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  1. There's an article in the N&O today about LocoPops. Here's the link: LocoPops Article
  2. Our guide did say that we are going to stop at a local deli/store to get a picnic at a winery. But that's great advice. Thanks.
  3. There are some foods out there where I just need my diet pepsi or a soft drink. Those usually are pizza, hot dogs, cheeseburgers. That's usually when I don't want a beer. But I don't think that if I went to a restaurant, I would order one of the speciality sodas. Like Sencha stated, I don't want something too sweet with my meal. I opt for unsweet tea or water.
  4. I just want to thank everyone for their great advice. I'm counting down the days until our trip.
  5. I'd love to go to any place that has amazing chocolate pudding. We are going on a tour with Dan Dolen. He was recommended by our B&B (Grapeleaf Inn). He gave me a link to www.wineroad.com and said that we would go to places there and he gave me a list of possible wineries to go to. That list is currently buried under a mound of paperwork under my desk. But the one winery that I remember is Roshambo. I am open to any suggestions too. When I ask my friends, they tend to offer suggestions for big wineries, rather than smaller ones.
  6. Just growing up with great food in the house. My dad loves to cook and would cook wonderful things from Gourmet magazine or things that he saw on The Frugal Gourmet. My grandmother lived with us and cook the most fantastic chinese food. Family friends of our were foodies too and my parents and the Halls would invited each other over and try to out do one another. It was a wonderful childhood.
  7. Willi's looks perfect, except they are closed on Tuesday night, which is when we are coming up. Should I make a reservation for Zin? Cyrus looks great, but we've already made reservations for Gary Danko in SF, and can only go to one high dollar restaurant during this trip.
  8. My husband and I are spending a night in Sonoma (Healdsburg) during our trip out to SF. We will be spending the day tasting and touring. We've never spent the whole day tasting before and I'm just wondering where we should eat when we are done. I can't imagine that we would want to eat something heavy for dinner. Thought? Thanks.
  9. I hardly venture out to Cary, but if you find out please post it. I'm really dissapointed by the chinese in this area.
  10. Is there a diet berries and cream version too? I love the diet cherry vanilla d.p. and look forward to this new flavor.
  11. Another decent N. Raleigh place for pizza is a new place called Dominic's. Both my husband and our neighbor (former NJers) say it's the closest thing they've found here for NY pizza. Dominic's is located in Poyner Place, behind Triangle Town Center.
  12. Just went last night and was extremely pleased by the selection. I had heard rumors that this was an upscale El Rodeo, so I wasn't really sure what to expect. I thought the atmosphere was great, almost a little too trendy for North Raleigh. My friend and I waited an hour for the rest of our party to come. While waiting, I had the most delicious Mojito. The waiter (who was extemely knowledgeable and helpful) brought us little dishes complements of the chef. I am sad to say that I don't remember what they were called, but one was a littleneck clam with cilantro aioli that was topped with poprocks (which were "fun for the mouth") I had the Pechuga de Pollo Rellena with huitlacoche. That was fantastic. I really hard a hard time selecting what I wanted to eat, but I had always wanted to try huitlacoche (mexican truffle). I highly recommend this restaurant.
  13. I'll have to try Ma Ma Wok next then. Thanks!
  14. Rocco was at the CIA the night before the graduation ceremonies. The culinary competition took place the afternoon before the ceremonies and the evening before he toured the restaurants. Therefore if he was to meet JC that Thursday evening, he was actually at the CIA.
  15. I had DH take me to Peking Garden for mother's day b/c I think it's the best Chinese in North Raleigh. I was extremely dissapointed to see that they no longer had a traditional chinese menu anymore. In their defense I didn't ask and tried to pick some of their chef's specials that had some of the selection from the traditional menu. Where am I going to go for good chinese? I saw your list for the Triangle Dinner group, but I've only been to China One for good Dim Sum. Is there anything closer to North Raleigh? I've heard people talk about 5 Star downtown, but the same people also like the local crap take out. Thanks!
  16. I disagree here. These students were there testing to get a job at his restaurant. His question wasn't about ego, it was a test to see if the students had bothered to do any homework about the guy they were interviewing with. Famous story about an engineer who didn't get a job with IBM because the interviewer asked what IBM stood for and the applicant didn't know. As a relative of one of the CIA students that was shown last night, this was not an interview to get a job at one of Rocco's restaurants. It was a culinary competition among the top students put on by Rocco's PR for the show. The winner had to work at work on the restaurants. In order to participate in the competition you had to agree that if Rocco selected you that you would work in Rocco's restaurant for a very short period of time (about two weeks, I believe). Edited to add: Rumor among those whose competed that everyone wanted to come in second place.
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    LOL. A McCafe is around the corner from where I live. I don't eat there so I don't know how business is. Nothing like chugging down a frothy coffee blend after a greasy Big Mac.
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