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  1. Are all these places open for dinner? I am going to LA (El Segundo on business) in a little over a week and will only have dinner time free. Also looking for recommendations for good solo dining spots from taco stand to upscale.
  2. Strange that this place would be getting any love around here, and granted I haven't been in years, but I remember having several better than decent meals at Thiesmann's as well. ← I would skip Theismann's and walk down King Street to Vermilion.
  3. I have no idea where he get his stock, but click here.
  4. You made the correct choice. Galileo does not compare. Good luck on getting off the wait list. BTW, try the Begula Pasta.
  5. I do NOT have the private number and have had a party of 6 sit at 6pm with no problem. The only restriction was that I had to be out by 7:30p and it was my choice to accept or decline making the reservation. While I was there there was no effort to rush us out and we easily made it out in the required time.
  6. mdt


    All the way from Montgomery County? Come on, its not that far. Although I understand the disappointment.
  7. I am coming up to Philly this weekend (Dali on Friday morning) and have been trying to decide which BYOB to try on Friday night. After going through the posts here and elsewhere I have narrowed down my list to: Django (on the waitlist, so I want to have other options in mind) Chloe Matyson Pumpkin Any info on how hard it would be for a duece to get a table on Friday night? It has been a couple of years since I have been up Philly and am looking forward to it. I wonder how many cheesesteaks I can eat in a weekend?
  8. I will second the porcupine and if you like softshell crabs try the app if it is available. Simply put, it was the best one I have ever eaten.
  9. mdt

    2 Amy's

    According to Wine Searcher, the Wine Specialist at 2115 M St. NW has it for $13.99 a bottle. I need to get myself down there. They seem to have a lot of stuff I've been looking for. Jennifer ← I have seen it at Rick's in Alexandria.
  10. Well....what is the recipe?
  11. mdt


    I have a very fuzzy memory of seeing somewhere (in one of my mom's old cookbooks?) that there are actually two similar cakes, one is called Lord Baltimore and the other is Lady Baltimore. Anyone else ever heard of this? ← Yup. Big discussion on classic cakes can be found here.
  12. mdt


    The gnocchi are not on the cafe menu, but you can order them off of the tasting menu. These are probably the best (or close to it) gnocchi that I have had outside of Italy. It is probably becuase Chef Ruta has roots from the same region of Italy as my Mom. I recently had the German Chocolate Cake for dessert that was wonderful. It comes with a side of coconut ice cream that is wonderful. I also tried a couple of bites of the lime tart that is simply divine.
  13. I guess this Dutch product is just a figment of their imagination. Why must some people that deal with customers on a daily basis act this way?
  14. Here is some info... Everona Dairy 23246 Clarks Mountain Road Rapidan, VA 22733 (540) 854 - 4159 Story here... Firefly Farms is possibly worth a trip.
  15. I am looking forward to the NASCAR type chef jackets covered with sponsor's logo patches!
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