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  1. I almost forgot, hey Blueapron - don't I know you? Tom
  2. Chad, I threw the term mustard-based barbecue sauce in that sentence simply because it is a SC style, and the title of discussion here is SC cuisine - it worked well for the point I was trying to make. Also, you've named less than a half dozen places to eat in all of upstate SC and one is closed for business. You know you live in a culinary wasteland if you can count all of your gastronomical hot spots and not need more than 10 fingers to do so. My point being; the short list of dining establishments you mentioned isn't nearly enough to stimulate much posting for the area. I'd love to see such areas experience a culinary boom, the southeast, as a whole, would benefit greatly. Tom
  3. wcmckinney, it appears you have several questions concerning SC cuisine, or, the lack thereof. 1. Chicken pilau is pronounced differently by many and chicken bog is a derivation of pilau. Are there any noticeable differences, sure, recipes for each differ from one plantation to the next. I'm not too sure if SC can lay claim to these dishes, it seems eastern parts of Ga, including Savannah, could possibly make the same claim. However, SC does take credit for it. 2. There is no doubt that SC natives love their turduckens, but I firmly believe this creation came from Cajun country. It wouldn't have the same illustrious glory if it didn't. Doesn't food just sound better when it comes from Louisiana, rather than SC? 3. Charleston is similar to Savannah and St. Augustine in feel and size, it has that same eerie New Orleans creepy pulse about it, as does Savannah. However, NO has an infamous and thriving dining scene in which Charleston does not. If you live in Charleston, you need to stick a mirror under the nose of the dining scene - JUST to make sure. Finer restaurants are sparse in Charleston, hell, they're sparse throughout the entire state of SC. Let me ask you this: is Hilton Head, SC a better dining town than Charleston? 4. Where does upstate SC fit? It's a wasteland - eat mustard-based barbecue sauced pork and imagine it might be worse elsewhere. 5. The reason there is not many posts regarding the Palemetto state dining scene is quite simple, the dining scene as a whole sucks! I'd rather, and am more likely, to find posts concerning high octane grade moonshine and the rebel flag crisis. Have fun at the Bulls game! Tom
  4. Great read Varmint! I've heard nothing but great things about the Skylight Inn and plan on trying it this summer - I'm a huge fanatic of eastern style NC barbecue. I consider you an authority on the subject. Tom
  5. I have made two visits to the Rib Hut - it was that same peppery hot sauce that dragged me back for seconds. I am one who firmly believes bbq sauce should burn a ripping hole all the way down. That peppery hot sauce is worth the price of admission, it's quite tasty, but I didn't find the ribs overly impressive, they weren't too bad, but certainly nothing to write home about. I'm sure I'll make a stop at the Rib Hut (mainly for the sauce) the next time I'm in Savannah. Tom
  6. Tom Maicon


    Thanks for fixing the issue in such a timely fashion Dave The Cook and Jason Perlow, I figured it was something on my end.
  7. Tom Maicon


    I'm sorry the original post I made titled the restaurant; Bristo 41, however, the restaurant name is, in fact, Bistro 41. I do apologize, the information that came in from the marketing firm was a typo, but the phone number I originally gave is correct. If you would like further information on this resto I will be releasing an article very soon, I'll make a link to the article, with photo, as soon as I release it. Can somebody tell me why I've lost many feature capabilities, such as, editing and private messaging the southeastern moderator?
  8. Tom Maicon


    Barb48, you're in luck! A new restaurant/jazz nightclub/bar just opened two weeks ago by the name of Bristo 41, just off the old downtown city square in McDonough, GA, not too far from Stockbridge. They nicely renovated an old turn-of-the-century building and set-up a great wine list. Some of the names involved with this venture carry some weight in the Atlanta culinary scene - it should be a very good choice. The phone number is (770) 320-8855. I'm not sure if there is a website yet but if I come across one I'll post it. I hope this helps....
  9. Thanks, skchai. That was a very nice compliment. ps I wish I was in Honolulu!
  10. Not a culinary use, but I've been told kudzu is the best cure for a hangover.
  11. Now that masterpiece lends a more sensuous way of looking at, not just gravlax, but all foods. The author, Melissa Goodman, also writes food articles and restaurant reviews for AtlantaCuisine.com -- Atlanta's newest and most prominent restaurant, food and wine website. Melissa has two more restaurant reviews to be published at AtlantaCuisine.com in the month of December. We're all proud of you GG!! Tom Maicon
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