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  1. Here is the NCL message board from cruisecritic.com. You can see what the line is like from the other side of the bridge. Don't know if there's any snuggle insider information though.... NCL Board[ A
  2. Blood orange juice and champagne. Good for what ails ya. Use your basic Mimosa ratio--the taste is the opposite of basic (besides acidic).
  3. A few years ago we dry-aged a rib roast using the Alton Brown method. Not only was it delicious, but every time you opened the refrigerator, you got a whiff of beef filling the kitchen. Sort of like roast foreplay, with all that built-up anticipation. I'm just saying.
  4. You so funny! (That's not a First Edition you're char-broiling there, is it?)
  5. I lol'ed. And you win the Obviously Gone Mad and Displayed For All to See on the Internets prize for this week. Don't spend it all in one place.
  6. Breaking News! In case anyone is planning a trip to New York City some time in the future, I'm sure you won't be wanting to miss out on this.... Burger-O! About the only thing I can see left for this Wondergirl to do is run for President.
  7. Two things I felt while I was reading this story: 1) Hungry 2) Stupefied--These people must have drunk the Kool-Aid if they have convinced themselves this is a Great! Idea! I believe the author was right when he got that cult-y feeling during their alleged dinner together. Even the asparagus spears on the plate in the picture looked like they were starving. A
  8. I tossed out the oven mittens a long time ago. And the kitchen/side towels are usually wet because we are using them as well, towels. I'm in the pot holder prefer category. We've got all sorts, from the regular quilted cotton-ish ones to a cool Viking leather one (yes Fabby, it works), and several that one of my boys and I made with those little looms and loops. They might be my favorites for everything save a really big heavy roasting pan. Oh, and we got a pair of those little potholder-like sleeves you can put on a pan handle at Cracker Barrel a few years ago. We could use a fresh pair--these are a bit burned (see, they work!).
  9. Hi Karen, I can help you with your first question, via Backpacker Magazine online. Be A Hiking Gourmet And here are some recipes and ideas of dehydrating all kinds of tasty bits to cook up whilst on the trail. Be A Dried Food Hiking Gourmet
  10. I lol'ed! I sometimes find myself in a similar situation and can't help but wonder how the things end up where they do--but I am mighty grateful that I found them! PS: Police officer: Do you know how fast you were going? Physicist: No, but I know exactly where I am!
  11. Mine are arranged on the bookshelf the way they arrange the items at the grocery store. The most often-used ones are at eye-level/in the middle, then the next popular are the two shelves down/one shelf up and the least-used are way up high where I can hardly reach. The very bottom shelf holds some wine bottles and they will likely have to go to make room for more cookbooks.
  12. Good news, Oregon fans:http://www.oregonlive.com/AandE/pluggedin/...8260.xml&coll=7 ← Cool, Fergus Henderson! He makes me want to eat guts and stuff (if he does the cooking).
  13. Absolutely gorgeous. I get so excited when I get to see a house that not only doesn't look like ten million others, it's interesting, no, fascinating and beautiful instead of boring, and just the right size. Your outside is pretty much awfully wonderful, too. Thank you. And so far you've got the tidiest refrigerator.
  14. Loloz. Wait until I tell my DH that I need to borrow some of his onion soup mix (the sour cream dip) to roast some potatoes with, and I learned about it on the eGullet! xo
  15. Yay sticks! You should have seen the place before they put in the paved roads. The wagon wheels were always getting stuck in the muddy ruts after the latest hurricane/tropical storm. I do have to say we've had power when other places have been without. Must be because of those kerosene lanterns! har har Just ate a plateful of vegetables that came from the Brewster Farmers Market and my backyard--I'm going to explode--at least the scraps will be organic and wholesome.
  16. I'm breathless waiting for the Nana wall. And I'm hoping you tell me it's wonderful for when we do the next house. The paper is going to do some follow-up to the original story, yes? Wish I could go to the market with you and Liz, but have to work <boo>. Maybe the two of you could drive up here and bring some treats? I'm awfully hungry right now.
  17. My son, who is going back to school on Friday, has a craving, so we're having boneless, skinless, chicken.........fried steak! <grin> I buy those things maybe once a year, because they just don't have that zing--the fact that they are so versatile makes me frustrated that they have no flavor. I made some Chicken Francaise the other night but was able to convince said son we needed to use pork cutlets instead. So the final answer is No, never have or have had a craving for BSCB.
  18. Maybe she doesn't like goose liver pate? Maybe her regular readers are aware of this and so it was some sort of an in joke?
  19. Well, apparently last night I bought The Silver Spoon (english) for the exercise. If I'd have known how long I was going to have to walk around with it, I would have brought a wheelbarrow. Still, any book that has a green bean chapter deserves at least a red wagon ride.
  20. Thanks, Louisa! I've been trawling for that episode for months, in frustration!Oh, and I thought I had posted this correctly, but I guess I messed up. AB, Ruhrlman, Ripert and Gabrielle Hamilton will be at the 92nd Streeet Y in NYC on 10/23: http://www.92y.org/shop/event_detail.asp?p...tid=T%2DLC5CB05 ← Gabrielle Hamilton is so cool--she rocks. And Eric Ripert is so cute...Ok, they're all cute. I hadn't seen the India episode until last night (fell asleep)--he sure was right about the colors, and the food! Well, that's why we're watching, eh?
  21. I think they have a very *Z*-ishness to them. Zippy, zingy, that sort of thing. As soon as I saw them I could imagine them catching your eye. Don't know exactly what I mean, but something like the set seeming young and edgy. Shoot, if you were cooking some of your tasty treats I'd eat them with a paper plate and a broken bamboo skewer. Good luck with your adventure!
  22. Black olives, I've been told, have been chemically treated in some manner to turn them black, and then they are "sterilized". I reckon those steps are what give them their own special taste. Back when I lived in the old country, southern Indiana, we only had little green olives with the pimentos in the middle. It wasn't until I was in my late teens before I learned about the exotic black olive. We usually keep both the black ones and real (untreated? unpitted? You know what I mean) ones around the house. And we also get jars of some big green ones that Goya sells, pull out the pimentos, an install a blanched almond instead. A little time back in the brine and you get a usually-expensive treat for a fraction of the cost. Wonder if it would work with the black ones?
  23. This is heartbreaking and so unfair. I am convinced that when someone so young leaves us there is a hole in the world that is never filled.
  24. .... and the ashes from your grill too, for that matter. Burned organic material is highly acidic and roses love it. ← I am fairly sure that as soon as those ashes get wet they produce lye, which is strongly basic, not acidic. ← You know, I was scratching my head, thinking that wood ashes are basic, but then scratching the other side thinking well how could that be? Oughtn't they be acidic? Which means my confusion was right all along, somewhat. Thanks!
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