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  1. Sounds like a bargain, since hot water and a tea bag would likely cost more than twice that.
  2. Must be something about Calgary. I hear Moxie's is pretty good too.
  3. You're joking right? Fried chicken & watermelon? Hey, let's perpetuate some more food stereotypes ... no grits in there? Black eyed peas perhaps? Jeesh. A. ← Wow, I didn't know people were so threatened by Fried Chicken being served with <gasp> watermelon! Please elaborate on just what you find so offensive and why you believe this is stereotypical... ← Coupl'a news links might shed some light on it: Seau says 'watermelon' remark was a joke King's birthday was mocked on campus with chicken and watermelon
  4. I've been haunted ever since I saw this.
  5. I found it less snide than usual. Though her whiny complaint about the mushroom: is par for the course. Now I know the who's part of the demographic that needs the "caution, filling may be hot" warning on McDonald's apple pies.
  6. Dude, Red Robin rawks! Check out the kid's menu: Kids Menu For our friends 10 and under. Each selection includes a bottomless soft drink. Rad Robin Burgers, Grilled Cheesewich, Small Fry, and Chick-Chick-Chicken Fingers include bottomless steak fries. RAD ROBIN BURGER Mini Cheese or Mini Bacon - Choices of Mayo, Onions, Pickles, Relish, Tomato and Lettuce CHEESEY MAC ’N CHEESEY RED ROBINETTI SPAGHETTI RED’S PIZZERIA PIZZA Choose either Cheese or Pepperoni style GRILLED CHEESEWICH SMALL FRY (Junior Fish & Chips) CHICK-CHICK-CHICKEN FINGERS KID'S OLD FASHIONED SHAKES KID'S SUNDAES
  7. This statement has me puzzled. You are either saying: a. the quality of their food varies with the makeup of their clientele; or b. your enjoyment of their food varies with their clientele.
  8. Yeah, that's same reason I don't play in the NHL. I choose not to.
  9. Actually, the pay in the Army does not suck at all. A cook in the army (and you'd actually get trained for free) would start as a buck private at $2400 a month. After about 4 years, assuming you were showing promise and got promoted to corporal, you'd be making twice that much. That's $48K per year. With 5 weeks vacation, and a pretty sweet pension to boot. Granted, you don't get to work too often with foie gras and the tuna & cheese you make is actually just tuna & cheese.
  10. You should try their cloth bag. I hear it's not too bad.
  11. I foresee Beavertail huts on Robson, poutine trucks staking out street corners, and little carts hawking Inukshuk-shaped maple sugar candy - all in the name of giving visitors that essential taste of Canadiana. I hope they all leave with the departing torch, except for maybe one poutine wagon.
  12. I can see the TV ads right now: [several fast pan shots of happy, gorgeous, smiling people.] Voiceover: "Come for the washrooms. Stay for the food." or maybe: [Wide shot of a sparkling, spacious washroom.] "Hello, Chuck". "Hello, Feenie".
  13. Dude, of course it's not legal! YOU LIVE IN CANADA! (Actually, it's probably not even legal to mail it from one state to another). 'Cause the tax man always needs his cut of the booze action. If you really want it, the LCBO may be able to order it for you. Or try Buffalo.
  14. Geez... Dont' look to me for sympathy. White Rock isn't close enough to most places worth visiting.I agree, the dinner at Senhor Rooster's was a winner. One should always get the whole Cornish Game Hen. It provides a larger canvas on which to paint the wonderful palette of sauces. Mmmm.... Mango Ginger.
  15. I agree on the value at Fresco - a Vancouver Top-5 experience for 2/3 the price! So how do you pronounce the name of this place? Just want to be sure...
  16. You mean like when Avis doesn't give me the Grand Am I booked, and instead asks me to test drive a Porsche? I hate that!
  17. In Canada we call the 375mL size a "mickey", the 750mL a "twenty-sixer", and of course the 1.14L a "forty pounder". Anything larger than that (usually snuck in from the US) is often called a "Texas mickey".
  18. Up here that size is affectionately known as a "forty pounder".
  19. CFD places obviously have their market. The hordes who line up at the McDonalds drive-thru, either avoiding or completely unaware of the inexpensive yet wonderful ethnic cuisine to be had across the street if they would only look out the window of their F-150, have a clear need for an upscale but non-threatening place to take their Mom&Dad - from whom they inherited their palates. /sarcastic snobbery Myself, while I love the experience of dining at West or Lumiere, I will also eat Chef-Boy-Ardee beefaroni right out of the can. So there's plenty of room in between for Earl's. Sometimes all I want is a good burger and a cold Albino Rhino.
  20. Great lunch today on our way to the ferry at Swartz Bay. Stopped in Sidney at Fish on 5th, not surprisingly on 5th Street. Had some great halibut - nice crispy breading, good tartar sauce. Made the right decision in going with the yam fries - also crispy and sweet, paired with a curry aioli. Good eatin'! Just what we needed before sitting in the ferry line up in the pouring rain.
  21. Good news! I've been generally disappointed with the offerings at Aberdeen, with the exception of the soft green tea ice cream place.
  22. Yup, looks to be pretty new. I see it's listed in the BC liquor stores too, though I can't say I've seen it. And no real info on the web either. Lists at just a couple bucks above the floor price for spirits.
  23. I think her background is very relevant to how I interpret her critique. Her "qualifications" are no better than mine, and I've been eating food for about a decade longer than she has.
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