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  1. I've been in monday about 13:00 but it was closed, I hope you could open soon
  2. Try Hispania (93.791.03.06 or 93.791.04.57) in Arenys de Mar, if not maybe L'esguard (93.792.77.67) in Llavaneres.
  3. There is another tipical place, it could be Boira in Plaça Independencia, in carretera Barcelona (near Railway station) is Tapas Bar, anb more typical is Can Manolo (near Hipercor), you can take some tapas and finish with pa amb tomaquet i pernil or some foie.
  4. We've been 4 days in Budapest this july, but we were tourists; for pastry you can try Gerbaud in Pest and cafe Ruszwurm in Buda, near the castle. For restaurants we go to Aranyszarvas Szarvas ter 1 (36-1) 375-6451, www.aranyszarvas.hu, In Buda near the river, it was the second best restaurant, we also try Fatal it was good but too much to eat and too much noise, and Karpatia also good but too much for tourist, the best restaurant was near Budapest in Szentendre (about 20 Km.), the Aranysarkany Vedeglo, Tel: +36-83-340-832 , +36-83-340-839, www.aranysarkany.hu, little artist town near Budapest. We try other, but these were the best. We return enloved with the city.
  5. Hello, I read all your topics about Hungary, but they are all of Budapest and sorroundings, did anyone knows good restaurants in orther turistic places like Heviz, Balaton, Miskolc or Eger. thanks for your recomnedations. PP
  6. Hello, Here go my menu, I'm sorry but I deleted the photo of the artichokes with zuchini, when I cook it another time I'll send you. Here we are the potato basket with fried quail egg the broccoli catalan style the porc feet "puding"? with "escalonies" confit the "mille fueilles" of 3 apples and 3 saussages and last but not lease the recuit (fresh cheese) with 3 strawberry textures I hope you like it. Cheers PP
  7. Well here are the photos of my market buying in Palafrugell, Thank you Silly Discipline. The first one are the products The second one will be the dessert I hope tomorrow could post the results.
  8. Excuse me Bux, for my bad translation, of course you were right with all the changes, Palafrugell is, like Saborosa said, the village of 3 "beaches towns", Calella, Llafranc and Tamariu. I mean dried raisins, not grapefruits, sorry. You are right about the sweet butifarra, I tried with friends of Barcelona and they found the sweet flavour "strange", here the cinammon it's not overtaking, it's more the sweet taste I need a spanish - english cooking dictionary The menu was: potato basket with quail fried eggs artichokes hearts with zuchini two textures broccoli catalan style (with dried raisins and pinions) porc feet "puding"? with "escalonies" confit "mille fueilles" of 3 apples and 3 saussages and recuit (fresh cheese) with 3 strawberry textures I have problems with the photos but i promess I'll send you PP
  9. Hello, Here am I, with my Palafrugell market., I pay for all 20,90€, so i added a bottle of Syrah from Jumilla Monasterio de Santa Ana, 4,70, so all for 25,60. I have problems with the images so I buy: 2 boiled pig feet, 2 perol sausage (butifarras de perol), 1 iberic sausage (butifarra de ibérico), 1 sweet sausage (butifarra dulce), this is a special sausage made with sugar, lemon skin rappe and cinnamon I never find in Barcelona but here is usual. A pack of quail eggs. For the vegetables: Artichokes, broccoli, "escalonies", red pepper, potato, "piñones", dry grapefriut (pasas), zuchini, 2 apple golden, 1 pink Lady, 1 granny Smith. For the desert: a pack of "mato" or requeson or "recuit de Fonteta", Strawberrys. Mint leaves. When I solve the problem with the images I'll send you the rest. Try guessing the menu, it's a mixture of vegetarian and porc dishes. Pepe
  10. Hello, I'm sorry but i can't go to Boqueria, I change my work place, if you want i'll send my challenge from Palafrugell,the fish is more expensive but the vegetables are amazing.
  11. OK, I think 19 June could be a good deadline, I also have ideas for a menu.
  12. If you are looking for catalan roots you can try Can Mia in Palol de Revardit in the route btw Girona and Banyoles, another place could be Can Roca in Esponellà, also in the Pla de l'estany (near Banyoles)
  13. I'm only a "dilettante", but if you want me now we are four, I think 30€ for a menu for 2 person without wine, gives for a good meal. I'm on
  14. Ae Oche. The last, a very good pizzeria and not expensive, the other advantage is that is near to Zucca, if you don't found place there. Ae Oche is at Santa Croce, 1552 a/b tel. 041 524 11 61. A bad experience was Ai Coristi near la Fenice, we don't were hungry so take the menu, not good and expensive
  15. Fiaschetteria Toscana. I think is a must in Venezia we've been there in Nov. 20 is like we remember and a good price. Dinner for 3 with 2 plates each, 2 deserts, 2 cofee, 1 grappa, wine and mineral water, 159 Euros. We wil return!
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