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  1. I also truly like Pikesville. It has a specific taste that most other rye's do not. The Wild Turkey 101 was my standard rye for many years. I though it offered good value and was easily obtained. I have not used, and most likely won't the 81 proof. I can always get OO and it is a good standby product. Here in pennsylvania it Rittenhouse is hard to find, but I do have a bottle now. I love me a good bourbon, but I am in agreement with Mr. Weinoo that a manhattan should be made with rye
  2. For breakfast I reccomend Sunny Point over Early Girl, though Early Girl is really nice. For BBQ it really has to be 12 Bones, this place is famous due to President Obama going there but the BBQ is the real deal and it is the besyt in the Asheville area. We also loved the Whtie Duck taco shop which is in the center of the River Arts district The best dinner we had in Asheville was at a place called The Magnetic Field. Sort of below the radar, but they also had great cocktails.
  3. Is this the stuff that comes in a plain blue bag? I can get it at Fred's BBQ in Shillington PA
  4. I have never doubted any drink that you have created. You wrote the book and I bought. But you may have to talk me into a carrot juice Galliano effort.
  5. The diastic malt powder is indeed a wonderful thing. I use it in almost every bread I make, but always with anything with whole wheat or rye.
  6. For underperfoming bread has anyone ever added a bit of Cialis?
  7. I too like to use KA. But it is mostly a matter of choice. If you were to make three loaves of bread with th eonly difference being the choice of flour brand I am sure I could tell no difference. Perhaps those of a more educated palate could.
  8. We also have the Breville Smart oven and it is all everyone claims it to be. It is out of the price range the OP indicated and perhaps the size as well. But it is the most used device in our kitchen. I could not beany happier with it.
  9. Was watching Food Network this morning(gasp), and Ina Garten(double gasp) was at this place. She said it had been recommended to her by Tyler Florence(triple gasp).
  10. Similar products are available from King Arthur Flour, and though I admit to it being plebeian, I have used these King Arthur mixes and found the product to be just fine. I also bake my own bread and I do not use all the extra ingredients the commercial producers use. I do indeed see the similarities between the methods used by commercial produces to manipulate traditional ingredients and techniques and those advocated by the MC wizards. After all, Velveeta has been around a lot longer than the MC processed cheese. Modernist techniques applied by Fleichman's and King Arthur's industrial facilties are the same as those applied by Myrhold and his gang of merry pranksters. It is manipulation of traditional ingredients to an end. In the case of these bread mixes it is to provide the user with the illusion that they are making home baked bread. And they really are, the product bakes up and smells and tastes just like traditional home baked bread. I understand it is beneath the dignity of some to even consider such an abomination. http://www.kingarthu...60091303941.pdf
  11. Looks like something from the book Modernist Cuisine by Nathan Myhrvold, Chris Young and Maxime Billet. Perhaps you have herad of this.
  12. I have one very much like the one pictured and have used it every day for the last 5 years or so. It won't break, though I have never dropped it.
  13. I have had outstanding quality craft brewed beers served in cans. There are many reasons that canning beer makes sense for the brewer. Some of the posts here objecting to canned beer are, in my opinion, simply elitist and having nothing at all to do with the quality of the beer. Only drunks and low lifes drink beer from cans? Puh-leeze.
  14. I am wondering if you can describe to me the reason for this procedure. Do you think it is better than if you just smoked the pork butt? I have smoked hundreds of pork butts. Never once have I soaked it in warm water for a couple of days first. It just truly baffles me. If the pork is cooked why smoke it for 5 hours? If you are appempting to give smoke flavor to cooked pork an hour or less ought to do it.
  15. I was my local PA Wine &Spirits store today and I noticed a great deal more "flavored"whiskey. Cherry, honey, maple, blackberry, caramel and others. Let me say this to distillers and marketers of whiskey: STOP IT!!! I have no beef with there being several million different flavors of vodka. Knock yourselfs out. But stop polluting perfectly good whiskey. Even if it is bad whiskey just leave it alone.
  16. Lucky indeed. The entire state of Pennslyvania recieved 3 bottles of the rye in the 2012 allocation. I have heard it called the unicorn of whiskey. Rumored to exist but never seen
  17. Tony gave up a while ago. Seems he is now making a living as a professional asshole. I salute him for getting people to pay him to do so.
  18. I also see that the famous, highly regarded bourdain is going to be a judge on some new cooking show. Further proof that is is over for him.
  19. I would be smoking pork butt and pulling it. But, you gotta know your crowd. These events are not the time to demonstrate your cutting edge skills. Fancy is not usually the way to go, unless it fits with your group. The things that work best are the old standbys. I make my own salsa and that is usually a big hit at this sort of event. Somebody usually shows up with a jar of store bought and folks are happy to see the difference.
  20. Another trip to easy street was derailed for me as I turned down the chance to pick up rabe futures last year. I consider DiNics pork with provolone and rabe to be a national treasure. But I could most likely manage one without the rabe . Too bad this country can't have a strategic stockpile of rabe for such an emergency. Tommy would have first crack when drawing against it
  21. Somebody I work with was in S.F. within the last couple of months and they are goofy about this place. http://wohinggeneralstore.com/ I can't say one single thing about it, except they thought it was great
  22. It has been at least 15 and most likely longer years since I was in San Francisco. I enjoyed good food , but would even beging to try to remember names and locations. But I will never forget the beauty of the city. What a great place to visit.
  23. Several years ago my wife and I followed the Atkins plan for weight loss. I was on a mission to make ice cream that would not freeze into a brick without using the verboten sugar. I had xantham gum, I had glycerin, I used alcohol I used every trick in every book and I was NEVER able to achieve anything I liked at all. I'm sure there is wizardry that can be done to achieve a product that is a success without sugar, but I'll be damned if I know what it is.
  24. I may have had enough of farm to table. was unlucky enough to be at a place the other night where the description of their philosphy of locally sourced products pretty much ruined my desire to eat there. I like a lemon twist in my Manhatthan. Last time I checked, there ain't any lemon trees in my area. Do they use salt? No salt mines around here either. Holy Moley what about pepper? Olive oil? Hey dudes. Get some stuff and cook it up.
  25. I won't. In my fridge there is a decidedly modernist product that my wife uses every day. I take my coffee black but she uses fat-free half and half in hers. Skim milk manipulated with additives and processes gives the mouth feel of half and half. Some place in EG land there is a thread about this topic where it is roundly ripped as the worse sort of processed crap that large food companies foist on us. I have always wondered if this process had showed up in the MC book if it would not have been praised and copied. There ain't much new with lots of the techniques the modernists embrace. For those that care to turn there kitchens into laboratories I salute you for your curiosity. I would only hope that those of us who continue to cook using non-modernists techniques are not considered Luddites or losers or worse as has been suggested by some. There are more things I could add but I will hold them close.
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