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  1. Also, ceramic knife caused one of our microwave Pyrex type glass dishes to explode violently. It was very exciting.in the not good way. Something about the tension being released by the awful sharpness. All I know is that it doesn't happen with metal.
  2. That scallop sushi looks SO good. Okay, girl, dish where you got it...and I will be making a haymarket stop at some point in the near future. I love the Thai Kee. It has the best little dishes that the kids love to use. AND it's the only place that I could find rice paddles without having to acquire another rice cooker. Don't ask. Cheers Maliaty
  3. So cold, so very, very cold. Sydney has this icy wind that comes down between the buildings that adds wind chill factor. Also, us Sydney siders aren't very good at dealing with anything that's not balmy weather. No central heating etc, in the main. Loving the blog. Must go back to Emperor's Garden for some soy chicken...Was that Marigold for yum cha? Lovely blog. Dragged me out of lurkdum. cheers Maliaty
  4. Pomegranate molasses. Great tang and sweetness. Adds to any braise or even stir fry noodles. Cheers Maliaty
  5. I think Jane means Balmoral (since that's where Bather's is located). Balmoral beach is lovely, but that's some pricey real estate thereabouts. Cheers Maliaty
  6. Dear all I've been out of the fine dining game for a while (mother of a 3yr old), am huge with second child, but have a dear of a husband who would like to take me out for a birthday dinner. We've been to Tetsuya's and while it was lovely, don't want to besmirch the memory by going back. we've had celebrations at Rockpool in the past. Sydney siders, help me by suggesting a fine dining experience - preferably in the CBD / inner west that is going to see me through for another couple of years! I've had Glass, est, Quay and Sailor's Thai recommended... but would love to hear first hand experiences from you guys. Thanks in advance Maliaty
  7. My turn now - I live in Annandale, which is in the inner west, a tad closer to cbd than Balmain. Close to us are - Glebe - cheap, because near university, with a mix of food shopping but accent on Japanese / Chinese; - Leichhardt / Haberfield - essentially little Italy - some great cafes, pasta / pastry / pizza places - family houses. Well known AC Butchers are based in Leichhardt. - Lilyfield / Rozelle - close to trendier / expensive Balmain, but with a bigger emphasis on the macrame / organic markets on weekends focus and cheaper. Various bits of the inner west (like Glebe, Five Dock) have excellent bakeries. On the other side of harbour, Chatswood - chinese / korean / japanese shops. Strangely high rise apartment buildings, mixed in with older style houses. Medium prices - further out from cbd. Foodie shopping destination The Essential Ingredient (with prices to match) is now in Crows Nest. Northern beaches - worth exploring if you are an outdoors person, cafe culture in various pockets - like Manly, or the more upmarket Avalon (which used to be more macrame / organic / hippy and is now more aimed at the weekend beachhouse contingent). Prices vary from suburb to suburb. There's a great Irish butcher in Harbord and a great Sth African one from memory. The big vegetable markets are out at Flemington - by which I mean the big boxes of veges sold to grocers at 4.30am. Further out west are pockets of good Asian food shopping - but can't give you much help with pricing because of the commute factor have never researched. And forget about Melbourne as a food shopping destination. Clothes and shoes, my friend, clothes and shoes. While property prices are higher in Sydney, we have the harbour. Okay, they have culture, but why would you want that? What are you, yoghurt? (sorry, traditional Sydney / Melbourne rivalry showing up again. Some of my good mates are from Melbourne, really). Cheers Maliaty ←
  8. And speaking from the southern hemisphere - I stick to clockwise. And our toilets don't spurt! Seriously, the coriolis effect is pretty weak, and I think I have read that the shape of the bowl has far more to do with it, Simpsons cartoons notwithstanding. Cheers Maliaty
  9. It ended up being 10.30. We did walk down to the lovely Chinta Ria, got in a last order before the kitchen closed, ate it in nothing flat, and taxied off home to relieve the grandparents babysitting. Golden Century, yum. Not such a fan of the pancake experience... thanks Shalmanese! Maliaty
  10. A rice cooker is a thing of beauty. it doesn't ding. Bananas are also good. They don't rustle. The hospital gave us the helpful advice of keeping noise up while putting baby down. Problem = baby so excited that does not want to sleep. Outcome equals tired parents, less bmilk, grumpier baby. Forget about it! Baby whisperer is great if it works for you. Also the contented child? can't remember what called, baby brain strikes again. however, we found that problem went away with age anyway. And mileage varies. Ours certainly did. I second the make ahead / buy 4 orders of whatever takeout (cold pizza worked for us) approach. If oven door doesn't make too much noise, heating up in there rather than microwave is another approach. First baby now = almost 3. Second due in couple of months. Sleep = thing of distant past. it's all good! Maliaty
  11. Mmm, salt is good. At the moment in pregnant state, salt on tomatoes. With olive oil. Sometime balsamic. Also, roasted eggplant with salt and much olive oil so the edges go crispy. Salted nuts are also excellent. Protein, fat and salt. Tasty! cheers Maliaty
  12. Suggestions please for late night dining in Sydney, preferably around the MLC Centre. While I work mid city, I don't usually go back in for dinner, and we have Theatre Royal tickets for Snugglepot & Cuddlepie tonight. I won them. Really I did. Thoughts, peoples? My default option is going to be walking down to Chinatown... Cheers Maliaty
  13. I'm another vote for the Hunter Arcade Malay place (down the escalators, hard left). The ginger octopus and sambal eggplant I had yesterday were fantastic. And they do good rice. I was a regular devotee of the Malay-Chinese place when it was on the corner of King / Castlereagh, opposite the MLC Centre. Great Hainan chicken rice. But it's closed now and i got sidetracked by the first Malay place when I tried to find their other place in the Hunter arcade yesterday. Here's to spice! Maliaty
  14. Harold McGee has a good summary on his blog (scroll down the page). http://curiouscook.blogspot.com/ regards Maliaty
  15. I found some Roquefort in Coles, of all places (but I'm in Sydney, ymmv) http://www.ap-foodtechnology.com/news/ng.a...eciality-cheese it's definitely hit the shores of down under. Cheers and best luck with the unpasteurised fromage Maliaty
  16. As a once was chemistry major - dihydrogen monoxide ... is water Funny! Maliaty
  17. Story by Tony Bourdain as interviewed by Michael Ruhlman on Salon http://www.salon.com/mwt/feature/2006/10/0..._bourdain_foie/ cheers Maliaty
  18. Just out of curiosity, are most of the Japanese restaurants in Australia run by actual Japanese? Here in North America, I would say the opposite is true (most are not run by Japanese). ← It depends. Most mainstream Japanese places (sushi trains, weird combo sukiyaki/ other Asian food restaurants) in major cities are usually run by Taiwanese, Chinese and Koreans. That's basically the norm, with a few Japanese waitresses on staff. The city I'm in at the moment only has a few Japanese run lunch places, a bbq place and a few overpriced restaurants. But if you go to the Gold Coast or Cairns it's totally different. The Gold Coast area attracted 192,943 Japanese tourists this year. There are lots of Japanese living and working in those places permanently or as a working holiday. There you can find lots of restaurants that cater to all the tourists - all Japanese staff and customers - a couple of ramen places, izakaya, places where you can find a proper Japanese breakfast, supermarkets etc. If you were just walking around in normal areas I'd say it'd be pretty much the same as North America - the usual "Japanese" or "Japanese/ something else" restaurants run by non-Japanese. ← In Sydney, it's a bit of a mix. Some "japanese" restaurants are fully Japanese run, a lot of "sushi train" places are korean. There are areas of Sydney that have more Japanese students and residents than others. Maliaty
  19. Oz - if I'm right - is Australia. Mineral oil i think is available at hardwares here, if it's not in pharmacies. cheers Maliaty
  20. What a great blog! Thanks for sharing. Also, Max Brenner has made it "down under" - such great iced chocolates! Cheers Maliaty
  21. I second the northern beaches of Sydney - particularly Avalon. It used to be just a surf spot, now it has restaurants, cafes, delis etc. Alternatively, there are some great places on the Sunshine Coast up in Queensland, around Noosa - Caloundra. Great surf, sun, great produce and smaller town feel. http://www.queenslandholidays.com.au/ No offence, Melbournians, but Melbourne's not exactly a small place either! It's got a great food scene, but I'm not sure what it's "real" about!! Edited to say that Canberra (our inland capital) is great for bike riding and has a decent amount of high end restaurants, but it's a bit of a schlep to get to the beach - at least a couple of hours in a car. Cheers Maliaty
  22. That's odd. At the farmers' markets I go to in Sydney, there are usually at least 2 stalls with smoked whatevers (including calamari when about). Have you tried the Queen Victoria markets? Melbournians, any suggestions? http://www.qvm.com.au/meat_and_fish.php cheers Maliaty
  23. Me too. Mine is allergic to eggs - and he used to be allergic to dairy. It's not something that he does / I inflict on others to be annoying. It's a real pain in the whatever. My base allergy recipe is jello at the moment, because it's got so little actually in it. And it's a dessert, so doesn't need to be too nutritionally balanced. Judgment call re sugar / sugarless being worse. You can make it without sugar with fruit juice instead (adding gelatin, obviously), but it is a little bit more work. There's another one with copha (a coconut derivative) - chocolate crackles made with rice bubbles, or a "white christmas" made with rice bubbles and preserved fruit, but again, there is the sugar factor. http://www.kelloggs.com.au/Recipe/Recipes....cipecopyid=2621 http://www.kelloggs.com.au/Recipe/Recipes....cipecopyid=2533 I can't think of any, because I don't make them for obvious reasons, but perhaps a dessert around eggs of some sort? Meringue? Pavalova (betraying my Australian identity)? Hope those help. And if all else fails, fruit is good for kids, as you mentioned! Perhaps a frozen fruit blend - home made slushy thing would make it more fun. Cheers Maliaty
  24. For my 2c, I have a 2 yr old who is v allergic to egg. My creative solution... jello. He thinks it is v interesting because of the texture and certainly doesn't mind the sugar. Watch out for commercial sorbets, because some contain egg whites. Definite downer. Australians have a no-egg cookie - the ANZAC biscuit. Substitute the butter with margarine and you should be right, mate (as we say down under) http://www.aussieslang.com/features/anzac-biscuits.asp I second the cake with no egg approach - one way of dealing with the dryness that I have read about, but not tried (yet) for what it's worth is to add a gelatin mix. I usually add tofu, but that won't work for you. I say go the jello. It's a 3 yr old. What's not to love! Cheers Maliaty
  25. Therese I'm still trying to convince myself that Rubber Biscuit was in the BB movie. Searching the internet didn't help, all I found was listings on albums. But no mind. I will watch the movie seriously in the future... I can certainly fill in the details on a wish sandwich - two slices of bread and you sincerely wish you had some meat ricochet biscuit - the kind of biscuit that's supposed to bounce back from the wall - if it don't bounce back...you go hungry! cool water sandwich and a Sunday go to meeting bun means that I had a watermelon and I took a little lady to church. It's all good. Can't help with the Atlanta based questions from my grey day in Sydney Australia, I'm afraid, but having a great time reading your blog Maliaty
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