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    What is this

    Like phaelon56, my mom brought hers out every fall for applesauce - for years it never even occurred to me that you could use it for anything else!
  2. presto

    Toast toppings

    mmmm...a ton of butter, and Gouda cheese sliced precisely 1/8" thick - thin enough to get soft and melty, thick enough to still be "bite-able" - precious childhood memories of Opa and Oma, that! i'm also getting into making my own pate - I'm doing a fine chicken liver pate with apples & onions that works very nicely on toast; being as I'm the only one in the house who will eat the stuff it's good to have a way of having lots at once!
  3. presto


    another thought for fruit in waffles...a ripe (to the point of slimy) banana can be subbed for some of the butter/liquid in a baking powder recipe - I'll also throw in a little vanilla to improve the flavour. Spread some peanut butter over and voila!
  4. I once dated a guy who dipped his McDonald's fries in the chocolate sauce of his McDonald's sundae...I married him anyway. as for me...ketchup with a dash of Tobasco is a thing of beauty on occasion...but I do agree with the posters who say it depends on the fries, to a great extent. If I have flabby fast food fries I'll empty them into the paper bag the meal came in, squeeze the ketchup packet in, and give it a good shake - evenly coats the fries and makes them (somewhat) edible.
  5. from the hinterlands of Thunder Bay...we actually do have some pretty good sushi here! If anyone's in town (yes, people sometimes come here, it's not all one-way migration to Toronto!) make sure to check out the "Sushi Bowl" - it's a combo sushi-Vietnamese-Korean place with a nice variety of rolls and sashimi, as well as some interesting V&K dishes. No, it's not Chinatown in TO, but it's a damn sight better than the stuff at the supermarket! (getting off regional soapbox now)
  6. I'd go further...bake for 2-3 hours at 200, turn off the oven, and leave them in there overnight. When I make meringes to eat I don't cook them that far...I do like that touch of goo in the middle. If your mushrooms are mainly for decoration, though...dry those suckers right out.
  7. Chufi...this thread has given me back my childhood. My Oma and Opa came over "straight off the boat" in 1952 and lived at the end of our long farm driveway. Every day after school the bus would drop me off at their house and I'd stop in for a snack before walking home... I managed to get Oma's roggebrood recipe, but never got the proper technique for buttermilk porridge before the Alzheimer's kicked in...and she's gone now, so this thread is really getting emotional for me! Thanks so much...I'll be making a big pot of that (with the pot barley, because that's what she used) and raising a spoon to my Oma. I can post the roggebrood tomorrow, if anyone's interested...it's a very heavy molasses and whole grain loaf, great with butter and sugar or butter and Gouda!
  8. Not that I want to open a can of worms...but consider what "volunteering" in a kitchen will do for those people who are trying to make a living there. You'd be taking a space, if not a wage, that someone else who depends on the income could have, and giving management excuses for paying lousy wages. I don't want to discourage you from pursuing something you love to do, but if you can't committ to it wholeheartedly, including the crappy pay...leave it for those who can. Not an expert, just the wife of a musician who runs into this kind of thing all the time - people offering to play for less or for free take work from the professionals and make it harder for everyone to make a living.
  9. aaaannnd back to the scatological: "Chunks'n'Sauce" - ie the unfortunate result of a bucket of KFC and about a liter of 50/50 peach schnapps/OJ mixed. Nasty hangover, too... ah, high school.
  10. Sounds similar to Wondra, which is pre-gelatinized flour that comes in a 13.5 oz shaker can. ← In Canada, we've got Knorr brand "Veloutine" sauce thickener (potato starch), comes in white and brown for light and dark sauces - just sprinkle over the simmering liquid, no lumps, no fuss, no muss...
  11. Dahling, champagne goes well with EVERYTHING! except Pop Rocks. Don't ask me how I know.
  12. presto

    Bread/Toast Spreads

    while the bread's in the toaster, thinly slice (as in transparent) some mild or medium Gouda...when the toast pops, place the cheese on top and let it melt for a moment before enjoying. It's still good if the toast cools off, but melty cheesy goodness - that's a great way to get the motor running!
  13. Has no one tried Japango - on Elizabeth just off Dundas? It's not much to look at, grant you, and the place is tiny, but the food - wonderful! I was there in May and had a gorgeous soft-shell crab roll - the crab lightly tempura-d - so good. The rice is impeccable, the sashimi so fresh you expect it to be wiggling - the food is so not what you'd expect in the tiny little slightly run-down storefront across from a construction site - but well worth the trip!
  14. While I have to applaud Ally's initiative and creative spirit, all I could think while reading the article is that prisoners have been doing this in odd corners of correctional facilities for many years...
  15. I posted this in another discussion, but it sure applies here! Old Dutch Ripple would be the quintessential expression of the potato chip. These are a staple chip in Western Canada - they come two sealed bags to a box with a red-and-white windmill theme...so crispy, fresh and yummy! When I first moved from Thunder Bay to TO (Toronto, for all you 'merkins) in the early 90s I was devasted to find that Old Dutch potato chips weren't available....but you learn to make do, right? I thought I'd moved on and was content with the Hostess, etc. Until the day I was driving eastbound on the 401 and an Old Dutch truck went by in the westbound collectors - almost gave myself whiplash and nearly smacked the guy in front of me as I watched the truck go past... After that I made it my mission to find the stores that stocked OD - finally found a little shop in Yorkville - that charged 7$ a box!!!
  16. presto

    Coffee Crisp

    When I first moved from Thunder Bay to TO in the early 90s I was devasted to find that Old Dutch weren't available....but you learn to make do, right? I thought I'd moved on and was content with the Hostess, etc. Until the day I was driving eastbound on the 401 and an Old Dutch truck went by in the westbound collectors - almost gave myself whiplash and nearly smacked the guy in front of me as I watched the truck go past... After that I made it my mission to find the stores that stocked ODs - finally found a little shop in Yorkville - that charged 7$ a box!!! One of the many reasons coming back to Thunder Bay wasn't such a bad idea after all...
  17. If your goal is to cram ever more toppings on a pizza, I suppose. you say that like it's a bad thing! I'm assuming you mean that a lightly topped pizza can be a thing of beauty - I do agree - but in the event you're in the mood to go nuts, this method will keep the crust from being soggy. re: "everything tastes better with bacon" - amen, brother!
  18. I find you can cram a surprisingly big load o'toppings on a thin crust pizza if you pre-bake it - slap the dough on the stone, poke the bubbles as they rise, just leave it on for a minute or two, pull it off and FLIP IT OVER so the toppings go on the side that was just on the stone. Works great. This is a fab thread - I've tried many of these ideas myself, but one of my personal faves is a seafood pizza - base of either my own pesto (no pine nuts - I freeze it, just basil, olive oil and massive amounts of garlic) or Alfredo sauce (made extra thick) topped with very thinly sliced red onion, some roasted red pepper, and shrimp that have been lightly sauteed in garlic and butter. Grind a little black pepper over, throw on a minimum of mozza or fontina...hella good.
  19. OK, I'm back...and I must admit, I ended up wimping out a bit - we got 1' of snow on Saturday morning, dealing with that necessitated a "basic" response to my brunch problem...so I made muffins. One batch choc, one peanut butter and banana - but put them in mini cups so they were quite cute. went over great - I will be keeping your ideas in reserve for myself, though!
  20. Thanks, everybody! I have a few days to mull my options, thankfully - now I want to try all these great ideas! I'll try to repost on Monday, let you know what I did and how it went.
  21. I've downloaded a few versions of gingerbread pancakes...most advise to fry 1/4 cup at a time - if I want to make itty bitty ones I can do 1/8 cup at a time, I suppose... there's a version that calls for ground hazelnuts, cocoa, molasses and 6 T baking powder (!) that seems to me to be one that would come up more "cake-like" and would likely travel better and be ok cooled off - I'd still have to make them that day, though...wouldn't want to risk them getting soggy making them the night before. that along with whipped cream (sweetened and vanilla flavoured or possibly with rum extract) sounds like a good way to go...I'll have to do a dry run on my guinea pig/husband this week. thanks for the idea!
  22. that's something I personally would love, but again, may be a little exotic for my crowd... and a "giant slab" of salmon (I could make gravlax, too) is a little budgetarily unwise. I'm liking the muffin idea, though...EllenC, would you be willing to share your recipe with me?
  23. we've got at least one quiche coming, frittattas are pretty much the same thing. There would be opportunity to reheat...I was thinking of some kind of biscuit/scone idea, but thought that might be...boring? I've tried "fancy" stuff on this bunch before...went over like a lead balloon. We're talking meat, potatoes and "what's that green stuff? I don't like vegetables!" - so my challenge is something that won't bore me to death and won't scare them...I'm just looking to brainstorm, really. thanks for the replies!
  24. Greetings, all! I have a brunch to attend next Sunday, it's potluck, my fellow attendees are food appreciative, if not "gourmets" - I'd like to bring something different that won't scare off the "meat and potatoes" crowd, to serve about 10 adults. It needs to be something that travels well and can sit in my car during church (it's about 20 below zero Celcius here these days...no worries about it not staying cold!) This may be a witless question in this forum, but forgive me...I'm a newbie here at egullet, and occasionally feel I'm in over my head! glad to be here, though...and curious to see what folks can suggest!
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