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  1. fat-guy I rather enjoyed your Austin report. I have found that the dining scene in Austin leans to the overrated, but there are nonetheless many overlooked gems. Near the top of my list in this regard would be the seafood dishes at Alcopolco Video surely one of the least known and most unusual joints in Austin, you obviously have tasteful and adventerous friends that they even know of the place. Sorry you missed it. It is unfourtunate that you missed out on Fonda San Miguel, practically the only upscale restaurant in town that lives up to billing (although it is actually fairly casual and price-wise not much more then a Manhattan push cart). Be sure and stop in on your next visit. I am pleased to see that you appriciated the Salt-Lick; many local BBQ traditionalists disdian it as a middlebrow tourst trap, but I rather enjoy the place, particularly the brisket, which at any rate compares favorably to any of the in-town BBQ places (except for Sam's). I also like the all you can eat and BYOB features; generally speaking, you get pleanty of meat at local joints, but it's nice to know you can have another 3 pounds of ribs just in case. I do have to take issue with your interpretation of Texas BBQ cooking methods however. Ribs and susage may be smoked quickly, but not necessarily. Brisket, however, is almost always cooked for at least 6 hours at a modest temperature with 8-12 hours more common, the salt lick boasts an average 24 hours smoke time. Briskit takes this handeling well due to its fatty layer through the middle, allthough ,deplorably, many 'health-concious' places are now trimming this fat off - before cooking mind you- resulting in bland and bone dry meat. Anyway, thanks for the report. Demonknees
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