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  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog as a favorite! I just posted about cardoons this morning... Some of my recent favorites are written by folks in the food biz: David Lebovitz In Praise of Sardines MattBites Happy to talk to anyone about my blog or any of the other excellent ones out there cheers, Amy Cooking with Amy
  2. Boulevard is a good place to order meat dishes, even simpler things like pork chops really sing. I would skip the fish dishes (other than the tartare). That said there is always a version of tuna tartare appetizer on the menu that is worth ordering. Foie gras is good here too. The desserts are great--especially anything with caramel. The menu changes all the time so it's hard to say for sure what will be available. I haven't been since last November.
  3. In addition to Izakaya Nonbei, Imanas Tei was one of my favorites--also Momomo
  4. There was a wedding reception happening at Mariposa when I ate there a couple of weeks ago, it's a gorgeous room and the food and service is terrific.
  5. If you sit at the bar and order "omokase style" from Jason the sushi chef, I think Okoze on Union at Hyde is the best around. Kabuto on Geary gets very high marks as well.
  6. I would suggest Boulevard. It's pricey but it's excellent and will really give you the California experience. That said, Gary Danko is also very good. Neither are as innovative as French Laundry, but you'll have a memorable meal at either place.
  7. I'm going! It's a lot of fun. I always try to write a review of the show and the trends I see on my site. You have to be careful not to eat everything in sight because not all of it is that great to begin with and eating mustard + chocolate + olives + jam + cheese + vinegar = tummy ache! I find it best to eat only the savory stuff then go back for the sweets. Also if you are not an exhibitor you are prevented from taking samples off the show floor so you have to be very sneaky if you want to smuggle stuff home!
  8. I have agree with Krys. I ate at 1550 Hyde last week for the first time and did not order the Dine About Town menu but my husband did. We were blown away by the meal. I will try to reconstruct it and blog about it soon but I wouldn't hesitate to go back. Briefly, we had the liver pate, split pea soup, the chicken roasted under a brick, the rabbit, and shared the carrot cake. The quality of everything was wonderful and I have to admit my expectations were rather high since so many people have raved about this place. The portions were very large and everything had a unique quality to it that made it feel special and unexpected, such as the split pea soup which had a nice smokiness to it or the carrot cake with pine nuts and when was the last time you had carrot cake served warm? Even the polenta was special--it had a rustic rosemary flavor and fluffy texture as opposed to the super-creamy type I am used to.
  9. I've had only good experiences at Hayes Street Grill. Swans is excellent, but only if you are interested in the limited things they do--oysters on the half shell, seafood cockatils and salads. Chowder is ok, but that's it. I'd also add Lulu for seafood, their mussels are outrageous as is the fish, whatever the preparation. Lulu has been around a while, but I've never been disappointed, the only downside can be the noise level.
  10. I'd add Aqua, very good and elegant. Farallon has gone downhill from what I've heard though in the past it was terrific. Kabuto and Ino are great for sushi. If you go to either try ordering omokase style where you let the sushi chef order for you. Also if you want a great Chinese seafood dinner try Happy Garden on Clement, under the radar but excellent and cheap. I wrote a review of it a while back Happy Garden post
  11. Swenson's on Hyde also makes homemade eggnog this time of year and some "seasonal ice creams" such as a spicy pumpkin and rum raisin, both worth seeking out. The Swenson's on Hyde is the original one and not part of the chain, btw.
  12. I'm just glad all that low-carb crap can't be pinned on us! It's a NY Atkins South Beach thang...but in regards to the Southern California culinary scene there are plenty of good places to eat and interesting trends coming from there as well. I also think the LA Times food section is excellent, and a reflection of the local appetite.
  13. I'm curious, has the book actually been banned or is it just destined to be banned? The quote from Bourdain speaks about articles being cut, not libraries. Just wondering here...can anyone confirm?
  14. I'll be in Seattle on Wednesday and will hit the market (Pike Place) I plan to stock up on chanterelles to take home to the Bay Area. While I hope to do the whole market, any particular vendors to seek out? Also any other top picks? Isn't there a good spice market too? Much appreciated!
  15. You can get authentic NY H&H bagels at Crossroads Cafe in South Park/Embarcaqdero. They are very good. The SF Chron wrote something about the bagels at Miller's East West on Polk being expensive ($1 each) but also being authentic and good. Happy bagel hunting!
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