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  1. Trang's Dan Dan Mein is the Vietnamese version. ← With respect,Trang describes her recipe as a '...Szechwan wheat noodle and ground pork specialty....'
  2. Corinne Trang in Essentials of Asian Cooking p.232 attributes 'dan dan' to the noise made by the earliest street vendors as they made their way through crowded streets - plates and baskets clanging against one another. Trang's Dan Dan Mein is a recipe for Wheat Noodles with Pork-and-Cabbage Sauce served hot.
  3. waldorf

    Leg of Lamb

    I barbeque a mock gyro - combining a 5 pound butterflied leg of lamb with a 2 pound tenderized beef round steak - both seasoned with a combination of thyme, salt, pepper, coriander and placed in a marinade (oil, lemon juice, garlic, onion) overnight . Place the beef on top of the flesh side of the lamb - roll it up - tie - place on a rotisserie - roast for 21/2 hours or so. Serve in pita bread. top with tomatoes, parsley, yogurt etc.
  4. waldorf

    Savory Tarts

    Sounds delicious. Do you have a recipe to share?
  5. I am keen to attend a reception for Bourdain. Let us know asap so that we can book accommodation.... (planning to drive from Kingston).
  6. LA MERENDA - an institution - a great choice - recently returned from a 5-week vacation in Nice and environs. Excellent food - an easy to navigate wine list - red or white! On our first visit, I shoved a reservation request under the door in the late morning - early afternoon - for the second evening seating... later in the day, I dropped by La Merenda in the hope that I was able to secure a reservation - Did indeed. The stuffed sardines are great - so too is the Daube ... actually everything. We had to make additional reservations to sample the menue. Enjoy
  7. I too recommend Baking with Julia and Beard on Bread - and add the excellent Amy's Bread by Amy Scherber and Toy Dupree
  8. see Norman Van Aken New World Kitchen p.227 Should you require more info, pm me
  9. I echo the recommendations for La Merenda. My spouse and I spent five weeks in and around Nice - frequently returning to La Merenda - excellent food - eccentric service - great location - an always interesting clientel. There are two sittings in this small restaurant - 7:00 and 9:00. Should you be in the neighbourhood and find them closed - shove a note under the doorrequesting a reservation - it worked for me! Don't miss the stuffed sardines, the pasta pistou, and the daube. Forget wine pretensions - should you enquire you will be given two choices red and white! (both good local selections) Enjoy While in Nice, you might want to visit Menton to the East and just over the Italian border - Ventimigllia (especially on a Friday for a great open-air market) - quite different from Nice. Don't be reluctant to use the trains - they are cheap, efficient and frequent.
  10. I suggest the following Big Bowl Noodles and Rice: Fresh Asian Cooking from the Renowned Restaurant by Bruce Cost, Zeva Oelbaum, Matt McMillin - an engaging book, easy to use, delicious recipes. Hot Sour Salty Sweet: A Culinary Journey Through Southeast Asia by Jeffrey Alford, Naomi Duguid. Good for the mind, soul and stomach! Essentials of Asian Cuisine Corinne Trang. Authoritative and informative. Rich in detail and recipes.
  11. waldorf

    Green Bean Recipes

    I too look forward to garden fresh green beans... prepared in any fashion.... Recently, I tried Paula Wolferts Melt-in-Your Mouth Green Beans with Turkish Pepper (p.53 Slow Med Kitchen). The recipe is similar to others posted here... with one significant difference - 5-7 hours in a slow cooker with an overnight rest to mellow the flavours. Wow!
  12. Samhill - The rundown on the Sanelli Japanese knife... Great... If you were to nose around professional kitchens you will find lots of Sanelli knives... hard to miss given their attractive red and green handles... Very comfortable with a great feel... gives one lots of confidence. Without a doubt they are a terrific value... If you were to google Sanelli, I am confident that you will find the 7" Japanese knife for less than 35 dollars... a great price for an Italian-made product of this quality... . Don't forget to check out local restaurant supply stores.
  13. You might wish to consider Sanelli... An Italian company, their Premana Professional Line has a wide variety of knives... I especially like their Curved boning knife.. and Japanese knife The handles fit well and are very comfortable... the blades keep a sharp edge I believe that this link will work www.sagetra.com
  14. At this point of time, I have an especial fondness for... Junior Charity League of Monroe. the COTTON COUNTRY Collection. 1972. Biba Caggiono.Trattoria Cooking. Macmillan,1992. Judy Rodgers. The Zuni Cafe Cookbook.Norton,2002. Lynne Rossetto Kasper. The Splendid Table.William Morrow, 1992.
  15. Without a doubt... Kronenbourg 1664
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