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  1. yeah, where is delia lately we really enjoyed watching her show.
  2. The Crafts of the Country Cook bought it at a funky hippy store in Nelson BC next to marijuana cloth clothing, bongs etc. recipe include killing and cleaning turtles, homemade vinegar, handling lungs for the ever popular "Lungs and beans with basil"
  3. I love this show, but did you guys say there are only 4 episodes??? Then I've seen them all. Say it ain't so.
  4. laurie calwin...i forgot about her, I too loved her books and her writing. I remember getting a stack (I mean a real huge stack) of out dated gourmet magazines from the 70's and 80's. That was the only good thing about them
  5. chezlamere

    Dinner! 2004

    I opened a box of asst'd halloween chocolates and washed it down with a can or A&W root beer. There's a stack of chocolate bar wrappers beside me. ...burp
  6. I'm all alone today, just me and the dog for breakfast I had sandwich on a croissant (bought them yesterday) for lunch had day old tuna salad with crackers washed it down with glass (or 2) of wine. for dinner opened a box of halloween asst'd chocolates (let's just say there's a pile of wrappers beside me) and washed it down with A&W root beer. don't you love this time of year for halloween candies. yum This is my celebration day actually, because my spouce retires tomorrow. I may never be alone again. My husband's job took him out of town three times a week overnight. I actually enjoyed those days. Heavy sigh!!!
  7. that's how I got my dishwasher too, after being in hospital having a baby for just four days. I got a dishwasher when I got home. I told him that I better not have to do any dishes of his when I got home. OR ELSE.
  8. i always feel cheated if there isn't a story in the cookbook. I remember the last time I bought a book without really looking at it, HIghly recommended by an article in the paper. I drove to the only store in the city that had a copy during a blinding snow storm (just had to have it) I had to park in a no parking zone, and walk about two blocks in this blinding snow storm and almost froze to death before I got into the store. I called the store from my cell phone (wonderful invention-no)after driving around searching for a parking spot - to have a copy at the front because of my parking situation, so I finally made it into the store, paid for the book and drove home thinking "how stupid am I" and "wouldn't it be a shame to smash up my vehicle all for a book" and "this better be worth it". Well the book was OK sort of, but the article in the paper had more insight into the author-chef-restaurant owner, than the book did. No story about the restaurant, no story about the recipies, no story about the author, felt cheated.
  9. Well this is just an AWFUL site. The envy... I sold my raised bed garden and fruit trees along with my house. I loved that garden and yard. Since I've moved I've gained so much weight ( i was always making new beds or moving bolders from the mountains to my rock gardens.) And now I have nothing to do in the evenings after work in this apartment. I hate it. And I've become so lazzzzzy. I NEED A GARDEN. Planting in containers just sucks in comparison. And I miss those green beans.
  10. interesting photo's. My husband vows never to eat pauched eggs again though.Any time i tried to explain the process to him he didn't believe me. It's that hold and reheat that gets you into the little boys room shortly after breakfast. We usually go out for breakfast once a week because he's just coming home and I'm just leaving. He's going to take even LONGER now with the menu ugh.
  11. costco is always a good place to go if your hungry. haven't been there for awhile membership ran out in feb well that trip (let's go see what's new) cost me $180.00, had to renew. had to have those salt water toffee, marinated articoke hearts, this nice track suit, couple pairs of shorts, bag of apples and oranges But it was the track suit that suckered me in. should have kept on driving --oh well
  12. the only pasta (if you can call it that) that's low on the glycemic index - which is a much better indicator than carb's table is surprisingly Kraft Dinner the main stay in any bach's pantry. Most guys have a SECRET way of making it just perfect. Has to be timed, just so much butter, not more than this amount of milk. So of you want pasta salad, make it with kraft dinner.
  13. recently 8 of us went out to dinner (three generations of us) and we were enjoying our drinks, then our second drinks-catching up (hadn't seen each other for almost a year) didn't even notice that our meal was way late. The server informed us that they ran out of baked potatoes and had to make some up and for the inconvenience everyone would get a complimentary dessert. (only one of us was even having baked potato) . Dinner finally arrived and my son was eating his steak and potato with such gusto that he didn't notice his plate edging too close to the end of the table (he's 25 not 5 by the way). Well you quessed-it went over onto his lap. What a mess, only half done. When the server came over to enquire about the meal, we were in the middle of cleaning it all up. He brought more serviettes and informed us that he would take the entree off the bill. When he asked my son if there was anything else he might want, my son lost his appetite and said no thanks. The server surprised us with a take-out steak dinner on our departure. Said he didn't want my son to go without dinner-maybe for later. So free desserts for 8, and free half eaten dinner plus free take out full dinner - WOW i was impressed. Left a HUGE tip. My husband couldn't make this dinner, so when we all got home my son made a Very big impression on his father when he said HE BOUGHT a take-out steak dinner for him. Made megga points.
  14. My family consists of 3 now (but when my husband goes shopping for groceries he forgets that we are not 5 any longer - as only the younger one is still at home) so consiquently I have a full freezer and the cupboards are always overflowing. I am thankful when my middle one comes home to shop for groceries in our freezer and cupboards. I know - this is strange to be thankful for this-but it opens up space. And he also forgets that we aren't eating the same any longer either. So I am constantly cutting up pork and beef roasts for stir fry and steaks etc. And don't suggest that He shouldn't do the shopping any longer, alone - because he LOVES to shop and I HATE it. my kids call this his feminine side. I cook for a living and have wed/sat/sun off and on alternate weeks have wed/thurs/fri off. My husband is out of town on sun, tues, and thurs. My daughter works part time and is a student at university. When she works she usually works mon, sat, sun. So if your confused now - well try living with them. I rarely cook at home when if I work that day. If you mean cooking is something that doesn't require a can opener or the cardboard box, or ready made salad package. I might cook once a week. My hours are such that I might make breakfast on my day off if it co-incides with my husbands day in town. But if that's a Saturday - forget it, i expect to be taken out for breakfast, I mean it's the least he could do is accompany me to denny's. Otherwise I eat toast and cheese at work or make a toasted sandwich of something or other at home. Sometimes it's just yogurt or leftovers from the night before of prepackaged or stir fry ( I seem to be making alot of stir fry of something or other in the evening because it's just the easiest and fastest and usually is never the same twice, depending on what veggie is around) The days im working my daughter usually fends for herself unless she whines alot, then I might be forced to make something. But I'm always tasteing and adjusting and tasting at work, that I'm rarely hungry or even want anything to eat, just keep my glass full of wine thank you. I'm sick of looking at food. On those nights that my husband chooses to cook he usually makes a roast, that we suffer through and then make shepards pie out off days later. When I work evenings I usually bring dinner home from work for them. But usually only if it's something interesting. I work in longterm care. When the kids were younger and all at home, my husband was home on the weekends only because he worked out of town during the week, and I had a retail business and did some on call cooking in a couple golf coarces and a hotel (just to keep my hand in) I always cooked at home usually every night, in fact it's kind of wierd when they are all together that they request something that I made for them (that they complained about that was made too oftem when they were younger) My husbands stand-by meal at the time for them was spagetti in tomato soup with weiners, (gag me) and sometimes he still makes it for himself and if they are around they dig right in. I cooked and canned and froze etc, even had a garden, and had about 20 different varieties of tomatoes, but now i'm in an apartment so those days are over. What I really miss are fresh green beans. My kids then and now will eat just about anything. My youngest was kinda picky but she lived with two vegetarians for about 6 months and ever since her eating likes have matured. hope this is not too long
  15. only one sort off (i'm not going to say bad) inferior maybe sounds better. My aunt - my mothers oldest sister. she's been a vegetarian all her life and can't cook vegetables. I don't know how she has survived. (she must be almost 90) Always overcooked, almost soup. And plus she's always had a kitchen garden that she spends all summer tending, and then turns everything into mush. So sad such a waste of all those fresh veggies . heavy sigh
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