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  1. Is it just me or does anyone else not like lemongrass?
  2. I don't know if UH manoa still does it but they used to cook their hamburger patties out back at a separate building and then bring it over and heat em up which led to a tough patty. This is at paradise palms, btw.
  3. chunky's drive inn was a great place to buy a big bag of fries for a cheap price ahh the hana bada days.
  4. ah school kine cookies are the best, 1/4 the original size but still ono.
  5. hmm, is that chili as in the one with beans? The chicken i had was on the special menu but when i went to another Zippys it was on the regular menu
  6. There is a lunch wagon near the sinclair library at UH that has Korean Chicken every Tuesdays that used to be delicious (not sure about nowadays). Also tried the Korean Chicken from Zippy's and thought it was good. I always liked the Kara'age Chicken from Minato restaurant and Kay's Bento (it must be because their chicken has skin ) I heard King's BBQ at waimalu shopping center has good chicken. whats your fav?
  7. guri guri! a mix of 7up, ice cream (strawberry for example), and sweet condensed milk I think.
  8. as usual, great photos skchai
  9. it looks delicious skchai. I worked at a Korean store for many years but I don't think Ive ever tried a typical noodle dish. I should try it one of these days.
  10. great writeup skchai. While growing up, I especially remember the steamed manapuas from the Holiday Mart (now Daiei) near Ala Moana. The manapua at Char hung sut (I think the name is) in chinatown is popular and tasty. They also have little chestnut dim sum that is tasty.
  11. Cherry seed, guava peel, wasabi peanuts, cuttlefish, shrimp chips, typhoon and hurricane popcorn from the honolulu popcorn company (I think the name is), maui chips are good (the clear and red bags), peanut butter mochi. I'm getting hungry.
  12. I actually have the okazu guide but the info per location is not very detailed.
  13. I used to go to naka's okazuya on king street when it was open and have most recently been going to kabuki's in the waimalu strip mall. Good food but nothing extraordinary to me. Has anyone tried anything especially good at some local okazuya places?
  14. Try the mo'ono brand portuguese sausage.....delicious.
  15. Tulip luncheon meat tastes a little like vienna sausage to me.
  16. hi skchai, the consistency of the batter at Soon's is different than other places. I think many places just beat the eggs and use that but at Soons they do something else to it to make it lighter I guess would be the word. I'm not sure if I'm describing it correctly but I've always liked it.
  17. I tried their meat jun at a friend's party recently and it was really delicious (the chicken katsu and mandoo too). I would rank it up there with Soon's meatjun in the salt lake shopping center.
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