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    Sailor Jerry Rum

    Ah ha, a bottle just arrived. It says it's a "Virgin Island Rum." No distillery is listed. it's bottled for Sailor Jerry Company in Edison, New Jersey. KRK http://www.AlcoholReviews.com
  2. AlcoholReviews.com

    Vodka Festival

    Folks: Just a quick FYI: AlcoholReviews.com and Penthouse magazine are throwing a vodka festival on February 25th and it benefits a firemans' family charity. For details surf to http://www.AlcoholReviews.com. Thanks, KRK AlcoholReviews.com Publisher of The Review of Beers, Spirits, & Wines http://www.AlcoholReviews.com
  3. AlcoholReviews.com

    Sailor Jerry Rum

    Just checking to see if anyone out there has tried Sailor Jerry Rum and is willing to offer their 2 cents on it. We just got word of it this past week and a sample will be soon to arrive. William Grant & Sons imports it into the U.S., and the rum itself is 92 proof and, well, it's not yet clear to us where the rum comes from... It certainly has cheeky packaging, though (you can see the label in our NEW STUFF section). Cheers, KRK http://www.AlcoholReviews.com