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  1. My friend Alpana Singh tells me that Korbel "champagne" will be served at the reception. The new president will spend his first day in office with a headache.
  2. Thanks, 616 is the only one of those i've been, Chef is John State, who I've known for years ( was chef at Disney Orlando Contemporary hotel ) We have had great meals several times there. TC
  3. I'll be in Grand Rapids tomorrow, Sunday. Staying downtown and would like to go out for a fun, pre holiday dinner ( sending two of my five off to Chicago Monday morning on the train ) with all the kids in tow. would like to be within walking or short cab ride of the amway, holiday spirit, atmosphere and service ( + beverage list ) are primary factors. Kids are all veteran diners thoughts?
  4. In the Traverse City area, Trattoria Stella is excellent rustic italian, Amical is quite good. Newcomer "The Cooks House" is doing dynamite stuff as well. Aerie, at the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa is IMHO the best restaurant in NW Michigan ( Sorry Tapawingo ) Have fun, it's a beautiful drive. TC
  5. Doesn't like like we'll get into Perigee ( altho I'll hold faint hope for a late cancellation ) What about Susur? TC
  6. I will be in Toronto this weekend for a wedding ( from Chicago ) and have Friday night available to eat out. Staying in Oakville, I have never been to the Toronto area before and would love to dine somewhere representative of the culinary scene there ( if there is one ) Price is not an object, and of course the food is important, but I am just as interested in style and service. Deep, or at least interesting wine list is key, and good glassware at a minimum ( what a snob, right?) Please let me have your suggestions. TC
  7. I'll be in the Phoenix area this weekend and am looking for some dining ideas. Price is not really a factor, wine list and service are important. Suggestions? Thanks, TC
  8. Not sure how I missed this topic in the past, but here a few of my food tattoos. The writer of this article actually contacted me a year or so ago, asking about my tattoos, but I never heard back from him. The images are all food and cooking related. My tools ( knives, pans, etc..) are featured as well as herbs, peppers, wheat fields, cows, honeybees, and some wine related stuff. Each arm also has a mini "food chain" scene one aquatic and one field and forest, with me at the top of the food chain! The underside of each arm is in color ( to keep it out of the sun, and thus fading ) one side is a koi fish biend sliced into suhi rolls. The ink was done by Ben Wahhh and Harlan Thompson of Deluxe Tattoo in Chicago, about 50 hours total. TC
  9. Working garde manger at the Winnetka Grill was one of my first real culinary jobs. The end of the high flying 80's and unlimited corporate expense accounts was the beginning of the end for WG. As you may remember, the original building burned down around '96 I think. The building that is there now was built for Provence, I think. There used to be sort of a conglomeration of nice places up that way, La Boheme, ( original chef Didier Durand ) WG, Jilly's cafe ( Kent Buell, Michael Altenberg ), etc... For whatever reason, it seems that the locals have migrated elsewhere in recewnt years for their upscale dining. Hopefully Mr. Lachowicz can give them a reason to stay close to home. All my previous experiences with his food have been above reproach, even outstanding. Give it some time to shake out... TC
  10. Edgar Rodriguez, Salbute in Hinsdale, Il. He is from Durango and has a terrific sensibility about his native cuisine.
  11. More like it laid me down. Even though people tell me I'm too old for it, I still race the Vet class at our local motocross track. ( and win sometimes, too ) My kids all race, too. Crashing sort of goes with the territory, but I don't bounce when I hit the ground like I did when I was 16. The good news is, as an invalid, I'm getting a lot of meals cooked for me, and have a good excuse for ordering in. Catching up on reading too.. Sucks eating lefty tho..
  12. I agree the food is not much of an attraction for many of the above stated reasons. The music is great, and the people watching is unequalled, especially on a hot day. Also, Dominicks sponsors a chef demo tent across from the fountain that is a great shaded oasis with a nice breeze off the lake. I did my demo this past Saturday for the 6th year and still enjoyed it. TC
  13. I agree the food is not much of an attraction for many of the above stated reasons. The music is great, and the people watching is unequalled, especially on a hot day. Also, Dominicks sponsors a chef demo tent across from the fountain that is a great shaded oasis with a nice breeze off the lake. I did my demo this past Saturday for the 6th year and still enjoyed it. TC
  14. Sorry it has yaken me so long to report on my trip to Atlanta, I exited my motorcycle before it stopped the day we returned and have been busy getting re assembled since then. We chose Woodfire grill and were extremely pleased. The menu descriptions were concise and accurate, the wine list was a litle brief, but thoughtful. We drank a nice Negociant champagne to start, then an interesting Viognier from Calera, and a very nice Pinot Noir that I can't recall. Since we were only two, our server had some post shift wine. The place looks great, service was quick and polite, not too intrusive. We ordered many items from the "small plate" section, as well as a pizza from the wood fired oven. Mushrooms, olives, beets and crab/lobster salad were highlights. Economical prices were a huge bonus, too. I would gladly return, next time with a bigger party, to be able to order a few items I passed on. TC
  15. I will be in Atlanta this weekend for a family event. I have Friday night open and want to find a restaurant representative of Atlanta's best. I'm not really price conscious, but I appreciate value at all levels. Wine list is crucial, as in must have a deep, varied selection and good wine service, glassware. Welcome all suggestions and comments. TC cheftedcizma.com
  16. I recently got the opportunity to sit down and taste whiskey with Lynne Tolley, Jack Daniel's "Master Taster" ( what a great job ) She also happens to be Jack's Great Grand Niece ( guess it's in the blood ). It was quite a revelation, having drunk wine almost exclusively for the last 10 years or so, with the occasional single malt or armagnac, it was very interesting to taste the whiskey so analytically. Especially comparing it against other whiskey, un aged Jack and un charcoal mellowed Jack. Maybe there's something to this brown liqour stuff... TC cheftedcizma.com foodandwinetours.com
  17. In Chicago: Maverick Wine company Frugal Wine Pure Wine Company Vintage Wine TC cheftedcizma.com foodandwinetours.com
  18. Definitely Riesling ( Germanic or Austrian), but also Gruner Veltliner and Scheurabe ( a dry one such as Hans Wirsching, from the Franconia region ). Sparkling is always appropriate as well, with flavors like these. TC cheftedcizma.com foodandwinetours.com
  19. Gene & Georgettis is as close to the true old school steakhouse as you can get in Chicago. Giant portions, rude waiters ( unless you're a regular ) king size cocktails, etc... As the chains go, my vote goes for Ruths Chris, can't beat the soaked in butter approach. I like the Petite Filet for an appetizer and the Bone in Ribeye for my entree ( with creamed spinach and fries, of course.) The Gibsons near O'Hare has none of the scene of the Rush St. location, but great food and much more personal service ( lots less crowded, especially on weekdays ) Sullivans is essentially a Lonestar Steakhouse with the lights turned down and tablecloths ( same company ) Funny fact: the Naperville Sullivans is one of the busiest Sullivans locations in the country, The Chicago Sullivans is one of the poorest performing ( number wise ) TC cheftedcizma.com
  20. Have you seen Rex Goliath wines? TCcheftedcizma.com
  21. Since Carema has already correctly identified the wine as Dashe Cellars, I'll just add that the monkey looked like Curious George. I'll also agree that the quality level from year to year and vineyard to vineyard has been inconsistent, although I thought the 01 "Todd Bros. Ranch" Zin was pretty good. TC cheftedcizma.com
  22. "pfeffo" medium dry kabinett riesling from Pfeffingen in the Pfalz available in screw top, inexpensive, and a great "swill at will" wine. check out the Rudi Wiest website at www.germanwine.net
  23. The chief dining critic for Chicago magazine had this to say about "Two buck Chuck" " Everything that could possibly be wrong with wine, short of being poisonous is wrong with this wine"
  24. There will never be more than a small number of restaurants ( comparatively speaking ) with thoughtful, interesting wines poured in the appropriate glasses by an informed server. Why not? There just isn't the demand. The vast majority of consumers are perfectly happy drinking grocery store wine out of glassware that can double as a potpourri holder in a pinch. There is of course a larger concentration of establishments with smart wine lists in and around major metropolitan areas, and I am pleasantly surprised every once in a while at some suburban strip mall joint. But by and large, I am disapointed virtually everywhere I go by the lack of attention to wine, glassware and service. And I say " keep up the good work!" because it makes those of us who do care and put a lot of effort into finding the right wines, investing in glassware and training staff, look that much better.
  25. Doug Sohn, the owner of Hot Dougs is a Kendall College culinary school graduate. He did his college externship at Daniel J's restaurant ( where I was sous chef at the time ) in 1993-4. You may remember him from the series of Dominicks commercials featuring regular folks, with his frozen peas ice pack. In my opinion, one of the finest purveyors of encased meats anywhere. Check last month or maybe month before "Gourmet" magazine for a small piece on Hot Dougs. Take it in and ask him to autograph it.
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