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  1. The darker the better, for me. I like bitter, but not to the point where there is no sweet at all. There is a fine line where the chocolate and the sweet are at a perfect balance to enhance the divine chocolate goodness.

    Granted, its rare that I'll turn down any chocolate of any color gradient. I'm an equal oppurtunity chocolate lover, but a girl does have her preferences

  2. I'm American, and I eat lamb. I love the stuff and prefer it to all other meat. I like the simple preparation of garlic, rosemary salt and pepper, for a roast leg of lamb at home. I like it with pan gravy or a blackberry-whiskey sauce if I'm feeling frisky :raz: . MMMMM. Lamb. Even when I was vegetarian, I'd eat lamb a couple times of year.

    I think there are a lot of great ideas here, and I think I may have to try the olive thing soon!

  3. Nothing peeves me more though, than to bite into something you thought had chocolate chips in them, just to realize they are just a plain old raisins.

    Nothing peeves me more than buying a nice breakfast muffin and finding it chock full of choco-chips!


    Oh, I couldn't agree more. I loathe chocolate chip muffins and pancakes etc. By god, if I want chocolate for breakfast, I'll just unwrap the foil and have a bar. But I can't stand biting into a cookie, thinking its got chocolate chips and ending up with raisins. I guess what I'm trying to say is, If I'm expecting one thing, I hate to get a nasty surprise, either way.

  4. I love em, and hate em. Depends on what they are in, for me. Please, leave them out of cinnamon rolls and oatmeal cookies. I love them in soda bread. For me, I don't like them in things that are supposed to be really sweet. Usually. Nothing peeves me more though, than to bite into something you thought had chocolate chips in them, just to realize they are just a plain old raisins.

  5. Oh. My. God. Hell with the corned beef. Gimmee the colcannon.

    I ate it cold for breakfast. I'm so addicted. I gotta try it with kale, but the nuance of the cabbage all mixed in with the creamy potatoes, onions and bacon, bacon fat and butter....

    I'm really beyond words. Thank goodness I made a lot. :wub:

    Or maybe not so thank goodness. Extra 10 hours walking penance seems fitting.

    Edited to add: After looking up bubble and squeak, I might just have made that instead. Hard to tell since the two are so similar and there are about as many recipes as there are stars in the sky....

  6. I Love yellow Peeps at Easter. Or, I used to. They remind me of those blissful childhood years when Mom would hide Easter baskets, and Peeps were always included as some of the only candy we got. Now, they just don't taste as good to me. I don't buy them, but I'd still enjoy one.

    My Easter Crack is now Robins Eggs. Cant buy em, 'cause I'll eat the whole carton/bag in a day or so. Bad nessa Bad!!!

    Man, I used to love those werid fruit things with marsmellow insides. I think they came in individual little wrappers. I had to trade for those at school because we didn't get them at my house.

  7. Generic chile powder or generic chili powder? The latter probably has things like cumin and coriander as well.

    Ok Chili powder. However I do just fine with cumin (another flavor I never get tired of) and corriander (ditto the cumin).

    But I can't have chilI powder in something and not get ill afterwards.

    Doesn't mean I don't still eat it, mind you!

  8. No, I never have. I got mostly the ahumados, and they seem a bit more crumbly than the moritas. I just might try toasting them this time, but I sure liked the butter..... Did I mention its crack-like properties? Perhaps I'll toast then soak in butter. I think the flavors dissolve well in the oil.

    I can't see getting tired of the chipotle flavor. The crap that they pass off as chipotle flavored, isn't, to me, for the most part. Like that chipotle mayonaise.

    But getting tired of chipotle is like getting tired of chocolate, or sesame flavor, for me. Perhaps if I had it every day or every week, I might tire? Nah. I know there are other chiles out there, and I also worship the Habanero. For some reason, some chiles really upset my stomach, and they seem to be the ones with the least heat. Like whatever goes into generic chile powder. Go figure?

    But, I have yet to meet a chile that I didn't like.

  9. ExtraMSG,

    what a great link!

    When I bought my chipotles yesterday, at the Single Greatest Grocery Store in the History of the Western World aka Central Heaven, aka Central Market, they actually had a mix of the Chile ahumado and the Morita. I was puzzled, last time they had only the Morita, so I asked one of the employes what the difference was between the two. He could not tell me so I grabbed some of each.

    I do know the Moritas are a real pain to grind, as they are very leathery. Last time I used them was in a chipotle-cheddar-pecan crisp and I had to soften them in hot buttah before attempting to grind. I found my new crack. Chipotle infused butter. *swoon* :wub:

  10. I'm sure there's more. With all the cool peppers in the world, I'd like to see more of a selection. There are a few ancho salsas, of course. Habanero stuff. Oh: by the way, if you haven't tried Austin Slow Burn Rosemary Habanero Jelly, you are missing out on one of the best things you could ever put in your mouth! And it's only $3.29 at CM. Try it over cream cheese, or on pork tenderloin...

    Oh my goodness. I used to import that stuff when I lived in Chicago. I can, have, and will eat it straight from the jar. My favorite way is on fresh, hot sourdough toast, slatherd first in butter then the habanero rosemary delight.

  11. This year, instead of the traditional corned beef with cabbage and potatoes, I'm going to make corned beef, with cabbage and potatoes.

    Tee hee, confused yet?

    Colcannon is an Irish dish that consists of cabbage (or kale) and potatoes, with lots of butter. So this year I'm going to make the potatoes and cabbage separatly from the corned beef.

    Traditionally, colcannon is served on All Hallow's Eve, but I don't see why it can be had on St. Patrick's day as well.

    I've yet to decide on the final recipe. Some call for the addition of leeks, some for bacon, some for neither, some for both.

    I think I'll fry up the bacon, then use the fat to cook the cabbage, then incorporate that into the mashed potatoes. Has anyone ever made colcannon?

    Do you have a favorite recipe?

  12. Goodness. I get up at 4 AM on week days. Granted, that means I get off early afternoon and can go to all the lovely grocery stores before they get crowded....

    How does one keep a kosher kitchen? Can you cook kosher in a non-kosher kept kitchen?

    Does that mean that there are certain bowls and utencils for meat and others for dairy etc? I have an aunt who is Hassidic, and she is coming to visit the family in April. I'm guessing we will have to get food from a kosher deli, since our kitchen is not kept kosher?

    Anyway, alacarte, I'm enjoying this blog. Its just facinating.

    I was once part of the SCA and we did a lot of medieval cooking. It was quite interesting to delve into the history of food, I must admit. I'm a fool for authenticity.

  13. I never used to have hangovers when I was in my 20's. I was incredibly resilent! Best hangover cure: exercise. yep, no matter how badly you don't want to do it, it works.

    Tee hee. I'm in my thirties. I do hope that my good luck continues throughout my life, I'd prolly never drink if I had to pay the piper in the morning. I have a low tolerance for alcohol, maybe that has something to do with it? Now where's that port...... :hmmm:

  14. Most importantly, coffee.

    I love cold spaghetti for breakfast. I also love leftover cold steak for breakfast. Chinese tea eggs, scrambled eggs, huevos rancheros, many varieties of breakfast burritos, eggs benedict, bacon. bacon and more bacon.

    Hot rice with butter, cold rice with milk and sugar....

    Steak and eggs and hashbrowns. Poached egg on toast.

    Obviously I'm not picky. Anything but cold cereal. Well once in a blue moon, maybe.

    More often than not, its a chinese tea egg or two, or maybe bread with peanut butter and something sweet like jam or apple butter, as I drive to work.

    Edited to add: Grits!!!!!

  15. <gasp> you mean theres no new magical methylxanthine? I'm shocked. Shocked I tell you.

    First time I ever had mate was in a gourd setting in a graduate sutdent office. That gourd was packed with about a third cup of mate I guess. maybe a half?

    There were 5 people and we passed it around. There was about enough water for each person to take a really good suck/swallow through that metal thingie. That stuff be bitter!!! But, as the gourd got back around to the first person, water was added again. So each subsequent slurp was better tasting. After about 30 minutes I was high as a kite. I buzzed for hours!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Nowadays I use it like tea, nowhere near as strong as in the gourd. Much higher water to mate ratio. Good stuff, though.

  16. What a coinkydink. My uncle lives in Rhinebeck and I visited him for the holidaze. He is the family epicurean so we knew we were in for a treat. Truely a Christmas that my palate will not soon forget. We actually only dined out for dinner once. We had a really nice dinner at the Terrapin. The oyster stew was to die for, as was the calamari. I had some kind of whitefish that was supposed to be miso crusted, with a side of wasabi mashed potatoes. Eh. Did not execute as well as it sounded, but then again that might have been my fault for ordering white fish. It was bland, as were the potatos. Everything else was really quite good. There was some kind of mussel dish that was oohed and ahhhed over. He has promised a trip to the CIA next time we are in town. We kept driving by it but I think it was perhaps closed for the holidays?Rhinebeck is such a beautiful town in such a nice area. Congrats on moving there!

  17. I don't get hangovers. I don't know why. Doesn't matter how much I imbibe, no hangover for me the next morning. But I like the connection between alcohol and sex. I've had enough to drink tonight to try and convince my SO that sex is the only way to save my soul from hangover redemption. It never hurts to try.......

  18. I've been thinking about us doing a "Screw Atkins" T shirt and having it put up on the eGullet Cafepress site.

    Who wants to design one?

    I was thinking along the lines of the eGullet cartoon person thing surrounded by breads, potatos, pie, cake, etc , with mouth open and chomping on a slice of bread or pie....

    It might be too subtle.

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