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  1. I have enameled cast iron and find they work well. easy to clean, holds heat, good sear marks! I like them better than stainless ones I have had in the past
  2. Anyone hear anything on the rebuild status? A friend that works at b&n told me that bourdain is coming to town sept 20th promoting his new book.
  3. pkenna

    Before the Feast

    I've always liked hollowing out cherry tomatos, stuffing them with either blue cheese or feta, and then dribbling some balsamic vin on them. Or, perhaps a good cured meat and cheese plate. quick, easy, and delicious.
  4. I would definatly consider brining the turkey. esp. if you have limited experience with roasting birds, it is much more forgiving. I would also probably go for the traditional turkey, as you seem to have so many wonderful sounding sides it would be a nice counterpoint. as for cooking the bird, I tend to favor an unstuffed bird, started in a smoking hot oven(500) or so for 30 min, and then lowered to 350 till done with some foil covering the breast for the last part to help keep the white meat from drying out. I got this from the show good eats and it hasn't let me down yet... and it doesn't take that long to cook.
  5. I once caught the oil in a saute pan on fire. It happened really quickly. fortunately I was heating up a stockpot full of water for noodles on the next burner, so I just dropped the larger pot lid on the pan to smother the flames. Now I keep a large lid on the pot rack, near the stove just in case..... It definately taught me to kkeep an eye on things while I'm cooking. .....and that magic eraser will take soot/light burn marks off of white painted cabinets...
  6. Something like the illustrious haunted_chef's? It looks very cool.....
  7. I sprinkle a little over hollowed out cherry tomatos stuffed w/blue cheese and a little opal basil on top... feta cheese also works. It is delicious atop sliced buffalo mozzerella and tomatos... A small splash over homemade vanilla ice cream and berriesis a joy... A wee bit sprinkled over scrambled eggs adds a wonderful layer of flavor. -pk
  8. I've been to the ones on west gray, shepherd, Fairview, and Baby Barnaby's Fairview is my favorite for lunch/dinner everything tastes fresher and delicious. Baby B's next door is my favorite for breakfast... West Gray is consistant and really good, but not quite as good as the original location. The Shepherd location is the weakest link in the chain... the menu is the same but the taste is just kinda ehhh... mediocre. The atmosphere seems a little off as well. -pk edit to add: I've been dissappointed in the fries recently as well... The old ones were perfect...these current ones are like shoe strings
  9. Six seems like the most comfortable number for me from a cooking/serving viewpoint, 8 doesn't change things too much.......however, my table only seats 4 comfortably (gotta love apt living) so I often end up with too few people or I have to rearrange major furniture....
  10. I have to agree with fifi...Definitely do some cornbread.....salad w/red onions....maybe some avocado too.... -pk
  11. I third (4th/5th?) the European butter. It's my favorite brand at the moment. This is the 1st Ive heard of the blood orange soda....now I must have it!! looks like an extra stop on the way home is going to be necessary.....
  12. mmmmm.... hot sauce..... I have to agree with the typical staples: Cholula, frank's, texas pete, molinda, tapatio, tabasco... My girlfriends father turned me onto a new line about a year ago.... from http://www.halfmoonbaytrading.com/ The Iguana XXX Habanero Pepper Sauce is delicious.... -pk
  13. All of this is making me drool over the thought of soup...... My current favorite is a butternut squash soup with diced up duck breast. It has a creamy, almost chowder-like consistancy. Great for pretending it is cold in houston -parker
  14. pkenna

    Bland pot roast

    2nd vote for onions and garlic. Lots of lovely, delectible garlic. you might try a splash of cognac as well. -parker
  15. Some lighting options (some of these, you can adapt and get power/run wires through the wall instead of the ceiling) -parker
  16. Looks like a good layout for the space. Make sure that you have enough room to the right of the sink to move freely when you are washing dishes and the dishwasher door is open. I second adding some large drawers for pots, dry goods, tupperware, etc... they are helpful let you use the whole space with less back/knee strain. it will add to your cab cost though. Something else to consider, I had the idea when I get my own home, (renting sucks, esp. when reading these renovation threads) to add a strip of power outlets along the base of the upper cabs with a power recepticle every 9" or so. Make sure you add sufficient wiring/breakers for all appliances. Keep in mind, I may just be bitter about power right now, My current apt has 1 outlet in the kitchen and I can only run the oven, 2 stove burners and 1 other appliance (another burner, blender,micro,toasteroven) before tripping the breaker. Everything looks great, congrats on your shiney new place!!! -parker
  17. okay, this is closer to how it is now....... and assumes you can shorten the stairwell wall slightly...... raised area hides dishes/mess from guests sink works well with right/left hand (some don't like corner sinks tho') http://photos.yahoo.com/pkenna misc folder -parker
  18. Let me think for a moment........... to the left of the stairs, in the upper left hand corner, is that a doorway to another room or a wall? -parker
  19. or, go here.... http://photos.yahoo.com/pkenna look in the misc folder -parker
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