in the big end of the shell. Lower the eggs into the boiling water carefully. Time them for 15 to 20 seconds and then take them out. Now crack the eggs into the water and cook until they are done. I don't time them, I just observe how wiggley they are. When I take them out I sop up any water with a paper towel before I "plate" them. The result is perfect poached eggs. Thank you Julia Child. Cakes
  7. You have obviously never been to my ex-mother-in-law's. And patti, terrific observations on the English language. Everyone has their own interpretation of every word. For instance, is a myriad more than a plethora, or less? That's easy. A plethora is more than you need and a myriad is more than you can imagine.
  8. cakes

    Glass ceramic cooktops

    We had a ceramic cook top at the last house, don't remember the brand, GE I think. I am a fan of gas over electric but I liked it. It was quick to heat up, had very accurate temp control. It didn't like some of our old favorite pans. It had a capacity of 1 quart as far as spills, never had anything run on the floor. As far as cleaning, Soft-Scrub, Barkeepers Friend, or Bon Ami. Cakes
  9. Is the Coors family still strongly right wing? I remember that the company (or its owner) supported Reagan in the 70's. The Molson's are probably more liberal.
  10. cakes

    Green Bean Recipes

    I find it very interesting that there are 2 different ways of doing green beans that are being promoted. There are those that blanch and eat them crisp and there are those that cook the bejesus out of them.......southern style. I am from the midwest and I like my beans done. Simmer them until they are tender and no more. Serve with butter and maybe sliced almonds as a garnish. I like a lot of the juice along with them so I prefer them in a separate dish. I enjoy a good green bean cassorole also. Cakes
  11. We have a side by side, mainly for the ice thru the door. The estimated cost to run it for a year is $39! These things are so much more efficient than they were just a few years ago. Who cares if one is more effiecient than another, how much could it be? The joke is that Sears recommends changing the water filter twice a year.........the filters cost $39. If we had a separate ice machine we would have gone top freezer.
  12. I too remember the 4 squares. We have a terrible problem here in Florida with them going stale. It is very frustrating. I get very irritated with the packaging, the sleeves are designed to not close back up. If we open one we usually just throw it when we are done. There is a delicacy that I have not seen mentioned yet. Most of the casual sea food resuraunts have the little packets of saltines on the table along with butter and cocktail sauce (ketchup and horseradish). Put a big gob of sauce on the saltines, if you want to be decadent slather it with butter first. Someone was saying rude things about the fat free ones. They are not that bad and keep better than the standard ones. A very tasty and relatively healthy snack is fat free saltines and hummus. My wife got serious with Weight Watchers and needed a snack. I worked out a hummus recipe and we would have it on the fat-free crackers. Very satisfying and tasty; tastes too good to be good for you. I can't tell you how many batches of hummus I made. Cakes
  13. And you think that oysters are humanly killed? Cakes
  14. Unwashed eggs keep longer. I read something a long time ago about storing eggs in a barrel with glycerin (I think) and they will keep for years. It was a survival thing. One point they made was to NOT wash the eggs. Cakes
  15. Southern cows go mew?
  16. cakes

    pocket knife

    I love my little Swiss Army knife but there are too many nooks and crannies for using on food every day. That is why I recommended the Buck or Gerber; you could toss them in the dishwasher or scrub them up with a brush. Cakes
  17. Robert Heinlein is one of the most recognized and prolific science fiction authors. Grok is a concept from his novel Stranger in a Strange Land. Grok cannot be defined, you have to read the book. If you are one of the many that turn their noses up at sci/fi, I suggest reading Heinlein. I swear that my mother, to this day, has never read any sci/fi and she reads almost anything. She is proud of it? Cakes
  18. cakes

    pocket knife

    Both Buck and Gerber have mini folders that have stainless blades and nylon handles that lock open. The cost is less than 20$ so you won't have an attack when airport security confiscates it. Cakes
  19. I suspect this is a safety thing. As a Boy Scout I was taught to always present the handle of the knife to whoever I was handing it to. Setting it down would be even safer.
  20. Why would you care if your wine corks are tender? Cakes
  21. Stone, I think my previous post about whole wheat fits with what you are after. I want to add wild rice that is prompted by another topic on this forum. My wife has relatives that live in northern Wisconsin so I have been treated to wild rice numerous times. I don't like it. Please don't waste it on me. Cakes
  22. Whole wheat bread, or waffles, bagels, or whatever. I don't like it. I end up eating it and have for years but it just tastes raw to me.
  23. Grated tuna, ugh! When I was a bachelor I would make tuna sandwiches and mash up the nice big chunks. So I thought why spend the money if I am just going to mash the tuna up anyway so I bought grated. Cat food is a very good way to describe it although a lot of cats I have known would not eat it. Cakes
  24. No. I am a human being. I am an omnivore as are all human beings. Cakes
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