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  1. Does anyone know anything about these places in Richmond? Shanghai River Northern Delicacy Northern Dynasty
  2. Thanks. That's what I was afraid of. But it's good to know.
  3. Is there a great place for dim sum in Vancouver on a weekday night? Does anyone serve it at night? In-laws are flying into YVR at 7 p.m. on a Tuesday and want great dim sum before we take them to our house in Bellingham, WA. Is this feasible?
  4. We're moving to Bellingham, WA and plan to take one of the Seattle newspapers as well as the local Bellingham Herald. What are the general differences between the two Seattle papers? And which has the better food and gardening sections? thanks!
  5. For years I've wanted to find my mother's cookbook, the only one she ever used. I never knew the name and the cover was long gone by the time I started noticing it. But I remembered it had thumb tabs, like a dictionary. I finally found it! It's called The American Woman's Cook Book edited by Ruth Berolzheimer. My mother's copy was probably from 1939, though I'm not sure. Anyway I would love to find more information about Berolzheimer and the Culinary Arts Institute she was director of. At first I thought it was just a publisher, but maybe not. Does anyone have any information? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thank you for asking. The skin came out tasty and crispy, the best ever. Nothing tasted too salty at all. And the breast meat came out OK, but it really could have been more moist. That, I think, is definitely due to my trying to shortcut your recipe I did put butter under the skin before roasting which probably helped a bit. But next time I'll be sure not to skip the time in the plastic bag!! Just a related question, would putting a whole chicken in the fridge uncovered for a day (no brining involved) make the skin crisper without drying out the meat?
  7. Well, um, ahem. We're making the turkey today so I just salted it yesterday and put it in the fridge uncovered. So basically, I've probably dried the turkey out rather than helped keep it moist. We'd just bought the bird and didn't have much time. I also had a (very) vague memory of an L.A. Times recipe for dry brining that came out years ago. But probably it called for putting it in a bag as well. I recently put seasoned duck legs uncovered in the fridge overnight and they came out so well that I probably just mentally combined the two processes. Aargh. Oh well. My excuse is that I was just in a bad (mostly for my car) car accident a couple of days ago and am still a little shook up. Hopefully, with enough wine, the turkey will taste good anyhow. Thanks, Russ, for the reply. Happy Holidays!
  8. Thank you Dave! That's the answer I was figuring/hoping for . Happy Holidays to you!
  9. We're using Russ Parson's recipe for "Judy-ing" a turkey by dry brining: salting the turkey at 1T per 5 lbs. Right now it's salted (since yesterday) sitting uncovered in the fridge. His recipe does not call for rinsing off the excess salt before roasting, but I'm worried about the turkey tasting too salty. Russ, are you out there? Or does anyone else have experience with this?
  10. As I posted above, not in Los Angeles.
  11. No, no luck. But I haven't called M. Marcel. Great idea! However, in the end, the person I'm recipe-testing for is back East and wants to know about general availability. If So.Cal. folks can't easily obtain an ingredient, she needs to offer substitutions.
  12. Not stupid at all. I'm doing recipe-testing for someone back East and try to stick to the ingredients exactly as described. I wrote to her about the problem and suggested exactly what you did. She wants me to try just the half & half and see how that goes. And I just called Bristol Frams; no dice.
  13. Does anyone know who carries light cream in the L.A. area? The British call it "single cream," and it's about 20% milk fat. It's between half & half and heavy cream. I've already tried Gelsons, Ralphs, Whole Foods, and Surfas. thanks!
  14. Vervain


    I doubt it. I feel that my results show that the salting and hanging affects deeply into the meat. I'm not absolutely certain, but that's about as good as I can tell just tasting without doing a proper chemical analysis. The lemon and oil should also burn off very quickly in the oven so you'll still be able to get a crispy skin and crust. ← Thanks for responding Kent. But how would they burn off when they're under the skin?
  15. Vervain


    I just made some dry-aged duck legs the other night that were fantastic. They only had a dry rub (which included some salt) on them and stayed, uncovered in the fridge over-night. After roasting, they had the ideal crispy skin. Now we're going to try the same with a whole chicken, but I have a stupid question: would it undo the whole skin-drying process to put some lemon and olive oil and spices under the chicken skin AFTER dry-aging (before roasting)?
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