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  1. Exactly! This is an animal of another species.
  2. Which ever one you choose. Please make sure it has YEAST (this a very important part of the flavor and texture development), FRESH GROUND CINNAMON, Grated potato for a light texture and a TOUCH of LEMON ZEST, ALL are used in real ITALIAN Zepploes. If you email me I'll give my grandma's recipe.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong (Not as if you have tell an EGS member, cause we will) most pork in this ountry is "Eradiated!"
  4. Would be more then "great" if you posted it!
  5. Red Lobsters ...have disappeared from Quebec... ← yeah--does anyone know what that is about? is it a icensing or franchising thing? Red Lobster used to be my (embarassing) guilty pleasure. Also, there's no KFCs in downtown Montreal anymore--the two closest are decarie and papineau--only in the suburbs. (?!) ← If I'm correct I started this whole thread over RL's Cheddar biscuits. Still love'em one gastric bypass later, and 100lb's in the hole!
  6. BTW, this is so much better then that "Sous vide" thread! FORGIVE ME ALL!
  7. Checkers Spicy Chicken 2 for $3.00, and I'm useless the rest of the day!
  8. One of my husbands favorites is a Raspberry Merlot Chicken. You just brown chicken with shallots and garlic (pounding chicken first makes it more tender) This time of year Raspberries are untouchable, but for this the frozen ones work just fine. Deglaze the pan with a nice Merlot wine, add raspberries, s+p, and some fresh thyme-let this mixture reduce by atleast 50% Then replace chicken in skillet- serve as is or over a nice bed of fresh raw spinach or field greens. The sauce would serve as a warm dressing. Lorraine (wife of Chef Reit)
  9. No that is what I’m talking about! I use the slow roasting all the time................ Sometimes in covered or uncovered roasting pans, terra cotta pots, diluted marinades, and sauces (this makes GREAT brisket) or brines (also great Chicago style beef). I love it..........! In fact, it will be the first thing going I'm going to cook in my sous vide production area. I will let you know!
  10. You got it Phil! How is it going?
  11. Talk to me in 10-15 years! Then you will see! fufu
  12. Doc, it's just my opinion. Don't take it personal, however sometimes we are just food geeks.
  13. Finally! A voice of reason! Doc I love being a chef/cook/foodie! But this is fufu stuff! Don’t get me wrong I will sell this to my dinner guest, with that same passion. See, I have an industrial size sous vide production area in my kitchen. I also have a coffin size tumbler returm unit(water bath); I will send a picture on Monday. This is nothing but boil in a bag cooking! FUFU! I know I have a way with word!
  14. San Veito's in Bayonne, NJ. Some of the best red sauce house food I have ever tasted! Harry
  15. I have asked everybody, and I'm running out of time. ← Have you tried calling your local caterers and seeing if they have anyone on staff you could hire for the night?? Sorry, that's my last flash of genius. I thought the supermarket sushi chefs would be the answer. ← Just hired one from SHOPRITE!
  16. I have asked everybody, and I'm running out of time.
  17. I didn't think it would be so difficult to find a person to do this!
  18. I need a Sushi Chef for Sat. about 6-9pm. The party is located in Fords NJ. I will provide all necessary products. For more info please email me ASAP! Do not need to be a chef perse. If you can roll sushi your hired. Chefreit@optonline.net
  19. actually it's not just about portion control. This surgery drastically changes your body. You need to talk with your doctors as well as with others who've survived the surgery, but you'll have to be very careful about what you consume (especially for the first several months) your body will have a much harder time dealing with meat proteins now, and there are various other things you need to work around as well. I don't remember what all the details are. A friend had the surgery about 3 years ago... ← I know Chefreit to be a smart enough guy to have totally researched this before opting for this procedure. I certainly didn't mean to minimize the seriousness of his surgery. But clearly one of the things that an "outsider" like myself that has neither had the surgery herself or doesn't know anyone personally that has knows, is that you can only eat tiny amounts of food that will fit in your newly sized stomach. That's all I meant. Clearly following doctor's orders goes without saying. ← I did about a years worth of research and support groups.
  20. I recently had gastric bypass surgery. Can my job as a chef/foodie and new body coexist? Help! Harry Da' Jersey Guy
  21. Dark Soy and sambal marinated skinless breast of duck. Honey butter glazed green beans, and white bean cassollette. First real food since my gastric bypass surgery. Da' Jersey Guy
  22. This is getting WAY TOO SCIENTIFIC for me! I don't believe that cooking should be, or was meant to be this way. However that is just my opinion, and you know what they say about opinions! It’s the same thing they say about a******s.
  23. chefreit

    stuffed burgers

    Boursin cheese Plum Tomatoes & ricotta Feta, basil, Olive (also good for ground lamb burger with fig ketch up) Ground sage pork & Jack cheese or asiego (also good for turkey burger) Lardo teriyaki prosciutto crackling Hot Italian sausage and Parmesan cheese with duxelle of mushrooms, sandwiched between 2lg Portabella breaded and deep-fried.
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