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    If I'm not mistaken, the flavor you remember is dill. I bought it once, didn't care for it and immediately went back to my mellower, caraway flavored favorite, Linie
  2. I just picked up a bottle of the a' bunadh. $69.00 in Vancouver. Not sure if this is a good price but, hell, I have no choice, I live where I live. Nice nose. Lots of caramel and butterscotch. Dried oranges and some spice.A splash of water and it was soooooo smooth. I am a beginner as far as whisky goes so please excuse the incomplete notes. I also picked up a Bowmore 12 year old. Am I crazy or do I taste something which could also be called a bandaid? Just wondering. I know there are some very knowledgable whisky folks out there. Help a brother out with this whisky tasting. Cheers. "T" Yep, that bandaid or iodine taste is present in many single malts, especially Islay malts. Bowmore's a highland malt, no? I'll put another vote in for Lagavulin. Intense, smoky, with lots of "band-Aid" and very smooth. I also enjoy Glenmorangie for a more middle of the road Scotch. Their Port Wood finish is very nice. I remember seeing a bottle of "Black Bowmore". I think it was about 30yrs old and literally black in color. Has anyone tried it? What's it like?
  3. Selski

    A Chef's Beer

    I was going through some storage items and found a bag I had forgotten about. I found powdered malt extract in sealed plastic bags and crushed biscuit and caramel malt in a closed paper bag. These are probably a year old. Are either of them still useable?
  4. That article states that the pronunciation of "Po' Boys" is "poo-boys" which I would think is incorrect. Being a derivative of "poor boys", I would think the " Po' " would be more like "poh", which sounds more like a southern affectation. I hope someone from Crescent City can clear this up. I've always kind of paw-pawed around so to speak when it came to pronouncing 'Po'boys'. I kind of start saying 'poe' or 'poh' and then get kind of scared and try to turn it back into 'poor' and it comes out really lame. Help! Proper pronunciation on 'Po'boys' needed. It's 'poe' boys! Say it loud and say it proud! Back in my college days, I used to eat 'Steamers' in Gainesville Florida. Anyone else have any experience with these?
  5. Selski

    A Chef's Beer

    Count me in! It's been well over a year since i've brewerd my own beer and high time I started again. Reading this thread really got the juices flowing. Anyone reading this thread that may be curious but somewhat intimidated about brewing your own, don't be. It's easier than you think. My first brew was just drinkable and a little flat. It didn't help that it was half corn sugar. By my third brew I was making an India Pale ale (toasted oak chips work great). It was absolutely delicious and I must say, I wad quite proud of myself. The two most important things to remember when starting off are to follow directions and keep everything clean. After my local homebrewing supplier shut down, I have been forced to search the web for supplies. May I suggest: Midwest Homebrewiing and Winemaking Supplies. They have an extensive, easy to navigate website. Brew kits are available on the net from $40-$300. An intermediate kit from Midwest is $65, including a glass carboy, fermenting bucket and bottling bucket and spigot. You can find it at: http://www.midwestsupplies.com/products/equipkit.asp Happy Brewing!
  6. To all those bashing Starbuck's Coffee - there can only be one reason: Caribou Coffee has not yet come to your state. Currently only available in nine states, this swill has been adopted by Delta Airlines. You can now enjoy this grimace inducing turpentine like substance nationwide at 35,000 feet. As far as mass produced chain coffee goes, give mr Barnie's any day
  7. Three favorites: Gjetost Parmagiana-Reggiano Sharp Canadian Cheddar *honorable mention goes to Nokkelost - it would have been up there, but the FDA blocked its import to the U.S. Why? Leiden, which it's based on, comes close, but not close enough.
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