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  1. Hello! One of my best friends is moving next week to Clearwater. I wanted to use my internet resources to make her a little guide to the area..and I was hoping you could help me out. I'm looking for food suggestions (she is a basic kind of girl, so American style or Italian (especially pizza). Nightlife recommendations would also be super! Thanks for your help! kt
  2. I'm coming to Florida in November for the nascar race in Homestead. We are flying into Ft. Lauderdale and driving to South Beach. I'm travelling with a bunch of boys, most of who are basic meat and potates kinda guys but I am looking for a bit more (I'm pretty much open to anything but Indian)...so here's what I'm hoping you can help me with... I'm looking for a few bars/restaurants with tasty pub fare, not too expensive...we like dives too (as long as the food is delicious) & if you know of a great place for bbq or italian that would be a plus too. Also, I'm probably going to kidnap my boyfriend for a night and have a little date. So if you could recommend somewhere cozy with a romantic mood and some good grub with moderate prices, that would be great!!! Thanks in advance!!!
  3. ktbear7476

    West Coast Adventure

    Hello! I am an East Coaster and this spring my best friend and I are flying to Seattle, renting a car and driving all the way down to San Diego (detouring to Portland too). Anyhoo, I'm not too worried about the cities (Seattle, Portland, San Fran, L.A., San Diego) I can search through threads for that stuff, (although if you have a favorite, I'll take recommendations). What I'm more interested in is not to miss places along the way along the coast. We are not doing too much of the Washington Coast (time constraints), but we are doing Oregon and then of course the long drive through CA. We are planning on spending a night in: the Crescent City/Eureka area Mendocino San Fran Monterey/Carmel SLO LA San Diego In addition we were thinking about stopping off to eat/explore: Leggett Santa Cruz Big Sur San Simeon Santa Barbara La Jolla So any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! kt
  4. ktbear7476

    West Coast Adventure

    Yeah I'm ALL about checking out the redwoods, that's why we were planning on staying in Crescent City and Eureka so that we could have lots of time to explore!
  5. ktbear7476

    West Coast Adventure

    Washington is still under discussion. I really wanted to go up to Port Townsend and that area, but I don't know if we'll have time. See, the way this trip started was that we wanted to hit all the cities, so we decided to do this big road trip. Then when I started researching I found all these incredible places to stop along the way. This is how our trip looks right now: Seattle (3 nights) From Seattle we are going to drive out to Astoria for lunch (and then I was considering going to Tillamook) and then to Portland that night (I'm still investigating routes). Spend 2-3 days in Portland and then we're going to head back to the coastline (I was thinking about getting back to the coast around Newport) and stay that night in the crescent city area. Then a night probably in Eureka. From Eureka we go to Mendocino (or around there for a night) and then SF. 4 nights in San Fran (my best friend is ALL about SF, it is how this trip started)...from there we will stay over night in Carmel/Monterey then SLO (I saw that someone said it wasn't worth the overnight, is that the general consensus?) And then 1 night in LA (we've been there already before). From LA we'll go to SD(2 nights). Then it is back to NJ! For the cities we are going to Priceline it. I'd be open to suggestions for the "along the way" stops. For our accommodations we are trying to be budget conscious. We were considering this, but I didn't know if we were taking on too much. Like I said, we are trying to be budget conscious for our accommodations so we can spend our money in other areas. We both spent a lot of our college years working in restaurants (our experience runs from chains to upscale dining) so we are pretty open to a lot of experiences. I'll try pretty much anything once. I want to focus on quality food, hidden gems, local treasures and maybe one or two big expensive meals. Of course we like to enjoy a beer and a glass of wine whenever possible. We like to consider ourselves "incognito tourists". I think the trip is going to be about 18 days. We are both 28, we travel a lot and I'm sure my best friend would appreciate a few gay-friendly spots along the way. Thanks! You guys rock!
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    Romantic Restaurants

    My two favorites are: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Pigalle
  7. ktbear7476

    Upperline (NOLA)

    I went to New Orleans in March and I still remember the taste of that duck. Oh my goodness it was delicious! Ohhh and the bread pudding tooo!
  8. ktbear7476

    Clearwater, FL: restaurant recs

    Thanks! That hurricane kit sounds like a great idea! She is 28. Oh, and she has a cat! I think she is going to try to find an animal shelter to volunteer at too! Thanks again!
  9. ktbear7476

    Jacques-Imo's (NOLA)

    I went to NO in March and had a fantastic meal & experience at Jacques Imo's. Was THRILLED to see that one opened in NYC. I went about a month ago with a few friends. My friends thoroughly enjoyed their food, but for me, I was a little disappointed. I ordered the BBQ Shrimp (the same thing i had in NO) and it was way too buttery. Like overwhelmingly buttery. Also a big part of what I loved about Jacques in NO was the ambiance. The hustle and bustle and that was definitely lost. Overall it was a nice time, I think that someone who had never been to NO would enjoy it, for those that love Jacques NO style---well, I'd say wait and have a reason to go back to NO!!! kt
  10. ktbear7476

    Big Meat Skewers!

    Hello! My boyfriend just got back from a trip to Atlanta. While he was there he went to dinner at this amazing restaurant where they brought out huge skewers of meat and sliced some off for you right at your table. He said there were all different kinds of meat, it was all you can eat and I think he said he thought it was a Brazilian restaurant. I told my friend about it, and she swears there is a place like that in Perth Amboy...Does anyone know if there is? If not Perth Amboy, anywhere in the area?
  11. ktbear7476

    Big Meat Skewers!

    Thanks!! The place my boyfriend went to in Atlanta had cards. Green card for more meat, red for no more!!! LOL I'll be sure to come back with info afer we go!!
  12. ktbear7476

    Big Meat Skewers!

    Thanks so much!!!
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    I went out to Soho in New Brunswick the other night and had the most delicous ostrich!! I was wondering where I could buy some to make for myself at home...My first thought was Wegmans does anyone know if they carry it...And if not, where I can get some so I can chef it up at home!!! Thanks!!
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    Really? Wow. That is pretty interesting. I guess I'll check my local supermarket, I thought it would be harder than that.
  15. Hello!! I just found this board today Anyway, I'm taking my boyfriend out for our anniversary next month. I've read through some of the posts and have gotten a lot of ideas. I'm leaning more towards B.Y.O.B. (like Django, Chloe, August, Angelina, Pigalle)....and of course a romantic setting couldn't hurt. Here's my big issue, while I'm down for all sorts of different types of food, my man is pretty picky. I need some place where we both will be able to enjoy our meal. (As long as there is a steak of some basic chicken on the menu we are good)... I've been trying to do some research, but not a lot of restaurants have menus online (or if they do, i'm a big dope and can't find them).... So what I'm asking is, for your opinion on a romantic, not too loud restaurant that will have something yummy and exciting for me, and something basic for him. Thanks in advance!!!
  16. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for their suggestions. We decided on Pigalle and had a wonderful (and very romantic) meal. It was a few weeks back so please forgive the lack of specifics. My boyfriend started with french onion soup, I had a special monkfish appetizer (it was lightly breaded and came with a red pepper coulis). YUM!! For dinner my boyfriend has the duck (which i couldn't stop tasting!) and I had the scallops. Everything was wonderful! Thanks so much for the help!
  17. ktbear7476

    Restaurant Week

    Ohhh! Thanks for the heads up! Right now I'm thinking of checking out Matyson....but maybe Angelina also!!!!
  18. ktbear7476

    New Brunswick Dining

    Hello!! I just moved back into the area....Imagine my surprise when I saw all the new restaurants in New Bruns!!! I don't know where to start!! So, I'm asking for any opinions...it has been a while since I've been to "old" favorites as well, so if you want to include thoughts on those also that would be great!!! Just to mention a few NB restaurants: Soho on George Stage Left Clydz North Star The Frog and the Peach Gaebels Makeda Nova Terra Toscana Attilio's Green Grotto Harvest Moon Old Man Rafferty's Thanks!!!
  19. ktbear7476

    Wegmans Tandoori Oven

    Went to Wegmans in Woodbridge last night. Uhm, my friend and I walked through with our mouths gaping open. It wasn't a real "shopping trip" we were mostly there just to scope things out. But after walking past the bakery we couldn't pass up the apple cider golden rasin bread!! Got some canadian aged cheese to go along with it too!! YUM! Can't wait to go back for the real shopping trip!!!
  20. yeah, I'm sure he'd love that...here baby, have some bread!!! I was considering Fork, I just wasn't sure what the price range was there, especially with wine...I'll check it out.
  21. ktbear7476

    New Brunswick Dining

    Oh, and I forgot to ask about Delta's... Anyone been there?
  22. ktbear7476

    New Brunswick Dining

    Is Frog only open for lunch during the week?
  23. ktbear7476

    New Brunswick Dining

    Good to know!!!!
  24. Thanks for all your advice!! Does anyone have any experience with Django? It is between that, Pigalle and Chloe.... I am interested in Astral Plane, but I have a friend that wants to check that out, so I'm going to hold off on it. I'll make sure to post my review after we go!!
  25. ktbear7476

    New Brunswick Dining

    Thanks!! I've been to Stage, Soho, Clydz and North Star (they do have good tapas ) Like i said, it has just been about 4 years since I lived in the area, so I wanted to make sure they were still worth the visit. Gaebels, Nova Terra, Toscana and Attilio's have all sprung up since I left. Ha, yeah, Attilio's is owned by Furio.... Well, I'll make sure to come back and post my reviews as I start making my rounds. I think we're gonna start off with Soho!!!