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  1. I am so enjoying the conversation in Food Media forum about this new show. I see that there will be a live audition here at the Seattle Art Institue on Feb. 4 and I'm wondering if there are any aspiring chefs here on egullet who are going to give it a try?
  2. I saw Total at DeLaurentis last week. I was pleasantly surprised!
  3. Did anyone attend this event? Any reports?
  4. Wonderful Honeycrisp apples are in season now and in stores. They're like candy eaten alone but for a special treat I dip them in caramel!
  5. I will be in Vancouver for the day on Monday. I'm hoping to miss the traffic going back home to Seattle so I'd like to have dinner before I head home. Any suggestions? Where can a solo diner feel comfortable?
  6. Has anyone been to the new restaurant on 1st Ave, in Belltown called the Apartment? It would be nice to see something succeed in that space.
  7. I'm not wild about the food at El Gaucho, with the exception of their Bananas Foster, but I am always impressed with their service. It's one of the few places in town that can make anyone feel like a sophisticated grown up.
  8. I second the capitol club. On a weeknight when it's not too packed the lounge upstairs is too cozy! I also like the chapel, upstairs with my hubby drinking one of their fabulous cocktail creations.
  9. They switched their bread! Yeah!! They're using le Panier baguettes which make for a much better sandwich.
  10. My girlfriend and I went to Zoe last summer for a light dinner and drinks in the bar. The service was excellent, the bartender was nice enough to "save" us two seats when they became available. The food was wonderful, the chef/owner Scott was nice enough to come over and talk to us, even going so far to recommend wine and bring us tastes of different wines by the glass. It was such a charming and inviting experience I have been back many times since.
  11. My husband, myself, and friends attended this dinner. They are in the wholesale food business and invited us to join them. Todd was charming enough to come over to the table and chat. He even introduced us to his wife. They are both lovelyand extremely gracious. All in all it was a memorable evening. The Kobe beef brisket was fantastic.
  12. I took a chef friend to lola's, and I have to say the service was lackluster. The bartender was either deliberately unhelpful or genuinely ignorant regarding the menu.
  13. Is he actually cooking, or is he just making an appearance?
  14. I had lunch there today. We tried the leg of lamb, hoisin pork, and drunken chicken sandwich. The chicken was the weakest of the three but the lamb and pork were definitely worth going back for.
  15. I just bought this book today. Has anyone read this? What do you think?
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