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  1. I was reading Newsweek International while waiting for my trail this week.... and I did see the destructuring argument and it makes sense. Since in the stats, I sit on my ass all day, I find myself eating crap all the time.... oral fixation I think Maybe I should just smoke more.
  2. I think with 40 degree days, its becoming common quickly. God, how i miss air conditioning.
  3. Its one of my favorite parts of Paris (the fourth).... just about 500 meters from the Centre Pompidou. Any restaurant will serve free ice water, you just have to ask for it. They get asked a lot when its 40 degrees Celsius like its been the last couple days (100+). but its the first time I found the Jewish neighborhood. Unfortunately, my budget is so tight that I don't get the chance to eat out often. I usually cook or go to a friend's.
  4. So I was out with friends wandering around Paris today and we decided to get some food... one of the guys knew a great Falafel place and we went to "L'As du Fallafel" in the Fourth Arrondissement... It's pretty famous apparently - its in the Jewish district - and has the best falafel I have ever had.... and inexpensive too. The best deal is with the sandwich menu. We each ordered the Fallafel Speciale (with extra salad and such in the sandwich) and an order of fries between the four of us. With icewater, the tab ran to 7 Euros a piece for a filling, quick meal. Theres a picture of Lenny Kravitz eating there on the back wall too. I know that it isnt Gourmet, but its damn good.
  5. MassMarket Canadian: Labatts MassMarket American: Rolling Rock MassMarket Lowball: Red Dog MassMarket German: Warsteiner Regionals: KC - Boulevard Berlin - Berliner Kindl Weisse
  6. Pretty much everywhere, but I will be spending early afternoon in Amsterdam. I will be spending time in Berlin, Bavaria, France, Switzerland and Czech Republic over the next two months. As for afterwords, I haven't planned that far ahead yet.
  7. Anyone have any ideas? I leave for Europe tomorrow. :-) THanks
  8. winodj

    Best Microbrew?

    Had some friends take me to the Heartland Microbrewery in Union Square today to try their Cornhusker Ale. It was alright I guess... but I think the best small/micro brew I ever had was Boulevard out of KC. Michigan Brewing Company would line up there with the worst. Taste reminiscent of Schlitz.
  9. winodj

    Worst Beer Ever Tasted

    I remember buying Schlitz Ice when it was first introduced. 12 pack for 3 bucks! Tasted like burnt hops and little else.
  10. If George Foreman would only create a rotating, no stir necessary, lean mean risotto pan machine, we could avoid all this controversy.
  11. I'm headed to Ottawa for a day or two early next month. Beyond restaurants - what is there to see, do? Anything I got to do, or (moderately priced) place I should eat at? I'd post it somewhere else but I cant figure out where else to post this. Winodj
  12. I love to cook, I just hate to cook for myself. I have generally simple tastes, so I experiment a little - but my tastes don't very too much. I love making Orzo dishes, omelettes, or when I have the ambition - bibimbap! :)... However, I love cooking for the boy friend. Again, its simple stuff, I haven't gotten overly ambitious yet. Although I love my apartment, I do find myself missing the oven... I think I'm going to have to get a convection oven for the counter so I can braze chicken breasts again. I found myself being a touch more ambitious when I had more space - and when I could convince the bf to do the dishes.
  13. I know that usually you have a few days leeway on expiration dates for food (although I have bad luck with milk) So here's my question. I have some eggs that reached their best buy date over the weekend. How long do you think I'd have until they would be definitely be bad? And further, how can you tell if eggs have started to go bad?
  14. winodj

    Reuben Sandwiches

    Would it be heresy to not use Rye Bread on a Reuben? or would it just be a different sandwich?
  15. winodj


    Now if someone could actually tell me the difference between gyro and the doner kebap? besides the bread and red cabbage? and why i like the doner better? even though i dont like red cabbage?
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