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  1. This show is terrific. I wish that FN would repeat the episodes...it's a shame that it seems like it's a low priority. After watching the latest show, we decided that I had to try making the Guinness Beef Pie. It is perfect for a cold evening when you crave something hot, hearty, and tasty. My only variation was to add a touch more garlic and omit the peas poured over it at the end. It did make quite a bit of food so next time I either need to have company over or half the recipe.
  2. Holiday dinners are perfect for homemade ice cream. For Thanksgiving I made a cranberry apple crisps served with Vanilla Ice Cream and warm caramel sauce. I also made a batch of the Cranberry-Orange Sorbet which was delicious. For Christmas dinner, I tried the Eggnog Ice Cream, which was very good. My family loved it, although personally, I'd make it with less alcohol next time.
  3. This week I wanted to make pumpkin ice cream which David doesn't have in his book so I tried one that came with the machine. It was not very good--very mushy and the flavor wasn't right. David if you have a good recipe for pumpkin ice cream please post it on your blog. Thank you again for an amazing book!
  4. I think I'm hooked! My husband loves Peanut Butter cups so here is David's Peanut Butter Ice cream with chopped up peanut butter cups in it. This was fabulous!
  5. This thread inspired me to buy a ice cream machine and David's book this week and I am so happy with the results! This was my first attempt making ice cream and honestly, it was so good, that I question whether I'll buy store-bought ice cream again. I purchased the Cuisinart Ice-30 and decided to try the Chocolate and the Malted Milk Ball ice creams. Both were very rich and creamy and had unbelievably intense flavor. I can't wait to try more of the recipes in this book. Here's a quick snapshot taken after each had a full night in the freezer:
  6. Deborah, what would you say about Janos? Is it worth it? ← We ate at J Bar and the food was fabulous! We opted for the more casual dining since we had our young children with us. Honestly, I think it was the best meal that we had on our trip. Everything was well prepared and the service was good. I would absolutely go again. We also had dinner at Mi Nidito which was also good(not great but good). We tried El Meson del Cobre which was good although none of us cared for the shrimp appetizer we ordered. There was another Mexican food place that my sister wanted us to go to (past the Foothills Mall) and for the life of me I can't recall name which is not surprising since the food was only a step above frozen food. We made a few other stops which were mostly for nostalgia purposes (Eegees, Austins Ice Cream Parlor which sadly is no longer in it's original spot, and a trip to Pinacle Peak so my son could get his tie cut off). It was a great trip. We really enjoyed our stay at La Paloma and had a few decent meals and one great one. Thanks again for the suggestions.
  7. Yes that was still while my parents owned the place. I worked less at that time as I was in graduate school. Thank you so much for the recommendations. I'm looking forward to our trip.
  8. Thanks. Perhaps I waited on you (if you ate there 1991 or earlier)! My parents were Bob and Mary...the restaurant has changed hands a few times since my Dad passed. Roberts was always our biggest competitor. Thank you so much for the suggestions on places to eat as I am sure many things have changed since I have been there so I appreciate it.
  9. I grew up in Tucson but when I was younger my pockets were smaller and my taste buds accepted a lot less if it meant more money to go out with friends. Well I am much older and my palate has changed considerably and after not being in Tucson for over 15 years I am hoping for some good recommendations on where to go now. For those in the area my parents opened and ran Bobo's Restaurant until my Dad died and we had to sell the restaurant. I worked there from 7th grade until graduate school--so you might even remember me if you ever went there. Funny I saw a review that had a picture of someone eating my Mom's creation of the Flying Saucer and it was a bit bittersweet. Sad because my Mom created it but also amazing that years after my parents sold the restaurant it still continues to be thrive. But I digress... We are staying at La Paloma so we plan on eating at Janos one night. Any good recommendations for Mexican and/or steak houses? Thanks! I appreciate the help.
  10. Check Squires in the UK they have both a sqaure and round version which looks like it would be well worth the money if you made lot's of mini cakes. Here's the link to the square style http://www.squires-shop.com/cgi-bin/TLSsto...atalogno=B02805 HTH!
  11. Try Gold Highlighter Dust (not luster dusts which while shiny have more of a matte finish). The Gold Highlighter is supposed to have a very shiny metallic look to it. Sugarcraft, Earlenes, and most cake chops will carry it. Here's a link to it on Global Sugar Art Click Here This place shows you how they look Click here
  12. Wow! Thanks for this amazing demo! Someday I will try making ones of these cakes...someday.
  13. Check your local library for a copy of Martha Stewarts video on Cake Decorating--Ann Warren, the owner of Cupcake Cafe, appeared and did a demo on making her style of flowers(they are piped directly on the cake). HTH!
  14. If I lived in the area I'd be there in a heartbeat. Thanks for posting the information and I'm looking forward to seeing your photographs!
  15. Yea, what Anne said! Just wanted to add that not all black coloring is created the same. Americolor's Super Black is fabulous! Good black color and doesn't require a ton of coloring either(compared to other brands). I can get a pure black with it but you do need to use more. So, instead I usually start with brown and then add black to it. It will darken over night too.
  16. Thank you everyone for posting your findings! I am so excited to try these recipes! I just need an excuse to make a cake!
  17. Yeah, that's where I got mine.....I haven't purchased any new silicone molds in a long time.....where do you get them now? ← Well now that Rosemary is gone there is a huge void in the market. The closest in quality is NY Miami Sweets aka Sunflower Arts and crafts at http://sunflowersugararts.com (although note some people have had difficulties ordering from them in the past I hear they have gotten better) You can buy some of their items also at http://www.beryls.com Their double sided veiners and presses for leaves and flowers(I have several of them) are really nice! Good quality and good detail. Their decorative molds are nice too. I have not yet ordered any of their lace molds. Then there are the blue silicone molds from CK. Another option for those who don't want to spend a ton on silicone molds is the foam press molds from Elegant Lace Impression in Oregon. http://www.elegantlacemolds.com I have quite a few of her lace wraps and collections molds. They work pretty well. I still love Rosemary's stuff the best. Thanks again Anne for all of your help!
  18. I just wanted to add thanks for the brillant tip about the embossing wheel at Seattle Pottery Supply. Guess I need to make a trip there sometime to pick one up! Oh and I love the silicone molds you used--sigh I wish Rosemary Watson had not closed Sugar Bouquets. Again beautiful, amazing, incredible work. Thank you for sharing!
  19. This is one of the many reasons why you are my idol! Thank you so much for your willingness to share your techniques, tips, photo's, and all the time to type up this amazing step by step process of this unbelievably amazing cake!. You are the best! The details on your creations always blow me away. Wow!
  20. Thank you so much! I can't wait to experiment! That recipe looks great! I really appreciate the time everyone took to post these recipes!
  21. Thanks Janet and Lexy! That filling sounds divine! If anyone has that Nigella Lawson book could you please post or PM me the recipe? I am so excited to see that there are recipes for this!
  22. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Katie! I really appreciate it! I would love to see the other recipe too. That is funny that your Mom loves malted milk balls and spells her name the same. Please do post the other recipe when you have a moment I really want to try this soon.
  23. Deborah

    beehive cake

    If you do a Google image search of ""beehive cake" you will get several photo's for ideas. You could make the bees from fondant and attach them to wire so they appear to be flying over the cake.
  24. Three Musketeers Souflee??? Sorry I must have missed that one. This is a genuine request.
  25. Yes, I love malted milk balls. It was one of my favorite things as a child and even now as an adult. But I was thinking how great it would be to have a cake that tastes like a malted milk ball(although less sweet). Has anyone made one? Any ideas or suggestions? I figured if there was a good recipe out there this would be the place to ask! Thanks! I appreciate it! Help me satisfy my cravings!
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