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  1. Bern's steak house in Tampa named it as such ,so I deferred to their kmowledge.
  2. I'd heard it referred to as the shell steak. Delicious any way you name it .
  3. Re : Apples browning . If you toss the apples with a little cinnamon in the baggie, they'll brown but be tasty HTH jorge
  4. Here's the p00p $9.98 and a lifetime guarantee http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=productDetail&productId=90507-16878-50251&lpage=none Had these for a few years and have held up nicely ; notched at the base of the blade for heavy bones or rose twigs. HTH Jorge
  5. flacoman

    Barbeque Sauce

    Guava paste is veddy good with pork , ,but it's plenty sweet . Use instead of honey or brown sugar sometime my2c Jorge
  6. flacoman


    Love the clementine and pomegranate,pear is good. Super Target carries it (sometimes) my2c jorge
  7. I was able to carbonate ice cream very effectively in an open container , so you could carbonate overnight ,in the freezer, open and then cap it later . Dry ice bags ,in fact have instructions for carbonating beverages on them. HTH Jorge
  8. How about a nub of dry ice in a stout bottle ? One of those camping drink bottles would withstand many psi and seal tightly... Found that out by accident with the mixer and ice cream experiment. HTH Jorge
  9. La Casita ,on 8th , just east of Le Jeune has been a family favorite for many moons my2c Jorge
  10. Bern's or Side Bern's I make the trip from Disney world whenever I get up that way
  11. flacoman


    Used it with Tabasco to make wing sauce, nice . Alton Brown's technique work well , but I think i'll marinate the wings in someting first.
  12. Got the Kitchenaid architect series II to match the stove Not quick but cleans really well and dries nicely. The four-hour delay feature is nice for ovenight runs .Quiet enough to watch TV with and a great step forward from the GE unit that the builder put in.
  13. Knives, no question. I first sharpened a knife when I was about 8 or so and have been a student of cutlery ever since The visceral extension of my hand that a sharp blade gives me is not unlike musicians with their instruments. i feel the slices slip down to dice and await their saute' .As I start to sweat and add salt and cracked black to the onion and carrot and celery,it's like a CMaj chord all in tune as the vapors and steam set a counterpoint to await the rib-eye to get his sear and symbolically return juices to the vegetal flavors .Once roasted then the rest that permits sauces and glazes to form and polymerize .Without a quality knife I am a assembling clod, With one I feel like a composer but working in a field without limit
  14. Cuban bread .. it ends up this dense,heavy thing. I can never get the crumb right
  15. I take it when it's still hot and immolate unsuspecting weeds! After it cools , a fistfull of coffee grounds and grass seed HTH Jorge
  16. Cream of mushroom here Shallot and garlic sweated off in olive oil and butter, mushrooms cooked up with soy and a little balsamic ,chicken stock ,thyme ,sherry and cream. Blast with stick blender,decorate with truffle oil and enjoy with garlic toast. Makes me sweat every time ! My 2c Jorge
  17. Did one in an angel food pan for my car club wayyy back . Crusted with oreo crumbs for a tire look and piped royal icing for " tread " Ilubbs ice cream! Regards Jorge
  18. OK ,here goes: Slip the bag over the bowl , with the handle tabs at the sides. Once done insert the bowl into the base as usual. At this point , open up the bag and load it with dry ice. Once loaded, take the handle loops and pass a rod through them (pair of tongs or slotted spoon shaft. Twist the shaft until tight and let 'er rip HTH Jorge
  19. Correct-O ; adding dry ice to the base directly carbonated it. I'm looking at building a cooling jacket for the beast next . I really should get out more Here's the cooling unit i'm looking at , would 200 BTU be enough to do the trick?? Cooling unit
  20. Taste-wise it's great! Texturally it's verry smooth,with all the cream.Split a batch of base into two flavors ,chocolate and cherry /lingonberry; overrun (added air?) was pretty small , but you could force air in with a whisk if you wanted. Quick tip : frozen fruit works great for cooling the base off ;-) (corrected spelling) HTH Jorge
  21. How about lobster strudel? A sheet of puff pastry ,some bechamel and some aromatics. Quick and spiffy and great finger food.You could probably get two strudels from 1 1/2 pound and add in other goodies per tastes . I also make a very nice strudel with mushroom pate' that would make a nice mix and match. HTH Jorge
  22. OK , Let's see how this picture thingie works :-)First pic ;bowl cooling Base chillin' ,note frost Starting to freeze... Chilly willy! , ready to go :- D
  23. Finally succeeded in making ice cream in a stand mixer If you start with the base cold ,it takes about 10 or so minutes and comes up very creamy. What I did was chill the base before adding it to the stand mixer and making sure the mixer's bowl was well and truly cold. I used a standard base with egg yolk and cooled it off in an ice bath before blending. The technique I used for freezing was as follows : 1.Crimp a plastic bag in the base of the blender. 2. Pour in about a pound and a half of crushed dry ice into the bag 3. Add about two table spoons of dry ice to the bowl and let the whole thing chill for about 10-15 minutes. 4. Once the mixer's bowl has frosted over, scoop out the remaining dry ice in the bowl.Don't sweat a little in there,but do try to start cleanly. 5. Pour in the base and start the mixer up. When running , take a large rod (I used tongs) to twist the handles tightly over the mixer and hold the dry ice firm against the bowl. A few scrape downs will be needed ,but nothing too crazy. Pix forthcoming (I hope) Go to it y'all! HTH Jorge
  24. Poaching pears in wine and port is a good one too :-)
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