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  1. Foodbabe mentioned: Advertising to children is advertising to parents. If McDonald's or Nabisco was picking up vanloads of children and trucking them off for a junk food binge four times a week, well, that would be a different story. I had heard about this program a while ago: Book it! Pizza Hut will give your child pizza if they read. Not excatly picking up your kids, but a great incentive, don't you think? I know their program has wonderful intentions, and that bit is just one part of the whole program, but there you are! Also within the boundaries of a captive audience is cola companies who give monetary incentives to schools if they will host vending machines in the schools. I know sodas are really big with kids while in school. And there are no parents at school to say no . . . I agree with everyone who has said the right choices start at home, but even the most careful HOME eating and education cannot prevent children from binging on whatever junk they've been stimulated to want as soon as they are away from their parent's watchful eye. I have many nieces and nephews, and they were raised the same way I was - no junk food in the house, no sugary cereals, etc. But as soon as they were able to buy something on their own, they bought junk. They looked forward to eating junk as soon as they could, at friends' houses, at college. Did this lead to obesity? No, our family is lucky to tend to the thin side. If we didn't, I think many of them would be in trouble right now, struggling with their weight. I know that they didn't feel the greatest when they were in college and they were eating junk just because they could! It took several years before they slowly started to revert to the eating practices of their childhood. And they are still not there completely. I find it very interesting how strongly the advertising affected them. For my own part, I looked forward to babysitting gigs because the kid's parents always had junk food snacks for me that I wasn't allowed to have at home. Just food for thought - I had noticed most people were focusing on home and parental controlled food choices.
  2. I have never eaten at a restaurant in Minneapolis/St. Paul that made me feel awkward for dining alone - I have lived here for 9 years, and eat alone often (I am a woman). I have eaten out alone in other cities and have been made to feel unwelcome and even gotten stares from other diners, but never here. I hope this puts you at ease. Personal faves in Mpls: Auriga 112 Eatery Tum Rup Thai (sp?) I'm sure others will have more ideas for Minneapolis.
  3. Hi snowangel-- I don't see why you can't prepare them as for peaches in your post. I slice Haralsons for pie and freeze them frequently, and the texture/flavor doesn't suffer when baked. They still hold their shape, and the pie is juicy, but less runny than made from fresh. I think this is due to the ice crystals forming and water from the apples draining away after I thaw them. I don't mind the drier result - less need for thickening. Sorry I don't have creative usage ideas, but I am interested in what everyone else has to say. By the way, where did you get them? I am not always happy with the flavor of Haralsons. Sometimes it's all tart and no real flavor, most other times they are beyond compare.
  4. Thanks for everyone's input so far! After we get back, I'll post where we went and what we thought of the restaurants and, maybe, the farmer's market if it is still running.
  5. Hello everyone-- My husband and I are planning on taking a train to Winona from MSP for a weekend in November. Any food recommendations, restaurant or otherwise? Thanks for any suggestions!
  6. I hear this more from gardeners, but how about "toms" or "maters" for tomatoes? Both abbreviations are so unappealing I feel like ripping the tomato plants out of my garden whenever I hear or read them being used.
  7. I'm loving this blog! The crawfish boil reminds me of the crab boils I grew up with. Can't wait to see what you eat/cook next!
  8. Hi Bruce-- I saw your Mix review--great job! Inspired, I went to Midori's Friday night with my sister and really enjoyed it. What friendly staff. The agedashi tofu was delicious--very delicate. Have you been to Tanpopo in St. Paul? Their version is so much heartier. It was interesting to contrast their styles--equally good. I don't always get a chance to read Mix, so please do start posting your reviews for it here too - somehow I'm always lurking on EGullet even if I'm too shy to post a lot. Thanks--
  9. Balmagowry, please give the temp details! I am seduced by the idea that I don't have to choose from many successful prime ribs, I just need yours! Thank you--
  10. There was a boxed cookie/cake mix product available for a few years when I was growing up that is now discontinued, and haunts me to this day. I think it was called Oatmeal Jumbles. Peanut Butter was the best flavor. MMM. Like a cross between a soft brownie and an oatmeal cookie. It actually tasted like something that could have been homemade.
  11. I just had a tuna fish sandwich! Tuna packed in olive oil, drained, a little mayo, lemon juice, sea salt and . . . preserved lemon! It was wonderful. Thank you for the inspiration--I haven't had a tuna sandwich in years.
  12. I tried natto maki today, and I think I'll need to visit the natto thread for alternate ways of eating it. The mucilaginous quality wasn't the problem for me, it was the contrast between the goo and the firm beans. If the beans were mushy, it would be an easier texture for me, I think. I'll try it again . . .
  13. I have a sister who is a nurse in a nursing home, and from what she says, dried fruit + very little water = much worse constipation. The fruit swells, absorbing any fluid available, and further blocks the intestines. I'm probably not explaining it medically correct, but you get my drift -- no dried fruit without plenty of water, and since that's not possible, don't do the prunes! Good luck--I remember my mother had this problem, and she was prescribed heavy duty laxatives by her doctor after she ended up in the hospital. It got better over the course of several weeks.
  14. Mayhaw Man, that agenda of yours sounds like so much fun, I wish I could move up my trip to NO so I could join you in the parade fun! (We'll be there for a short trip in mid April) Have a wonderful time, and eat lots of King Cake, drink lots of beer, and catch lots of throws for me!
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