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  1. Actually it is in West Springfield MA. On I think rt 5 Memorial avenue, or used to be in a shopping mall till they lost their lease. I hear now they are opening up again soon on the same road but a few addresses down. I am located in the Fairfield county area of CT. Near all the haunts!
  2. Also for a great wood burning oven style pizza, try Julians in BPT. on Madison avenue, this kid has it down right. Not a flashy place but a little neighboorhood joint with a couple of scattered tables. I suggest you eat it there as it is the best right out of the wood burning oven. Also, try Mikes Eggpant parm to die for!
  3. A blue hair joint! That is a good one, same goes for the Spinning wheel inn, I haven't been there in a dogs age, but I think that is in Redding? Might be worth a shot to check it out as well.
  4. Nobody knows I guess? Well, I will try a search to see if there is a mention of a new place opening soon.
  5. Thank you Cheereeo70, I will try it, this weekend looks a bit busy, but I will perhaps during the week. I can go for some good Arthur Ave Style grub. I also will let you know what I thought of it. By the way, any suggestions on an entree? What are your favorites from this Derby eatery?
  6. I have not yet tried Tre Scalini, but the menu does look appetizing, and the prices seem fair. Where is this Fratelli's on Rt 34? I have not even heard about this place and I am familiar with that road. If the cook was from Rigoletto's, then I do want to try it out. Can you give me some markers as to where I could find it? Thanks again. And thanks for all the responses.
  7. So lets hear it people! What do you think the best is for Italian cuisine in these areas? Not that have to be the most expensive haut cuisine, just really good Italian food! From Italian American to regional Italian specialty restaraunts. Let us try these places or comment on ones we have tried already, and thanks for the input from the new guy, CTchef! Great site by the way. Now I think for the price, and quality of their seafood dishes Gabrielles restaurant in Orange, CT. on the Post road is delectible! Try their calamari, melt in your mouth! And the Marinara is suberb over shrimp or Scrod with Linguini. The price is reasonable and the portions very nice. THe warm bread at the beginning of your meal is to die for! Don't fill up though, leave room for a great appetizer and main course, and if you are brave and still hungry enough try their homemade mousse, or taramisu, suberb! This is a place I think many will enjoy if you havent been there, reservations recommended on the weekends, but it is worth it, plus they have a good sized bar area to wait if need be. Now lets hear what else is out there to try.
  8. Yeah another place I have try is Super duper's. but alas, I am sure they are nothing and will be nothing like the famed Greeks stand on Boston Avenue of years ago, or the epitimy of chili dogs Kuhns corner in Fairfield on Black Rock Tnpk. The best I have ever had or probably will have. Or Jimmies foot long dogs on rt 25 now long gone. These were the places to have a great hot dog! And after that you would go to Brock Hall for the best Ice cream sundae this side of the rockies! I am still looking for that Ice cream flavor of my youth, and have not yet found anything close! Gads! If only there was a time machine!
  9. For the life of me, I have never tried Sally's Apizza in New Haven, even though I have been a life long resident of CT. I was brought up a Pepe's child, and have grown into an oversized Pepe's adult! Though I have not been there for some time, I will have to try it out just to say I have. I do know Tony and Lucilles across the street isn't half bad last time I was there, and Abates is a good priced decent food neighboorhood place. But skip the Italian pastry joint there, there is much better in other parts of NH, snd Fairfield county as well!
  10. I don't know if you will find anything that is opened for thanksgiving dinner in BPT except for the holiday in Downtown, or perhaps Roberto's restaurant also Downtown BPT. You may want to try Westport, area which is about 15 minutes away from BPT going south bound, or Milford area which is 15 minutes northbound from BPT. Good luck! If you decide on Westport, try the Red Barn off of exit 42 on the Merritt parkway. Or the Three Bears for a more traditional "Yankee" thanksgiving, which is also off of the same exit going the opposite way on ct 136.
  11. Does anybody know if this Chinese restaurnt re opened in West Springfield? We were up last year and usually go there when in town only to find out that the they had lost their lease. Just wondering if they opened in another location around town, I miss those huge poo poo platters!
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