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  1. Imitation Breakfast Syrup vs. Real Maple Syrup Generic Sliced Bacon vs. Double Applewood Smoked Berkshire Slab Bacon Farmed Salmon vs. Wild Atlantic Salmon Imitation Crab Pieces vs. Jumbo Lump Crab Meat Hershey Bar vs. Valrhona Chocolate Generic Supermarket Unsalted Butter vs. Plugra Deli Cheddar vs. English Cheddar Generic Soy Sauce vs. Small Batch Artisan Soy Sauce Boxed Sake vs. Junmai Daiginjo Sake Lumpfish Roe vs. American Sturgeon Caviar Generic Commercial Pork Chop vs. Organic Kurabuta Pork Chop Generic Commercial Chicken Breast vs. Organic, Free Range Chicken Breast Cheap Parmesan Chee
  2. maybe the craigie street bistro ?
  3. anyone in the boston/cambridge area looking for maine shrimp, the new deal fishmarket at 622 cambridge st. in cambridge had them yesterday. head on 3.99 per pound, 5 or more pounds 2.99 per.
  4. Lee's? ← Holly? 9lives? Anyone? ← yeah, i think it is lee's. i'll try to take a ride up there this week to confirm
  5. i think henrietta's table in harvard square might be what you are looking for
  6. If it was me, I'd schedule all three BBQ joints, both Italians and both tea rooms. --Blair ← i am almost positive Del-Amici Steaks has gone out of business, last time i talked to the owner he was a state trooper
  7. LeMaire's is good and i think the Wheel Inn is known for their peanutbutter burgers. also about 20 miles west is bill sharp's bbq
  8. for a low key pub not too far away try the littlest bar
  9. if they are still open try the the clam box in ipswich
  10. also not very far from davis the elephant walk just outside porter square
  11. also a favorite for strippers to hold their tips, or so i've been told
  12. the clam box and kelly's roast beef for a lobster roll
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