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  1. it's because pickles and barbeque go together like champagne and doggy-style ns ← Can't argue with that logic
  2. Michael Bauer comes back home to eat fried chicken. You have to scroll down, as he's been searching out Bay Area fried chicken lately. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/sfgate...ogid=26&cat=659 ....and don't forget GoChickenGo. http://www.gochickengo.com/
  3. not saying it is not good, (don't know since I'm 2000 miles away ) But how much of the price is about "being the place to be"?
  4. Current local discussion: http://forum.kcrag.com/index.php?topic=14152.0
  5. Well, the question is really what constitutes a" gourmet" burger experience, and is it worth double the price? If the patties are premade & frozen(whether made of better cuts of meat or not), and the fries are frozen, why is it better than town topic right down the street? Because of the exotic toppings? Hmmm. A quality burger should be able to be eaten with nothing but burger and bun, don't you think?
  6. Do you mean the Oregon Country Fair? http://www.oregoncountryfair.org/
  7. Hi ya Chris, in Oregon, you've got Portland at the top, Ashland & the Rogue Valley at the bottom, and Eugene in between. Lots of food production/eating top and bottom, hippieland in Eugene. Wine & beer all around
  8. Not a sports fan?! Only a true long sufering royal fan could have pulled those name out of Harvey the ball Rabbit's magic hat. Freddy Patek's Pannini Station is probably the next big thing
  9. Are you back in KC, Holly? You never wrote up your last visit. Or is that what you are doing currently?
  10. sorry, I thought this was an eating trip. pedal to metal.
  11. Sawsee, the 2 main food & wine areas of Oregon, both growing and consuming, are the Willamette Valley and the Rogue Valley. You are managing to miss both on this trip. Also, there is no way you will make it from Astoria to Eureka on 101 in 1 day.
  12. Hey joiei, here's a little list from the Kansas Explorer's Club: http://www.explorekansas.org/chicken.html
  13. It is still a great topic though, and it can be applied to anytown anywhere big or small.
  14. Hi Carolyn, Novak's in Albany-Hungarian Bakery and restaurant open early to late. Growers Market in Ashland on Tuesday, Medford on Thursday, Grants Pass on Saturday. http://www.rvgrowersmarket.com/ The Applegate Valley has a number of small wine producers and it's a beautiful drive- http://www.sorwa.org/ as is the rest of the RV, and...after reading your bio, Ashland and the Rogue Valley are right up your alley. A bay area connection, artists, theatre, outdoors, 3 congregations, and food & wine, both producers And purveyors. + Blue Dragon Books has a pretty good crowley collection. http://www.sustainabletable.org/roadtrip/b...hp?id=15&bid=36 http://www.sustainabletable.org/roadtrip/b...hp?id=53&bid=45
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