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  1. We are going to be in Athens for two nights in June, staying on the edge of Plaka. Haven't been there in thirty years. We'd like to try some "new" Greek food. We are happy to go to other districts - Kolonaki, etc. - to do so, not as far as Kifissia, though. Ideas?
  2. We are looking for a good place for a nice lunch in Calistoga. We understand Wappo has closed, and Brannan's has never thrilled me. Any suggestions?
  3. I have just moved to Vancouver from Ottawa. Every late July, my family and I celebrate the birthdays of two of our members at a special dinner. In the past, we have always gone to Les Fougeres in Chelsea, which is lovely and where the staff is child-friendly. We want to do a celebration in Vancouver in late July. The children in question are 3 and 1, and while sophisticated, cannot sit still for long periods of time. Any suggestions?
  4. kitchen table bistro in richmond was very very good, so nice. Really nice atmosphere. Excellent food and good wine advice from sommelier/wine guy. Thank you for the recommendation!
  5. I'll be in Burlington over Labor Day weekend. I always eat at SmokeJack's. Is there any other place I should try?
  6. OK, I know this sounds really strange. But my friend's grandmother actually had a recipe for this, I think from a Baker's Chocolate recipe book? Does anyone have any info? We have a plethora of peaches here in Ontario, and want to try this.
  7. I agree with the above post. I have two Le Creusets bought in the '70's (YES), and they are worn (VERY). On one of my newer ones, the wooden handle is loose. I e-mailed the company, and they said the wearing should not present a problem - nothing poisonous, but if I sent the pots to them, I would get a 50 percent credit on new ones. I didn't raise the issue of the handle with them, so I am interested in what they say. PS: I have decided not to take them up on their offer. I love my old pans.
  8. Thank you everyone. We've reserved at an old fave, L'Express, for Sunday, and at Laloux for my son's 37th birthday dinner on Monday (he wanted to go to Au Pied de Cochon, but it isn't open according to their website). Apparently, there is a new offshoot of Pinxto. Has anyone been there?
  9. I'll be in Montreal Sunday and Monday, need a place for dinner each night. One night bistro would be nice, anything interesting for the other night. I wanted to try - at last - Le Club Chasse et Peche or Joe Beef - both closed. Also Brunoise, etc., etc. Thank for any ideas.
  10. I just have to add that Shane at the Gastropub is a class act. Last Friday, we were celebrating a friend's retirement and had reserved days in advance. Somehow, the reservation got lost. We arrived and...no reservation. Crowds of people streaming through the door. Shane was just amazing. He phoned down the street to get us a reservation at another restaurant, gave us a gift certificate toward the next time, and the crowning touch - when we arrived at the other restaurant, there was a bottle of celebratory wine waiting for us. Instead of being disgruntled and angry, we are excited about going to the Gastropub soon, and we are spreading the word. With attention like this, and food to match (it sounds like, from the reports), I have great hopes!
  11. I will be in Cannes next week - from Sunday to Friday - and then in Nice for one night, Friday. I really want to sample the food of southern France. I've checked the site, and many of the postings are fairly old. Merenda in Nice seems to be recommnded, though. Any suggestions for Cannes and other places in Nice? I won't have a car, so going out of town is probably not on.
  12. I have been charged with making dessert(s) for a Tuscan dinner. I'm thinking cantucci with vin santo. I've found a recipe for a very simple apple cake that might also work. Anyone have any other suggestions?.
  13. I will be in Calistoga the weekend of Jan. 20-21, and am wondering where to eat. Wappo is one place i've tried, and I'll definitely go back...anything else?
  14. OK, if there are threads on this subject, I can't find them! Anyway, I've been to Casa Tapas many times, it is good, but would like to try another place...I've heard of Barraca Rhumerie et Tapas, and Pinxto. Anyone have views on either of these places? Thanks!
  15. I'll be in Edmonton for two nights this week (Wed and Thurs). I am planning on The Hardware Grill one night and the restaurant in the Macdonald Hotel for the other night. How does that sound? (I've read old posts about both these places, but want to know if either place has gone downhill since then). Thanks, guys!
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