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  1. the two millenium restaurant cookbooks. unapologetic vegetarian nouvelle cuisine. it rocks.
  2. So i finally saw three of the four battles (batali v morimoto, puck v. moriomto and the two on two) and something strikes me as odd: the judges received the food from the american chefs better ecause, inall three cases, the american chefs were able to talk the judges into the food. I distinctly remember Puck, leaning on the table describing why his food was so cool, reminding them that there was a barely poached egg in the middle . Compare that to Moriomoto, whose english is so halting that they dub it. this bothered me in ICJ too. it struck me as PR, not cuisine; the Food TV gurus, who are already good at selling cuisine, got a better chance to sell their food to the judges.
  3. on the flipside of Steingarten, in my hometown (to be kept anonymous) I observed the food columnist of the weekly paper extorting, no hyperbole, extorting advertising revenue from the owner of a resto i worked at. good ad buy = good review. From what i hear from my cronies, the system is still running the same way 5 years later. i really think the wall between ad people and writers only exists in the worlds that can afford to build it.
  4. there are only three people here who are going to get this post, so this is for them: thank god for Nitrogen Day
  5. this may be a stupid suggestion, but the unit you have might just need a filter change.
  6. springwater is next to stickers and the theatre on milwaukie, right?
  7. yeah, Reed. We are on a budget, the prof can't swing something like Caprials. The biggest problem is space. 30 could never fit in Tom Yum (the place on woodstock) or surabaya. If we went to surabaya we'd take up 2/3 of the restaurant... i do know chef richard though. maybe i'll give him a call. i want him to take us to saburos, but the Bybee brdge is out so getting there is a pain in the ass. that and lots of people don't like sushi.
  8. One of my professors wants to take about 30 students out to dinner in about a week. We are in SE and can't travel much further than belmont or cross any bridges. We have all manner of dietary restrictions to accomodate. suggestions? last time we went to Hoda's and, at least in my opinion, it was pretty deplorable food.
  9. markovitch

    Cooking Tunes!

    really challenging jazz. I find that a great solo will inspire a great meal. what kind of jazz depends on the food.
  10. I've been to that bar. They've done to the margarita what countless joints have done to the martini (good or bad, I will not judge)
  11. Ther are a lot of really attractive Tequila bottles out there. I can't think of brands off hand, but I saw one recently that had a glass agave plant built inside the bottle sprouting from the base.
  12. I recommend using flat beer.
  13. Park kitchen. the chef just landed on the top 25 up-and-coming list in Gourmet.
  14. well for my brother, well, he left the US with a serious nose for boutique Bourbon. On top of that (and weve done the math) it is cheaper for me to buy it here and ship it to him.
  15. i've alwys gone for the black stuff. I think it may stem from my mother's penchant for flavored non-dairy creamer. then again, aske me in 5 years when coffee isn't two meals a day (college)
  16. markovitch

    Dinner! 2004

    I'm excited to cook tonight because i haven't had more than ten seconds in my kitchen in the last months... april is the worst month to be a Reedie. Anyway, I'm going go make beet risotto. I love making risotto. ever sice my oven broke I haven't been able to take my aggression out on dough. Risotto is the next best thing. I don't have a digital camera, so no pics, sorry.
  17. i hate them freakin' guns
  18. tofu gets an undeservedly bad reputation, it is amazingly useful in many different ways. silken tofu makes a great substitute for heavy cream in almost all cases. its a hell of alot better for you too
  19. the kabocha squash mustard: 1/4 c. black mustard seeds (you could use white, or a mix, etc.) 1 kabocha squash 1/4 c rice wine vinegar 2 c. grated fresh horseradish <--- to taste! my first batch was too strong 1/4 lb silken tofu (1/4 of the standard block) a little tumeric 3 cloves garlic, minced Halve squash and bake it combine: grated horseradish, minced garlic tumeric vinegar toast the mustard seeds then grind them in a mortar and pestle. I didn't completely pummel them, i left it a little chunky for that 'whole grain' texture remove the baked squash, remove the skin and place in food processor with tofu and mustard seeds. add the horseradish to the mixture and blend a little more to thoroughly mix the ingredients. done! how does one chutney something? if chutney isnt a verb, it should be. peace
  20. jeez... i've never been so unpopular
  21. or you could pat dry a small marinated artichoke heart, and pierce it. that doesn't seem like a stretch... cocktail chokes.
  22. history? no but i'll check into the etymology... who knows, i've found weirder stuff in the OED
  23. A while ago, to learn the ins and outs of Horseradish, I began making my own mustard. I have managed some really really good varieties, (one with black mustard seeds, rice-wine vinegar, horseradish and Kabocha squash) and some really god awful ones too. I recall that my grandmother used to make her own ketchup too. it wasn't all that good. has anyone made their own condiments before? care to share experiences?
  24. I've made quite a hobby out of making my own mustards... anyone else done this? i think i'm going to start a condiments thread.
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