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  1. Personally I think it is a pretty reasonable guide. I really think the AGT guide is just limited by its size in terms of the fairly small number of restaurants that are in the guide. I think you can comfortably consult your AGTs in conjuction with other sources. FYI, The Sydney Morning Herald publishes two guides - The Good Food Guide and Sydney Eats (more focused on 'Cheap Eats').

  2. I don't think there is too much happening in Sydney in terms of new openings. Max Brenner continues to grow in popularity-even my Pilates instructor is taking about the drinking chocolates at Max Brenner. One place I have walked past which looks fairly exciting is Belle Fleur in Rozelle. Apparently lime and cointreau is their signature chocolate.

    If I can just mention cakes - I sampled some from the new Yellow Bistro and Foodstore in Potts Point on the weekend - they were very special. I am not really a sweet tooth but I can't wait to get back there to try some more.

  3. With Sailors Thai I think it is only the Canteen that doesn't take reservations. The main restaurant takes reservations unless there has been a recent change in policy. As an aside I saw Tetsuya dining at Sailors Thai last time I was there.

    If you go to Longrain you must get there early otherwise you can start to wonder if it is worth it after a three hour wait at the bar no matter how good those cocktails are.

  4. Hi Chris

    It is a shame you will have to miss the Flower Drum. I visited Asiana about a year ago and really enjoyed it (if you like wine they have a very good wine list). I think Walters Wine Bar is a bit past its former glory. Please post on your experience at Vue de Monde as I would love to hear about it.

    In Sydney, if you enjoy Thai food I think Sailors Thai is a must. You have a lot of great restaurants in your list and Paul has given you some excellent suggestions. I would also strongly recommend Quay and Becasse. I also really like Pier (mentioned in the link provided by Paul) for exceptional seafood. If you can sacrifice some food quality for a great experience - try breakfast at Ripples (under the Harbour Bridge near the North Sydney Pool). It is no bill's but is it pretty cool location.

    Good Luck!

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