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  1. I like to eat them warm, try putting them in the microwave(yes the microwave) for 25 seconds. Or you can go state fair style and deep fry them. JK soup
  2. There is awsome restaurant called Fleurie off the mall downtown Cville. Menu is Modern seasonal french done very very well. The prices are fairly expensive for the area, but for the quality and care you receive it is well worth it. Check it out. soupkitchen
  3. These are completely two different type of restaurants, but they have one thing in common they are both delicous.
  4. Mr. Donrocks is a restaurants worse nightmare, lighten up, say something constructive or interesting about food or don't say anything at all. www.ilovetocomplain.com
  5. Lewis bbq is absolutely awful, don't even bother
  6. Cliff's in Carboro for a butcher. Its okay. Old school. they get there meat from buckhead beef. Good Ckickens.
  7. I think Fowlers has open back up again under new onwership
  8. There is a chef in Raleigh that brings what ya'll are talking about to the dining scene. I don't want to sound like I'm plugging my boss, but he is good, damn good and people need to support his restaurant and the food he does. His pre-fixe dinners rival anything I have eaten or seen anywhere. I'm not trying to say he is the best chef(he is a great chef), but what I am saying is that he is doing the action ya'll have been discussing for six years and he is achieving and his food is delicious. His pre-fixes are bad ass. To talk about restaurants and how we want what others cities have is okay, but we must support the great local restaurants that already exist.
  9. $500,000 is a third of what is cost to open up Sullivans, I don't know about Bogarts(blah).
  10. Serious amounts of cash. I put a an offer on a restaurant and was going to set up a small french bistro. I low balled big time, and got the axe. But the fact is to set up a restaurant that ya'll are talking about is big cash. For example the wine bar April&George 22/sqft, this facility would take easily over $500,000 put in ventilation, grease trap, front on the house etc. It takes a lot of money. $500,000 won't even allow you to open your doors. Again this is one example and a choice local in Raleigh. There are other locations and examples that would not be as expensive.
  11. 90% of tickets in this town soup green salad ------------- Beef MW Snapperw/Schrimps ------------- choclate something This is the vain of our existence Maybe I'm being rash. It does not matter what you sell as long as you are able to stay in business and make a living. Thats the main goal of a restaurant, the other goals of the property should make your misssion statement. After that said what digusts me is these mega eateries that sell this mediocore bullshit and get by serving garbage, but people fucking love it. People say you can't knock success. Bullshit. I'm starting to ramble.
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