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  1. Thanks for the welcome torakris. Yes herbacidal, it's burdock root. Usually prepared as kimpira gobo (julienned and braised with shoyu, sugar and chile peppers). That's a good otsumami too.
  2. hitokuchi maguro forgot what it was called, but it was fried gobo slices with a sesame seed glaze.
  3. My favorite local cookbook is Best of Our Favorite Recipes, published by the Maui Association for Family and Community Education (formerly Maui Extension Homemaker Council). ISBN 096418821X
  4. A few more regional specialties by prefecture: Aomori - ringo (apples) Akita - shottsuru nabe and kiritampo Toyama - buri daikon and hotaru ika Wakayama - umeboshi and maguro Tottori nashi (pears) and rakkyo (pickled onions) Hiroshima - okonomiyaki, anago and kaki (oysters) Yamaguchi - fugu Hakata - karashi mentaiko Nagasaki - champon noodles and castella cake Matsuyama - tempura soba (if you've read botchan) Okinawa - awamori
  5. If I recall correctly, those spicy Korean chicken wings were popularized by a former bar owner named Alice (don't recall the last name) and her shop was called Chicken Alice's. It was located on the makai side of Kapiolani Blvd just diamond head of Keeaumoku, across the st. from Tower Records and what used to be Top ada Shoppe. And wasn't the Italian rest. owned the Lyns/Patti's crew named Bella Italia? As an aside, anyone remember Hana's Broasted Chicken on Sheridan st.? That was good chicken too.
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