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  1. With the sudden closing of ecco il pane, I'm at a loss as to where to purchase good par baked bread.  Does anyone have a favourite they use / buy?  Any brands you dislike?


    Costco sells 6 paks of mini ish baguettes made in France that are alright.

  2. Wow - did I miss a fresh sheet or something for the food?

    I too thought it was a great bar - v stylish, but the menu was sad. I just had a look at the menu again to be sure it was the ramos gin fizz remembering... and no. They clearly havent had a chance to do something interesting, surprising given the roots.

    I understand that the drinks are the main feature, nothing wrong with that, but is it too much to ask for a little imagination with the food? Geez, maybe I'm being a tad harsh, just looked at the menu again, and unfairly we didnt even order anything and ended up going to Soma for food. (which wasnt the best idea actually, but after we added salt, it was quite palatable)

    It's those first impressions for me I guess, and if there isnt anything on a menu that draws me in and wants me to spend my hard earned $$$ ordering it, then I move on.

    My apologies for the negative remarks. I read so many positive reviews on places, and then too many times I find that it's not that way at all, (like Jules) and I suppose that I'm in a bit of a ranting mood.

  3. I'm surprised that no one has replied to this. I think that the top places to eat are pretty well the ones you want to work at...L'ecole, Zambris, Fire & Ice (?) (sorry drunk and typing), Brio, Stage? and of course some other top hotels like Ocean Pointe are always good. As far as avoiding any...geez I'd hate to say...

  4. Finally got to So.Cial last night, after seeing Rattitouille (pretty good, accurate). Originally had made resos for Jules, and had asked to be sat at the bar and was told that they don't reserve there, but to ask when we came in. A very unfriendly reception by several people (are they taking the french thing too far?), and were told that the bar was for walk ins which was fine. Got a squishy seat by the window, and then there were no wine lists available. At this point we decided that we were going to leave after ordering the pate, and finally a glass. The pate seemed to be off - with the rest of our experience - the menu was very uninspired, along with the service - they just didnt seem to care. Will not be going back.

    So off to Social, and since it was the tour de gastown, wasn't terribly busy, but what beautiful rooms! Sean was in the butcher shop, and showed us all his gorgous meats. We had the charcuterie plate, which was excellent, the cassoulet, which was also great, a bottle of Joie noble and I think that was it. Really looking forward to going back, the oyster bar with it's cozy fireplace, for lunch, and picking up some meat from the butcher. The night was saved and I'm so glad we went.

  5. They also have a website - openmouth.ca

    Hey - we live in a food obessed media saturated society.  I think anyone who wants, should get a kick at the can.  At the end of the day - content is key and that's something readers get pass final judgement on.  But I say good on anyone who is willing to stick their necks out and give it a shot.  It's hard hard work.

    Unfortunately - your intial review of their mag does not bode well for them.

    I agree, but give us something new and interesting at least!

    Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh for their first time out, but as I've had enought experience in the industry (EAT contributor, gfriend of a couple of chefs (one an acclaimed restauranteur, another a popular baker) cookbook writer, server (a lifetime ago), home cook, dining outer, original guest services gal @ Urban Fare "in the day", friends with many well known & talented in the industry, PR director at a resort, voracious food reader - and quite a bit more... Hey! I'm thinking that perhaps a new topic could be a little bio about us all!?

    Anywho....I've had a bit of wine, and I guess am tring to get across that I'm not just venting (well just a bit) that I actually am speaking from a point of experience and knowledge (so THIS is what happens when you get in your 40's...) and that I guess I expect more. More from some young idealistic upstarts.

  6. "Our food culture magazine"? Picked up the premiere edition at Urban Fare the other day. Do we really need another local food magazine? Doesn't EAT do the best job? Many of the restaurants and other advertisers are likely stretched enough for advertising dollars, I can't understand how someone thought it would be a good idea to start this? Why not just another online magazine or blog? Have they no idea about printing costs, distribution etc? In the editorial, they say that "...is an independent publication and intend to stay that way" like EAT or cityfood is not?! Do they imagine that they cater to their advertisers? And AND, their first reveiw is for the reef?! I'm just gobsmacked. True I only scanned the articles, because there was absolutely nothing that was interesting, 3 photos and some illustrations - and this from "a group of writers, photographers and artists that love food and events surrounding it" puhleeze.

    Looking forward to hearing your input.

  7. Does anyone know of any descent Oktoberfest celebrations.  Please not the Commodore.  I am thinking celebrations with big mugs and lots of sausage (no snide remarks please I know how that sounds!).

    Fried Bratwurst, Bierwurst, Bockwurst, Knockwurst......

    Some place where lederhosen would be welcome (had I any).

    It's been many years since the Fabulous Commodore Ballroom has had any such celebration - but considering the new chef is German, perhaps it's time to reconsider...

  8. As it is a rare occasion when we actually go out for a bite to eat (damn the whole living with the chef thing - I do most of the cooking at home!) I was quite excited when it was suggested that we check out Salt. (especially after blowing our dining budget at a very dissapointing meal at Monsoon - never again will will darken their doorstep! and this after realizing that Toshi's would never manage to seat and feed us without closing the kitchen before we were done with our drawn out sushi ordering - but I digress...)

    Salt! Oh but what a wonderful time. The service! Chris immediately let us know exactly what was happening ie: "we just sat the bar and several 4 tops, so it might be 2 hours" - exactly the kind of info we love - so off the the Irish Heather Patio for a drink, safe in the knowledge that Chris had asked for our cel# and would call us when they had a spot -maybe an hour later we got the call - and btw we had a lovely Euro moment on the Heather's patio. The food! We ended up having 3 platters - more meat than cheese, a fantastic server - Melissa (Kelly Clarkson doppleganger), fabulous suggestions from Chris & Jay (proscuittio with peaches!) those Spanish almonds, a brilliant, brilliant idea - and just how we love to eat. Looking forward to catching some Salumi offerings -and wintertime kinda choices like rillettes. I have been raving to one and all and look forward to many visits.

  9. I too ate at MM's and was not impressed (although I ended up sitting beside the woman who just finished writing his cookbook, ended up meeting him and then went restaurant hopping with her the rest of my trip!).

    I would suggest Delfinas, a quick trip on the subway on the Bart to the Mission area. http://www.delfinasf.com/ Their pizza place is next door if you happen to be there during the day...I would also second Fleur de lys, Quince and perhaps have a look at Jardinere and Boulevard, but my most delicious meal was definitely Delfinas.

  10. It's nice to see things are finally changing at the market.

    The problem with all of the permanent greengrocers there is that they all group together to buy at the best prices and then sell exactly the same thing. The management has finally realized that "a change is gotta come" and they need some different (local!) produce there. The only time you see local is in the Summer when the smaller kiosks move in for the season. For the record the management is not exactly in touch with what's going on in the market (You NEVER see them on the floor) and perhaps with Whole Foods, Save On etc moving in the vicinity they are finally wising up. Hardly shocking considering it's government run...

  11. Fresco definitely if you're going have your ceremony in Kelowna, although I wouldnt say it's a particularly romantic venue, nor with any views, but it would be the only choice in town.

    I vote for a winery also, Mission Hill would be stunning, and the food should be good - I'm not for Quails gate as I don't believe the menu http://www.quailsgate.com/oldvinesdinner.htm is anything special and we didnt have a particularly memorable experience dining there.

    Naramata Heritage Inns & Spa http://naramatainn.com/dining.php is a lovely place (and perhaps a better choice than staying in the city - there really isn't anything in Kelowna, you have to drive to get to any wineries) So if you're there for a few days, you'd be better off staying either down Naramata, (check out Joie, Blasted Church, Elephant Island) Osoyoos (NK' MIP Cellars (Inkameep) or Burrowing Owl, one or both of them have private accomodations, and are gorgeous wineries - NK'MIP had a very interesting menu).

    As for the rest of your trip - cut your Whistler down to a day or so, and spend more time on the island with 2 days max in Victoria, then go to Tofino & Sooke (Sooke Harbour House)

    Let us know how everything goes!

  12. Habit - finally made it there last night - and can't say ANYTHING bad about it. They're open until 1:30! (A boon to those in the industry), we arrived about 9:00 or so, and sat at the bar (as we prefer), had a glass (or two) of Hecula and ordered the smoked sablefish cakes w/horseradish aoili - lovely, the duck ragu on polenta (and I actually commented on how rare it was to get hot food - not that I have a problem with food sitting on the pass while the rest of the order comes together) and the buffalo tortilla - all of them well seasoned, decent size & a good price. We had wonderful service (it wasnt terribly busy on a Monday at that time) and are looking forward to it becoming a regular haunt. The only negative that I have heard of is the noise level can get up there, and perhaps it's time to switch to a Spring menu and take advantage of the halibut etc.

    I was so pleasantly surprised as it's so very easy to find something to not like, but the chef is doing a good job and service was professional and entertaining.

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