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  1. My mother used to make these "cookies" all the time during my childhood. I've got the recipe somewhere. If my mother can make them <bless her beautiful, shining heart> then you know its easy. As I recall its just egg whites, sugar, cream of tartar, maybe a pinch of salt. I think you beat until soft peak? Then bake. Truely one of my most favorite foods in the world. I like them plain. They are melt in your mouth goodness! That special texture is really divine. Thanks for bringing back memories!
  2. nessa


    I like a brand called "Caravan". Its Halal and can be found in most Middle Eastern and Indian groceries. Its realllly thick, creamy, not too tangy, but just tangy enough. Its almost the consistancy of sour cream, and thats what I use it for a lot of the times. Its fabulous drizzled with honey!
  3. Several years ago I decided to make "Joong" after having some made by friends. My version is so not authentic, and probably combines at least three different cultural cuisines, but its really good! I call 'em Texas Style Joong! I typically smoke a brisket in the spring, and save all that lovely smoked beef fat cap. I use bananna leaves, yellow mung beans, the fat <maybe a little brisket if theres any left over>, rice, salt and pepper. They are simple, but truely delicious. I'm inspired to make some again this year, thanks for the reminder.
  4. I ate at my favorite Ethiopian place for lunch today. My favorite dish is the Shero Wat, and when I asked, the waitress said that they used chickpeas. I have purchased Mit'n'shiro from one of the local Ethiopian grocers but it did not turn out as I would have liked. The other red dish is a spicy red lentil dish called Mesir Wat, or Ye'me(i)sir Wat. Fabulous stuff!. The only dish so far that I'm not too wild about is the mild yellow lentils i think called yekik alitcha. I could eat there every day and be quite content. There are quite a few Ethiopian restaurants in Dallas, but they seem to go in and out of business and change owners a lot. My second fav is under new ownership and has a new name, so who knows what will become of it. I think its time for another trip to my neighborhood Ethio-grocer!
  5. I had a dish yesterday that might have been fool Medemas <sp>. I forget what the menu said, but it just might have been the best thing to cross my lips all year. It was the small fava beans in a sauce that the owner said was a tahini-lemon sauce with a bit of yogurt. If I had not been in polite company, I might have licked the bowl. I'm going to be attempting to recreate it sometime after the holidaze. Anyone have any ideas regarding the proportions of the ingredients in the sauce?
  6. Thank you all for your helpful suggestions! I am going to go to the restaurant supply tomorrow and scout out the goods, and do a practice cheesecake to send with the SO to work. I'll get him to advertise!
  7. I'm about to take a very small foray into selling cheesecakes for the holidaze. I took one to a work gathering and my boss wants to buy one for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and now others want one too. I am not a professional chef, and I have some questions about logistics. 1) It's obviously very unprofessional to sell the cheesecake with the springform pan. Is there a liner you can put in the bottom, to slide the cheescake off of the pan with? Is this what is done, or am I way off base? How do I get my cheesecake off of the bottom of the springform pan? 2) Do restaurant supply stores tend to carry those white boxes so that I can put my cheesecake in one, and look semi-professional? What are these boxes called? I've looked online at my local Restaurant supply store, but I've found nothing similar to either a liner or the box. I might just head over tomorrow and give it a peak. Any help is much appreciated
  8. I lived in Germany for three years. I sought out chinese, greek, Mexican, anything to get away from all the schnitzel, currywurst, bratwurst, knackwurst, knockwurst, saurkraut, kartofflepuffen etc. Don't get me wrong, I love some good German food, but I don't want it *every* time I eat out! The chinese food was certainly from a different region than what is typically found in the US. It was very bland, and different..... The egg rolls were about the size of say, a chimichanga, but sorta flat, deflated and very greasy. I really did not care for it, but it was a nice break from the heavy German cuisine. Did I mention it being *very* bland? Heavy on the oil, and sweetness as well. Ah well. Don't get me started on the *mexican* food......
  9. In the Dallas area, we have a food dollar store called "The 99 Cent Store". Most the stuff is crap but there are some real finds. Ricotta, the big quart size for 99 cents, condiments, canned goods, "gourmet items" I found some great Indian pickles there, imported dates, oils etc. They also have other more dollar store kinda items, including kitchen goods. Sometimes you really can find a bargain.
  10. Hmmmm, lost my post that I wanted to quote, but I second the motion for the czech stop and for WF's seeduction bread. Its really do die for, so long as yah floss after.... Also love the CM Sourdough Buckwheat-onion-rosemary-cheddar bread. I've not explored bakeries locally, because I'm trying to reduce the waistline and I can't be good in the face of temptation. But I'll keep a running list for when I can indulge!
  11. nessa

    Your Top 10--DFW

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. For Thai, I have three favorites. Ok, 4. Thai Nippa for their Spicy Big Noodles, egg rolls and Green curry. Bananna Leaf for their Pad See Ew, and pretty much everything else I've had there Royal Thai for their Laab, soups. appetizers Thai-rriffic for everything on the menu. Especially the Tom Ka Gai For Ethiopian I tend to head to go to Dallul the most since its close to work. Its VERY inexpensive and quite delicious. My favorites are their Tsebeh Bersin and Shiro Wat. I also like Abyssinia though I've only been once. Their Injera salad is out of this world. Need to experiment more with that.......... Indian.... Hmm. As many places as I've eaten out here I can't pick a favorite. I keep going someplace new. Same with Mexican. OH I know, Cafe Istanbul! Awesome lamb dishes. Great Turkish food. Al-Amir for their appetizers. Maybe the best Baba Ganoush in town. Its hard for me to come up with 10 favorites because I've only been here a year and a half, and I typically want to try a new place when I get the chance to eat out.
  12. I'm so glad I didn't pick up the Blood Orange Soda. I do NOT need another addiction. The CM organic truffles are quite good.
  13. Syrian low salt feta on top of some pita bread with a dab of hummus. This cheese, for you Dallasites, can be found at the World International Market on Greenville. To DIE for. You really taste the lovely sourness of the cheese with out too much salt. And for $4.99 a pound..... its a steal!
  14. My favorite is cream cheese and pickled ginger. Fresh ginger is great as well.
  15. I have found veal and beef soup bones at Tom Thumb. I find the best deals there sometimes. Absolute steals, but you have to look every couple days. Veal and lamb don't sell as well as beef and chicken so they often get marked down or simply go on special. I'm looking for a good (and cheap) and english speaking butcher in the Dallas area. I'm starting to feed my dogs a partially raw diet and would love to negotiate exactly what I want from the butcher. Whole marrow bone for them, cut two for me please.....
  16. This sounds facinating, I cant wait to see a recipe and a translation!!
  17. Jaymes is right, Mexico has great soups. Add Pozole and tortilla soup to my favorites list. Imagine my dissapointment after reading this thread, craving pozole, and finding out someone beat me to the last batch in the freezer
  18. nessa

    The Chipotle Topic

    Y'all have leftovers???
  19. Nothing says comfort like a bowl of soup. Number one on my list would be lamb stew. Number two would be chicken and dumplings. Third would be a hearty lentil soup. Oh, and 15 bean soup. Side of jalepeno cornbread and I'm a happy camper. Soup is just fun to make! Its almost more therapeutic for me to make it, than eat it.
  20. You know.... the ghost thing might be a good marketing thing for you.....
  21. I have started to vary from my grandma's traditional stuffed turkey in the last few years. I much prefer my turkey smoked. However I still make her stuffing, and call it dressing. Cornbread and biscuit, with pecans. I make her giblet gravy, but with the smoked drippings. ( its Crack!) Other than that I'm going basic. Green beans with almonds and bacon drippings, Garnet sweet potatoes with brown sugar and butter. I might sneak some chipotle in there when no one is looking. Cranbery-orange-jalepeno relish. I'll be the only one eating that. Mashed taters. Chocolate mousse pie. The Monster-not-in-law is bringing her pecan pie. Oh. And some cranberry jello salad thing. I'll put sage leaves and more bacon drippings with salt, pepper and whatever else seems right at the time, under the skin of the bird. Then season the skin. Crap. I forgot to pick up rolls. I'll prolly get some hawian rolls or maybe those frozen dough ones. Its only 3 of us, so I'm not going to go all out. Wine. Lots of wine throughout the day. How else to deal with certain relatives......
  22. I've been craving Chicken and dumplings, chicken pot pie, gumbo and now, garbanzo bean soup. I'll prolly make them all after thanksgiving with leftover turkey parts. This week I made a nice batch of gulash. I also made some stirfried veggies with tofu and wide rice noodles, extra spicy. I love me some heat when there's a nip in the air.
  23. nessa

    Garbanzo Beans

    Smoked Turkey Stock is my latest secret weapon. I'm addicted. I want the recipe for moughrabbia !!! What is it?
  24. nessa

    Garbanzo Beans

    I like them any way I can get them. I don't care if you call them channa, chickpeas or garbanzos, it all translates and yum to me. At the top of my list are fatteh, hummus, and channa masala. Serious comfort food. I had this neurotic need to run to my pantry and make sure that I wasn't below two quarts on chickpeas. Now I'm craving them. I think I'll branch out and do something soupy. Hmmm. Maybe something with smoked turkey stock after T-Day......
  25. I tend to stick to Braeburns for the most part and I have yet to have one this year that wasn't mealy. I figured they just weren't in season yet. I only buy them at CM, and I meant to ask one of the Foodies when the official season started, last time I was in.
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