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  1. Greetings. I translated a recipe from a french cookbook ("Pate's et Terrines en 10 Lecons"), forgive the missing diacriticals... I elected to make a Ce'pe terrine using blue oyster and shiitake mushrooms. The result was tasty but was too moist to maintain its shape when unmolded (it said to serve warm). The basis of the recipe is to finely chop onion, stems etc along with pork and fat. Then cook, then mix with milk moistened bread crumbs. Let cool, add one egg and layer with the caps. My question: Why was it so moist? Do ce'pes have less moisture? Did I overwet the crumbs? Did it need another egg?
  2. I thought I would capture some video to show one of my friends how I prepare various dishes. (not absent minded cooking)
  3. Any suggestions for a robust over-the-stove camera? Has to take the heat and keep on ticking! Wireless and preferably without bugs or viruses...
  4. OK, I found a new one on ebay. I bought it. Thanks everyone for your valued advice.
  5. The bowl part number is DLC-865AGTX. I know about the Japanese motors which is why I always defend the machine from suggestions that I replace it.
  6. Oh they've done it again. I have a an olde DLC-8F that does the right thing at the right time. But the bowl has broken at one of the two locking tabs. So, I've been looking at a replacement. As eG readers know, the new plastic of the hour is Tritan. So, a new bowl and lid will be $93 including shipping. Maybe now's the time to upgrade? What would you choose? Upgrade or update? Appreciative thanks for your consideration.
  7. Just the housing. They somehow put a hole in it, how I do not know.
  8. Yes, the tenants managed to put a hole in my DLC-8P motor base (how, I do not know). Any suggestions for a compatible replacement? Looking on epay, I see items like DLC-8 Plus along with other models like DLC-8F. What are the differences in the various builds? Thanks!
  9. Well, the upshot of this is currently the following: It will cost $50-60 to resurface the board. Question is: is it worth it? And the marble shop acknowledged that they call it a "cutting board" even though you shouldn't cut on it.
  10. Sigh. We rented out our house and I quickly discovered that the tenants used a knife on my pastry board and it is cut all over. I hope I can use some sort of polishing agent to grind down the surface. Any suggestions? As a postscript, I guess I have to warn future house occupants that marble is a soft stone and ruins the knife as well. Sigh.
  11. Having recently returned from a vacation to Greece, I was really taken with one bakery in Naoussa on Paros. They had a flat bread with either olives or feta that was so good. Does anyone have any references on Greek baking?
  12. OK, so I was wrong. Jeremy and Jane are still in there. The more this goes on, the more I think none of them deserve to win anything. - Grant and Laura: Why can't he cook up to the lever of his historical meal? That was really good cooking. I liked his idea of a seafood starter. But how can they emphasize the Scottish aspect of their cooking (deep fried Glaswegian Mars bars excluded)? - The twins: I haven't seen anything come out of that kitchen that looks exciting. What about those fishcakes? But they know how to run a restaurant and seem to understand how to provide for the customer. - Jeremy and Jane: He couldn't make a hollandaise? Their 8 course menu is being ignored, so why don't they retarget? I still think their marriage wouldn't survive ("Is your relationship strong enough") I'll bet Raymond isn't going to do this again. I'm really curious to see his personal inspection next week.
  13. We're loyal fans --- watching every week. I can't believe they kept the obnoxious Jacqui (we're Yanks to boot) to do the "fried" episode. I'm convinced Sam was a victim of Jacqui's ambition. It's clear that Jeremy and Jane are next to go. Jane isn't cut out for it. Pure and simple. And Jeremy is a little on the strange side. And I'm not sure about Lloyd --- he's a nice guy it seems but out of his depth. Aduowa is great. But I think they have the best concept. I mean, a Ghanian restuarant? How unique is that? Not sure about Grant/Laura or the girls. What's unique here?
  14. So, does this book have bad translations? Why is it priced so low? The reviews on Amazon make it seem unsuitable for the practiced amateur... What's the prevailing opinion?
  15. Seek out a shop that sells Mediterra Bakehouse bagels. Nick uses a water-bagel recipes/production style. They're not exactly up there with the best of NYC, but they're close, especially when you can get them warm. We sell them retail, but you can get them - and a ton of great breads - at their shop off of Parkway West. ← Well, according to the website, Ruggieri's in Sq. Hill sells Mediterra bread. So that's a possiblity. If only Allegro Bakery would get into the act, we'd be all set.
  16. Let me add a note about my local producer, Parma Sausage: Parma Sausage Local to the 'burgh, they cure their own Prosciutto, pancetta, etc. Lately they have added some others "rustico" (with garlic) and others. I find their prosciutto not as salty as most american producers. Of course, it does have exponential decay, but fresh off the knife... (ah).
  17. Let me add a vote for MORA. Many years ago, I bought all my UNstainless carbon steel knives at MORA. They couldn't have been nicer and more friendly. And when I showed them the article from the Times, they were all smiles. I hope to return this year and hope they still have those knives.
  18. OK, having just returned from Europe --- We had a fab meal where the dishes were served on plates that had a rectangular depression just for sauces (and gelatins!). Any idea where I can find such a thing in the states? I do recall the name "Grafitti" and the manufacturer was Japanese but that's all I recall. Any links to interesting dishes and bowls are very welcome indeed.
  19. Well, you can get some of these things in Bloomfield, but the strip is the real source for most things food in the 'burgh. If you want jewish, then Squirrel Hill is where you want to be. But don't think you'll find decent bagels anywhere.
  20. r.e. O closing. Notice that the article is 2 years old already. And the O is still open. Don't know what's up but it's still there.
  21. I am just back from Geneva --- I visited FNAC and was crushed by the prices ... And was wondering why. This thread has been very useful, however, I would like to point out there are contradictions galore in the market. The publisher ("editeur") Albin Michel is/was fairly low priced. I bought a copy of Bernard Loiseau's "Mes recettes de terroit" for 21 Euros. I also bought a copy of Alain Dutournier's "Ma Cuisine" for about the same price (139 FF, when they existed). Both of these are in paperback. I disagree also, with the comment about paper and bindings. I found several expensive books with flimsy bindings and moderately coated paper. However, I guess the summary of the respondents here is to "suck it up" and just pay. Sigh.
  22. Having just returned from a trip to FNAC, what I would like to know is why the cookbooks by the *** chefs are so darned expensive! It seemed to me that they were at least $80 each (and that doesn't include the massive tomes by Ducasse and others). So what's the deal here?
  23. I really really like this book. It's better than fancy book in my opinion --- dishes are simpler and aren't as complex. I don't cook out of it enough.
  24. Greenfield is past Sq. Hill. Foodwise, it's absolutely nowhere. But very cheap and reasonable for housing. Hell, if you want food, live in Bloomfield (Little tiny Italy) and go to the strip. Or live in the strip!
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