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    Rachael Ray

    The only effective way to watch Sandra Lee is with a few cocktails under your belt. My sister and I do this occasionally while talking on the phone and watching her show! Way Fun!!!
  2. You know we are generally spoiled with the ability to grow a lot of things by just dropping them in the ground. Most of my tomato plants are volunteers from my first crop 5 years ago. They just keep coming up. No fertilizer no bug spray - except for THIS YEAR!!!!! Everything is so screwed up with our loney weather. The only thing that is going great guns are the herbs. Basel, bumper crop this year. Everything else is way behind. Even the farmers markets up here don't have the greatest garden tomatoes. Although the fava beans have been excellent!
  3. These posts seem to be running out of steam when Biker Billy is brought up. We should then start talking about the guy who cooked out of doors with his dutch ovens - I think his name was C'Dub or something like that. He had to fight the bugs off while doing his cooking. I must admit he was better than that unbelievable Sandra Lee - now really folks, who did she sleep with to get that show?! Also noticed this season that Giada is showing lots of clevage to go along with the food - what's that about?
  4. If you don't want to spend the entire day in the car I would go North to Stinson Beach, Muir Woods etc. There are several charming inns in the Point Reyes area as well as some excellent dining. The Olema Inn comes to mind for some of the freshest seafood. Last time we were there was for lunch and they were just bringing in the salmon from the fishing boats - it was divine. The area is very laidback and lacks the hussle of the city. If you don't mind doing all the driving then go south. Stop in Santa Cruz then continue on down the coast. Lunch at Phil's in Moss Landing. Monterey Bay Aquarium should be a must see. Dinner at Fresh Cream in Monterey or someplace small in Carmel. I hear that Clint is in town, but don't know about November.
  5. Jane57

    Dinner! 2004

    I haven't posted to this site yet either, but I thought this might be the best place to start. It is too hot here to cook, so it was cold boiled potatoes with fresh herbs & mustard vinagrette. Tomatoes from the garden - yellow pear, red pear, ping-pong cherries, regular cherry and orange grape mixed with salt, pepper, basil & olive oil. Smoked salmon sliced thin with dijon mustard and diced purple onion and crusty french bread and brie. That's it.....oh yeah......a bottle of wine. Not too interesting but it was 98+ at 6:30 PM.
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