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  1. Le Jardin du Quai in Isle sur la Sorgue. Sunday lunch is a 'must do', and dinner is great as well.
  2. That is not good, barbaluc. Hope we don't cop any of that attitude tonight (we have 6:30 resos for four). We had the same good experience as you did the first time on a Sunday in the first week of April, and have never had any similar problems when dining with smaller groups over the past couple of years. Your $700 for 4 seems a bit high to me although maybe you indulge in fancier vinos than we do FWIW here's the blurb I posted about our April dinner: The staff suggested we order "a la famiglia" and let the kitchen decide what we would have for Mum's birthday dinner. Good call. For $45 each we gnarled our way through the following: salumi plate (4 kinds from Oyama in Granville Island including the best prosciutto I've ever had in or out of Italy), ridiculously tasty grilled bread, panfried alpine cheese with tomato fondue and arugula salad (great combination of flavours and textures, lovely presentation), spicy prawns in lemon, chili and garlic vinaigrette with herb salad (a fairly traditional dish, very tasty, prawns a tad overdone), wild mushroom risotto (which I liked, and I'm not a big mushroom fan, and my dad said was the best risotto he's ever had, in or out of Italy), a shortish pasta whose names evades me con panna (classic cream, pancetta and peas concoction, SO's fave dish), agnolotti with braised lamb (again, blew me away as I normally avoid lamb like the plague and gobbled this dish up, so tender and no musky taste, and the mint, pea and ricotta stuffed pasta was flawless). crispy roast chicken tasting subtly of lemon, rosemary, garlic and black pepper with contorni of zucchini in garlic butter and simply steamed skinny asparagus, and finally the kicker: beef tenderloin in a light balsamic dressing topped with fresh arugula and shavings of romano (I think). Outside seared to slightly crispy perfection, inside almost blue rare but not bloody at all, buttery smooth but with great flavour, nicely complemented by the sweet zip of the balsamic, the tangy greens and the salty goodness of the sparingly applied cheese. An elegant sufficiency of food, okay we were all pretty stuffed, but it wasn't too over the top, and we somehow managed to polish off three desserts (not included in the set price but I couldn't do without a few bites of the beloved pannacotta), coffees for three, not to mention a couple of bottles of a red that was widely adored and called by the excellent name of Apollonio Squinzano, a 2001 vintage from Puglia, going for a reasonable $35 each. We waddled out 2.5 hours later and at $80 per person tax and tip included (although of course we paid for Mum!) thought it was a top value for a deluxe meal. Service was gracious, attentive and thoughtful, and the kitchen staff seemed very appreciative when I did a Wayne's World in honour of the not-on-the-menu tenderloin on my way to the WC :-). ←
  3. For a good mix of food, wine & relaxation, in a beautiful small village with superb accommodations, try La Vie en Rosé - they have great insider type visits as well as the tried & true and work with top provencal chefs. Everything was top quality and very well done. La Vie en Roséhttp://www.lavieenroseprovence.com
  4. A few weeks ago we booked at La Buca, as I really enjoy their other 2 properties. We were a group of 5, and when we arrived the server asked if we would like to dine 'famiglia' style, i.e. platters instead of individual plates. It was fantastic, about 60 dollars per person and the food was great. Last Friday, for my birthday, we made a late decision to join friends for dinner. I suggested La Buca if we could get in and eat the same way. No problem I was told when I made the reservation. On arrival, we again confirmed 'family style'. The first 2 plates arrived as individual dishes.When I asked about the platter service I was told that the chef felt this way was much better. Hey, it was MY birthday not his! Had I wanted good plated italian we would have gone to Cioppino's. After another comment we did finally have a course served the way we had anticipated. The bill was 700 (inc.gratuity) for 4 and although all the food was very good I was really unhappy with their attitude. Since then, when I have recounted this story to others they have said that that is well known about this restaurant. Too bad, as it is in the neighbourhood and although the food may be good I can find several others in that price range where I don't walk away angry.
  5. I have taken the 5 day course at Crillon le Brave, and it was excellent. In addition to the class time, there are several outings to food and wine related places (season specific, i.e. truffles in the fall). The hotel is very nice, and centrally situated for side trips to Vacqueyras, Gigondas, Chateauneuf du Pape. The Friday morning market at Carpentras is still my favourite after 15 years.
  6. It is called 'le Jardin de Quai' and the phone number is It is open for lunch and dinner (closed Tuesday & Wednesday). Lunch is 25 euros, dinner 35. In an otherwise gastronomic wasteland of a town, it is a great spot. Food is fresh and changes daily, service is friendly and good, the garden setting is pretty but relaxed. People drive from quite a distance to eat here, based on the chef's reputation. Would like to hear others' experiences...
  7. In our very small village, Cabrieres d'Avignon, we had an evening in the 'place 'with several performers of all ages, and talents. Most of the village stopped by at some point, and it was the typique (as a Canadian observer) evening of small children staying up well past their bedtime and running around madly while their parents enjoyed the fete. Today's local paper, La Provence, reported on all the local events and a grand listing of all the upcoming events, as yesterday marked only the beginning of these evenings.
  8. Lunch/Dinner in the Vaucluse - There is a new restaurant (2 weeks) in L'Isle sur La Sorgue.The chef/owner is Daniel Hebet, formerly of La Mirande in Avignon. It is situated near the train station, and has a beautiful garden away from the hustle of the main strech of town. Open for lunch and dinner, it is prix fixe and menu fixe and changes daily. Also, nearby in our tiny village of Cabrieres d'Avignon, is Cafe des Poetes, one year old. Also open for lunch and dinner in a nice, small room or outdoor terrasse.Menu changes weekly. Drinks on the terrasse at the Bastide de Gordes are beautiful late in the day, but otherwise stay away from this tourist town.
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