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  1. I just came here after a long absence. Does anybody use allspice in their burgers?
  2. The Chuckwagon was my favorite restaurant in my teen years. Could go through 3 or 4 big plateloads without trying. The mac salad was quite good, not sweet like they make it these days. In the late 50s the tab was about $5 (36.00 in 2008 dollars). Top's was another fav. For years my signature lunch was a grilled burger and a chocolate shake.
  3. Whatever happened to the Evergreen? My parents used to take me there back in the 50's. I think that it was on Kapiolani, but am not sure.
  4. A glass of fresh fruit juice washing down a NoDoz tablet should work just as well.
  5. Another Cocoa Krispies fan, except that I usually put it at the bottom of the basket so people won't see it. Sugar Jets. My all-time favorite was Kellogg's Krumbles. When they stopped distributing it in Hawaii, I had my mainland relatives ship it to me until '73, when it was made no more.
  6. Poor Tony...he should've taken the clue when cooks Tim, Rory and Diana ditched the place last season. A guy who won't pay his people is capable of most any perfidy.
  7. Doesn't seem to be scheduled in the San Francisco Bay area at all. It's dead, Jim.
  8. Had lunch at the Crouching Lion last Wednesday after a five year hiatus. They must be cutting corners for some reason, even with all the tourist traffic they get. The teriyaki steak was gristly and fatty and the place needs a coat of paint. The mac nut cream pie was OK though.
  9. Does the name John Wayne Gacy mean anything to you?
  10. Ah, but things are different now. Google on over to "San Francisco Bay Area Hawaiian Food" and you will see what we have.
  11. Tonight I had the loco moco platelunch at "Da Kitchen", a four-month-old establishment in Mountain View, California. The very large portion of loco was sufficient unto itself, the two scoops rice and one scoop salad were culinary overload. The hamburger had a decided bacon flavor and the thick gravy was loaded with onions. The salad was just macaroni and some kind of tasteless white dressing holding it together. Wouldn't have hurt to have some tuna or green pepper in it. All in all worth $8.95. Still have that full feeling 5 hours later.
  12. The kitchen seems to be rather quiet compared to last season... maybe the food is being catered? Liked the bit about salting the pasta water, salt has gotten such a bad rap lately.
  13. What did Chef Tony do to Rocco to deserve such humiliating treatment? Petulant, egotistic, juvenile, abusive. That's our Rocco.
  14. Did anyone see Marian Burros' review of Union Pacific in the 2/11 Times? She gave it 2 stars. Methinks Rocco's attention is elsewhere these days.
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