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  1. On 12/19/2018 at 9:11 AM, blue_dolphin said:

    Back in this post, I mentioned the Pixar short, "Bao," that was released along with Incredibles 2

    Pixar has released the full 7 minute short on YouTube for free for a limited time.


    (I edited out the YouTube link)

    Do take a look if you have a moment.  The animation of the food is amazing!




    Bao has been nominated for the Best Animated Short Film award by the Academy. 

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  2. 3 hours ago, haresfur said:


    Yeah, I don't know where my coffee man came up with it. You use the mineral water to dilute the coffee concentrate.

    Sort of like a homemade version of nitro brew maybe? 

  3. Here’s a Kitchen Arts and Letters post on the fall releases they find notable: Fall 2018 Notable Cookbooks


    A quote


    The books are here because we know the author’s work, or because we’ve sensed the excitement building among our customers, or because they’re addressing an unmet need of long standing. They’re not here because publishers are paying us placement fees to showcase them prominently, which is what happens at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


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  4. Here’s a link to a recent newspaper article about a craft brewery in Dildo Brewery in Dildo Dodges Racy Beer Names - for the most part


    And a quote from from the story:


    He said the town’s name is sometimes met with incredulity: recently, he said an equipment shipment to the brewery was held up in U.S. customs for nine days after there was some confusion over the name of its destination.

    In his childhood years, Rodrigues said he and his friends had to lie about where they were from while signing up for a national fundraising event over the phone because they would get hung up on when they told the truth.


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  5. 1 hour ago, ElsieD said:

    Can someone tell me if the recipes in "Tartine Bread" all require sourdough starter?  Thank you.

     I think so. This description might help: 


    Chad Robertson (co-owner, with his wife, Elisabeth Prueitt, of San Francisco's Tartine, Bar Tartine) brings his master Tartine Bread technique to those who may not have the chance to try the famed Bay Area loaves hot out of the oven. This "baker's guidebook" is divided into four parts: Basic Country Bread; Semolina and Whole-Wheat Breads; Baguettes and Enriched Breads; and Day-Old Bread. Robertson's basic recipe is explained in depth with numbered steps, and consists of making a natural leaven and baking in a cast-iron cooker. The author's passionate tone and tales of baking apprenticeships, along with top-notch step-by-step photos, elevate the title from mere manual to enjoyable read. The later sections include variations on the basic recipe; bread-to-use recipes for sandwiches; bruschetta; and salads and entrees made with croutons and breadcrumbs. The sophisticated and clean design, exceptional photos, and padded cover give the book a luxurious feel. (Nov.) 


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  6. 1 hour ago, Cronker said:

    If you come to Australia, there is a local cook in SA called Maggie Beer who never stops shilling the damned stuff.  According to her, every single recipe in existence needs verjus.


    That is exactly where I first heard of verjus - from Maggie Beer in SA.  I have yet to try a recipe with verjus. 

  7. 7 hours ago, CantCookStillTry said:



    Modern art? Tar pit?

    Not quite. The desperate attempt of a time poor mum, whose only child starts school for the first time on Monday, and who stupidly joined a group called 'lunchbox mums' on Fb? You got it. 


    So I spent every spare second at work ( all 5) Googling 'easy freezable lunchbox'. Baking is not my thing, hate it, I am no alchemist :/. But I will try. 


    Any one have any ideas, please share. 




    Cheese & Vegemite Scrolls. 




    I tried... but it certainly won't meet the lunch box mums standard! 

    Looks fine to me.  I'm with @Allura, you don't need a group judging your lunchboxes.  I don't have any ideas to offer (no kids) but I'm pretty sure there were a number of discussions about kids lunches around here.  I'll add a link if I can find one.  

  8. 17 minutes ago, Okanagancook said:

    We have butcher block on some counters and so do friends of ours who used the same designer.  We both used a product that is combination of bees wax and food grade oil.  We rubbed it down every day almost until the wood turned a much darker colour.  It is well sealed but still requires attention on a regular basis.



    Clapham's?  I use it on my soapstone counter and my wooden bowls.  Great stuff.  

  9. 1) What is your favourite restaurant (apart from your own)


          Nook, a little Italian restaurant a few blocks from where I live.


    2) What is your most important ingredient in the kitchen, and why?


         I’m with @liuzhou – my mood. 


    3) What tool is most important in your kitchen, and why?


           Knives, as they are the most used.


    4) Which restaurant, anywhere, is your dream destination to dine?


          St John Bread & Wine, London  (this could and does change from day to day but this is today’s dream).


    5) What trend do you see becoming popular in restaurants in the next year?


           I don’t know.


    6) What trend would you most like to see go away?


         Food served in large bowls designed so that inevitably the cutlery slides down and has to be constantly fished out.


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  10. 37 minutes ago, dcarch said:

    It's not a very good idea to do renovation around this time of the year.


    Religious holidays, Thanksgiving, New year, football, ------------------------

    Everyone else wants his/hers renovation done before the holidays -----------------------

    Businesses need to use up their budgets near the end of the year, tax write offs -------------------

    Snow storms can delay your job ------ There was one recent year in NY area, snow storms ever other week.






    He started 3 months ago!

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