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  1. There's a good one in NDG on Sherbrooke. Haven't been in a while, so best to check to see if it's still there: 6151 Sherbrooke St. West 487-1672
  2. I think - but do call and check - that Brasserie Brunoise tunes in their spanking new TVs to the game.
  3. Does this place currently have the seven beef special? I tried it years ago...
  4. What about the Spanish shop on St. Laurent just down from Vieille Europe? I'm not sure that they have them, but I wouldn't be surprised. They have lots of canned and jarred olives and capers in various forms. ←
  5. I second the cromesquis (a must!), plogue de champlain, and I'd also suggest the boudin/foie gras pizza. And for next year (when they're in season again) the fried zucchini blossoms are lovely.
  6. It's also at: Olive & Olives (514) 526-8989 1389 AVENUE LAURIER EST Don't remember the price, though... I imagine somewhere in Atwater Market would sell it, too, but wouldn't bet the farm on it.
  7. hmm, always a conundrum, but more and more are opening Mondays. Holder, L'Express, Continental, Cocagne (according to their website)... I'm sure there are a few downtown, too.
  8. Just to note, Chez Jose's fish soup is only on Fridays (possibly Saturdays, too). I used to have it regularly when I worked out of home, nearby. Sigh. I miss it.
  9. ...and I'm a fan of the undersung Keung Kee. Great beef hotpot.
  10. Great idea! What about breaking it down into regions? European, Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern...
  11. Uh, does sticky thread refer to those pinned topics at the top? I have to admit I kinda just blink right by them because they're basically not active. But I have found threads like the SAQ one useful because they keep floating to the top.
  12. re: the byob on Park, sorry for taking a while to get back about it. I've lost the card a friend gave me, but the same friend tells me it's Yukkai (sp?) and near Fairmount. She quite likes it, I've not yet been, but am curious. I suspect it's a good mid-end kind of joint...
  13. hm, don't know it, but I do know there's a byob sushi joint on park if that interests you. I think Asian restos are beginning to tune into the need...
  14. oh yeah, the retail here is just laughably marked up, and the service snotty. I trawled the shops with my espresso machine-expert buddy and was treated like an idiot at Mali. My solution was to order from whole latte love and get them to ship my beloved expobar (office, I think) and rancilio to a hotel I was going to be staying at in Chicago for a cousin's wedding. The duty I paid at the airport was minimal. Actually, the mark up is not laughable in the slightest. It's downright appalling and infuriating.
  15. Hi Kenk, sounds like you'd enjoy their macchiato more, an espresso topped with a smidge of milk and foam. They don't really do cappucinos there (by my def, anyway), but if you want a milky latte they're tops. also, because the foam is incorporated more evenly throughout the milk, you don't get that wizpers "iceberg" of foam on top. They're different beasts, is all. I kind of prefer to have a more thorough distribution and blending of milk and coffee. gives it a richer mouthfeel for longer. Also, let them know what you'd like! They'll be happy to accomodate anyone's wishes for more or less milk.
  16. Hi, sorry for the delay, been pretty busy the last few days. No great mystery to my source, I just emailed their info address and got a reply back from one of the owners who simply said "Years back in Belgium, they used horse tallow, now we use rendered beef fat." Broke my heart, it did. I'll ask if he ever used a horse fat blend...
  17. Speaking of horse fat, it turns out that Frites Alors uses only beef tallow for the fries, zut. I have yet to try their horse meat, cooked or tartare, but hope to soon.
  18. you go, ribo-joe. I was tickled and edified...
  19. In Quebec city, I would recommend Echaude, and do pop by JA Moisan. You can read a bit about a (misfortunate) visit to QC here Quebec City haunts
  20. Hmm, good point about the risotto. I think at one point they had two sizes (?).
  21. By and large, I'd load up on apps and forgo mains. I've never quite felt the twice as costly plates were twice as good or plentiful.
  22. Don't forget Ripples on St Laurent. And although Meu Meu has lovely flavour combos, I find their ice cream way too sweet.
  23. Hi all, Concerning the worrisome "seven-second shot" speak from the owner, I've heard through someone that apparently he was referring to something else. I certainly want to clear up any misconstruction on my part. Anyway, I'll soon be checking out the grub there, too.
  24. Don't know, but if you ask them via the reservations button on their site, I'm sure they'll be happy to tell you. www.brunoise.ca
  25. Hey, thanks for the post, Carswell. A coffee-geek pal of mine chatted up the owner who seemed to be saying all the right things (except for a distressing comment about the perfect "seven second shot", which is just bizarre). He got in hot-shot barristacrat Chris Deferio from Gimme Coffee to train the staff, apparently. Glad it's paying off.
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