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  1. Hi, fellow burger lovers. Just a reminder that the Burger Club is meeting on Sunday, April 30th at 6pm at Burgers Etc. Their address is 4091 Hastings Street, Burnaby, BC. I have about about 10 people who have PM'd me that they are coming so will make reservations since it is a small venue. Thanks. See you then, Cheers, T
  2. I also visited the Arian restaurant on west 4th with a friend of mine who is Iranian. The people behind the counter were very nice and happy to introduce me to their cuisine (though I have been a big fan of Persian food for years - particularly chicken with barberries). We happened to be at the restaurant the day the Persian new year celebrations were occuring and while the Arian restaurant on the north shore was lined up out the door, we were one of only a handful of tables occupied. When I asked my buddy about the difference between the Persian restaurants on the north shore and Arian on west 4th, he mentioned that the one on west 4th was more non-Persian friendly in terms of the fact that the food was displayed on a hot table so people could see something that appealed to them/were curious about and ask questions. We both thought that the food was good and was incredibly reasonable - I had my chicken with barberries, he had a beef stew dish (that I can't remember the name of) and we split an amazing eggplant spread. The Georgia Straight wrote a review a couple of months ago: http://www.straight.com/content.cfm?id=15663 As for the salty, fizzy yogurt, if you have it enough times, you can grow to like it. Cheers, T
  3. I guess it depends if you are a chocolate person or not. My favourites are the chocolate cupcakes with the bright pink icing and sprinkles. I'm not a pink fan, but for some reason I find it the most buttercreamy tasting of the cupcakes. On holidays, if you go very early, they have special big holiday cupcakes, e.g. Thanksgiving I picked up four huge cupcakes with turkey decorations, etc. on them. Please keep us updated when they open up. Cheers, T
  4. Hi, fellow burger lovers. If everyone is game, let's have a Burger Club meet on Sunday, April 30th at 6pm at Burgers Etc. They close at 7:30pm, but won't kick us out if we go later than that. Their address is 4091 Hastings Street, Burnaby, BC. They suggest reservations since they are busy Sunday, so please PM to give me an approximate count. Thanks. Also, in looking back at the Burger Club history, I came across this burger evaluation sheet which I thought was cool. http://www.thestagingarea.com/burger.pdf See you then, Cheers, T
  5. I second the Solly's suggestion. They have 3 locations - one on Main and 28th, one on Broadway just west of Macdonald, and one near the new Canadian Tire on 7th and Yukon. Very good especially if you hit them in the morning when they are warm. Cheers, T
  6. Hi, fellow burger lovers. I'll be helping Lee with setting up Burger Club meetings and we're thinking of having one on Sunday, April 30th. My personal choice for a venue would be Feenies , but I know that the Burger Club had a meeting there last summer so am open to suggestions. Alternate venues? Cheers, T
  7. A friend of mine who likes his food in mass quantities is coming to visit and it's all-you-can-eat or nothing. I know of a few decent buffets/all-you-can-eat places (Saffron, Shabusen), but thought I would see if anyone had some good suggestions. Cheers, T
  8. Sadly, I don't think that I'm up for a burger eating contest. Though I have probably consumed my body weight in Feenie burgers, I was persuaded to have it with the extra short rib on Sunday. I have to say - wow! It was truly amazing with that extra meaty goodness in it, but, for me, impossible to finish (yes, I left one bite left on the plate - probably shouldn't have had it with the poutine or the charcuterie plate as an appetizer). Also, given that this is the Burger Club thread, I think we should briefly hang our heads in homage to the Rodeo Drive-in burger shack in Surrey which is now closed. Always sad to see a historical food place close down. T
  9. Last three: Baru on Thursday (again all, thanks for the recommendation) Feenie's on Sunday (had the burger, but with short rib this time - excellent, but too much food) Arian Perisan Restaurant on Tuesday (finally a Persian restaurant in Kits!) Cheers, T
  10. Where is Solly's. Sounds wonderful. Would like the address. Samasutra ← Here are the addresses: Solly's Bagelry Limited 189 E 28th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5V2M3 2873 West Broadway 368 West 7th Ave (this is the newer, bigger one) My personal favourite is the one around Main and 28th as I believe it is the original Solly's. It is quite small though so better for pickup. On nice days, they have a few chairs outside. Let me know what you think. If you like chocolate, I would also highly recommend the chocolate rugula. Yum!! Cheers, T
  11. Thanks all for the Baru suggestions. I went on Thursday with a friend and had their ceviche tri-sampler along with their pisco sour and a mojito. All was good. The sampler was amazing. I'm not a plantain person, but really liked it there as an accompaniment to the ceviche.
  12. Check out Pho Century in the little mall on the corner of Willingdon and Kingsway (the one with the IGA in it). Good food, nice atmosphere. T
  13. I've not had the Kelowna bread so can't draw any direct comparisons, but the chocolate babka at Solly's is bread with really yummy chocolate throughout. Might do in a pinch. As an added bonus, they also sell the chocolate babka spread separately for extra chocolatey goodness Cheers, T
  14. Last four places of the week: Bin 941 for after the winefest nosh Las Margaritas - haven't been since my university days and felt like old times Pho Century - little hole in the wall in a strip mall location with some amazing Vietnamese food Food from the Festival du Bois in Mallardville last weekend - tortiere, sugar pie, maple syrup candy, smoked meat sandwich, poutine - all the good stuff! Cheers, T
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