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  1. LJC


    Fair to Poor... Nothing served at smashburger is anything better than fair; not offensive but far from great or even very good. Burger is on par or just below the level of 5 guys (ok, not bad), fries are weak, sweet pot fries are soggy and the milkshakes are thin. Fried pickels are horrid. Not impressed at all and don't see any reason to return.
  2. "Cita" in la candelaria, very good spanish style seafood. great octopus, salt cod, shrimp.
  3. Not worth it! Decent food, nothing special nor memorable but stupid expensive.
  4. Yes. Let's keep it in the perspective of this being a new place in an area with poor options and no good soup (I have not found a single variety from WF that I really enjoy or crave). Or it's just exciting to have a new opening in the hood. Sorry for my over exuberance but it is pretty darn good (love may be too strong).
  5. Went in for lunch yesterday and I am falling in love... The soup was great; they had too many choices to count and they let you taste as many as you want. I wound up getting the Clam Chowder (excelent) and then I brought home some Pea Soup for tonight. It is great to have them near by.
  6. I wound up taking them to Cheesecake. It's hard to belive that with so much business in the area there are not more options...
  7. Hale and Hearty opened in Livingston this week. I tasted a bunch of the soups, they had about 10-15 choices, very tasty. Nice place/environment (much bigger than the locations in the city) and seemingly nice people, I got to meet the executive chef who told me that they have about 200 varieties in the repertoire...
  8. Can anyone suggest a decent place in or around Wayne. I checked the NJ Zagats and all they list for Wayne is Cheesecake Factory.
  9. Agree on the soup nazi franchise stores; they serve over processed, salty (MSG or someother chemical) garbage. I am excited to hear that Hale and Hearty from the city is going to open up in Livingston on rt. 10. As it is I think they make the best soup in the city....
  10. Thanks so much for the suggestions, please keep them coming. Good question Jon777, are there any outstanding Sushi bars that cater to the large Japanese population?
  11. Looking for good spots in the Ft. Lee/Edgewater area. What are the local favorites?
  12. B&W in Hackensack makes the best Jelly donut. They also make a great crumb cake.
  13. LJC


    They are a small gourmet grocer / prepared food / Deli from John St. in the Financial district. Pretty good but not great. They are also taking a space in Englewood....
  14. I second Don Peppe's. I've been going there for 25 years and I order the white clam every time without fail. The chicken chinese is also a standout.
  15. My company would like to host a Team Building event at a culinary school or restaurant. Ideally we would like to come in one afternoon, have some wine and beer and learn to cook or bake something together. Does anyone know of a school or restaurant that offers this kind of program? CIA offers one upstate but it is insanely expensive, like $7,000.00 for 10-15 people. Any help would be appreciated. Thanx!
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