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  1. ... if you realize, after reading this thread, that you can actually go behind the bar and mix your own drinks!? And bring your own ingredients!? And come to the realization that you can have the best of both worlds: being "out and about" with your friends, and yet still have the drink that only YOU can make to your own specifications?! Priceless. I always learn something when I come here to visit.
  2. Thanks! A few posts back, someone asked how to order a not-so-dry martini when out at the bar. I have been asking for a "classic" martini, but am not sure if that is the correct terminology. Does anyone else know?
  3. This is an excellent thread. I found it on Google, when searching for opinions on the best gin (when trying to prove an annoying co-worker wrong). Not knowing much at all about cocktails, this thread openened up a whole new world of alcohol to me! I am now hooked on researching and experimenting with classic cocktails. BTW, I have found that I like a classic martini with Tanqueray & Noilly Prat, stirred, 2 olives. I tried a Bombay Sapphire martini, and found that it was better with less vermouth -- I guess because of its weak gin flavor?
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